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Old is Gold

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5 min
Published 3 years ago
The first friend with benefits I had after I had moved into Brisbane was a cougar. It was she that picked me up in a bar one night. Joyce said she is lonely and was looking for a guy to play with. And I was glad to oblige. Never mind that she was older, she seemed friendly, had a nice smile on her face and the glint in her eye told me she was very much into sex. I cannot forget her easily. She was the one who helped me realize how much I like to get play with the bum. I'd never given it any thought. Always considered my ass was just there and had nothing much to do with sex. After we had chatted and drank enough, she invited me to her apartment in New Farm. We took a cab and I almost sat on her lap next to her in the backseat. I was horny and started squeezing her sagging breasts in the darkness. Joyce kissed me on my mouth and our lips were locked together for a few minutes. The cab pulled up near the apartment and we were in her room in minutes. We wasted no time in undressing ourselves. I opened her sexy leopard skin coloured bra and gently pulled her matching panty down her smooth legs. Soon were exploring, smelling, licking and feeling each other’s bodies. I quickly realized that she could teach me a lot. I started sucking on her hard rose coloured nipples. She caressed my stiff shaft with gentle strokes. We were soon fucking, she on top when she reached down and pushed her hands below my buttocks. She grabbed them hard and held on firmly on to them. I have had other women that I had been to bed with but they were all not completely experienced. The women mostly just lay there and I would pound away. No finesse and no inventiveness. Never met any woman that could be considered as 'taking the lead' type. So here was this one, grabbing and pulling on my ass and pulling me into her and it was fucking hot. She started talking to me as well “Fuck me. Yeah, I love it. Love your cock in my cunt.” Really dirty stuff. And the "dirty" woman I was fucking was making me very excited. I loved the feeling of her pulling on my ass……………feeling her stretching apart my cheeks, dragging me into her while her middle finger explored my butt crack. I couldn’t control myself. I came very quickly like an explosion……………….. Moaning and Shuddering. I told her how sexy she was and how I'd had one of the best orgasm ever. Joyce asked me if I approved what she did during the sex and I told her hell yeah, it was a big turn-on. And she asked me what I liked most and I told her that the feeling of her hands on my ass was sensational. She told me to lay down on my front and began massaging my ass. Nobody had hardly even touched my ass before and now it was getting a real mashing. I was quickly discovering how erotic it is to have someone touch my bottom and inside. I lifted my ass up off the bed slightly, because my cock was getting hard again. She took it as a sign I wanted more and gestured she was game with a smile on her face. I hadn't thought about it but immediately discovered that I liked it when she brushed her fingertips again along my crack and grazed my asshole gently. I grunted softly. She asked if it was ok. I admitted that it was very pleasurable. When she stopped moving up and down the crack and settled her fingertip against the opening of my anus, the sensation was electrifying. I told her it felt fun-tastic. “Your turn now” she said and lay on her back. “Eat me out pleeease” she pleaded. My eyes opened wide when she showed me her pink glistening clitoris and talked to me as I played and licked it, following her instructions. She was my master and I her slave. The taste of her pussy juices were delicious. When she was close to cumming, she held my head tight and pressed my face hard onto her cunt. I could barely breathe but kept sucking on her clit. It was hard like a bean and I sucked like a hungry baby. She burst out and covered my cheeks and chin with juices. I stayed there for some time and pulled myself up to her face and we kissed passionately. I could see that she was taking pleasure from tasting her own essences on my lips. I was not finished yet. My hard cock just naturally slipped into her soaked pussy as we embraced each other. I fucked her with slow thrusts first and deeper ones thereafter. She was screaming as I pumped her with heavy breaths. I closed my eyes and grunted loudly releasing my semen into her wide open pussy. I lay on top of her savouring ever moment of my orgasm. I opened my eyes after Joyce and we smiled. “Did you like it” she asked playfully. ”Of course, felt like I was in heaven.” I said. “We should meet up again” she said as I got up. “Definitely” I said as I moved into the shower.

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