Written by Unchained

27 Nov 2013

I looked across the bar and saw the sexy ex of a Maori friend of mine. I knew she could be a wild thing, as he'd told me a few stories. I went to the juke box and she came over and started dancing close to me and looking at me with large languid eyes. She started to rub her hands up and down her body in the most sensual and sexy way as she danced. I started to move near her and I couldn't stop myself, I just kissed her on the lips and she kissed me back. We continued furtive touches of each other's privates and soon got turned on by the whole thing. A Nigerian exchange student was watching with more than mild interest. She asked did I want to go outside. We went down a lane into a dark corner where I took out my cock. She fell on it and started giving me a head job but stopped and said she wanted to go back inside. There, she walked over to the Nigerian guy and whispered something in his ear. Next thing I knew we were all walking out of the pub together. I was turned on by the thought of the 3 of us and wanted to see his smooth black body and cock inside this English rose. As we walked she was so horny she would moan and bend over pushing her hands deep into her pussy through her clothes. I asked was she ok and she said she can't stand it she was so horny. We walked through a park to my old school where the Nigerian guy was duty master at one of the boarding houses. I knew it only too well. It was school holidays. I knew also the wild fantasies of all the school boys locked in there, just like me, many years before. We went to his quarters which were under the main building. When we got inside she started to strip off. I licked her small but pert breasts and the african guy started to take his clothes off. He started to rub himself against her and his black body looked so beautiful against her white silky skin. I was undressed and hard, with my cock already well lubricated with precum. I slid a condom on and slipped easily inside her dripping pussy. She let out deep moans and soon was dancing on the end of my cock. She stopped and the expression on her face changed. I could feel the Nigerian guy's cock inside her arse and against my cock inside her pussy. I had never felt so turned on. We alternated one in one out and it felt like heaven. Soon the three of us were moaning in desperate delight and we all started to whisper, I going to cum, oh god. The thrusts got deeper and harder and she started to quiver all over in uncontrollable spasms of delight with juice running down her legs as we all stood there. I was still so horny I took her to the couch and slid inside her wet pussy again until we both came. The black guy said, "you really gave it to her".

As the girl and I left, she turned to the other guy and slapped him on the face. I never could work out what that was all about.