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OMG Cruise Control

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Published 9 years ago
A sunday drive home from a job in Dandenong South turned Into a great voyeristic drive followed by a great dogging experience. I entered Eastlink at Greens road heading towards Doncaster. Cruise control on Check, window down as it is great weather check, settle into left lane and cruise home. At the entrance at Cheltemham Rd. I moved over for merging traffic a Ford falcon slips in beside me the guy at the wheel smiles and waves thanks I smiled and waved back.I got past him and settled back into the left lane. Looking into the mirror i had missed that there was a passenger in the car behind (I found out later why i had missed her) she was blond good looking and a body to die for "Ps. discrption given in hindsight." As they went to pass me I did however catch the wonderful sight of her going down on him this time I got the Thumbs up not a wave. Other than a smile and a wave that is all I could muster with my jaw on the floor. This is where cruise control is a godsend it was easy to make sure we were doing the same speed.All the while he was talking to her and driving doing a good job of both might I add. I thought at the monash as they speed up a bit that it was over and they would turn off but i was wrong they slowed down to be beside me with Blondie looking at me through the open windows topless and cupping her bloody great breasts. With my jaw now set a permanent smile on my face I tried hard to get at the bulge in my jeans. Somewhere between Wellinton and High St Blondie's Jeans had come off and she was playing with herself "not that I could see a lot other than her two feet spread up against the wndscreen and the movement of her upper arm as she looked at her husband and then me.As we past Burwood Hwy. he motioned me to follow him and got off at Boronia Rd and into a small car park 100 meters from the exit. he pulled up and i pulled up next to them there was no need for talk for Blondie was already climbing on top of him I got out Blondie was naked he had his pants around his ankles me with my cock out. He told me to get in I was not going to say no. I was then given two instructions 1. I could touch Blondie's tits but no further and 2. that Blondie would pull me off after her husband was finished.Now I used the term bloody great breasts before, one word would not be enough to describe them. Soft to the touch and perky with great nipples. Heaven must be like this..The next few minutes flew by, one second i had one finger circling her nipple the other hand on my cock the next her hand was on my cock stoking away like it was the most natural thing to do on a Sunday drive. Blondie told me to cum on her tits well that was not hard to do. Again not a lot of chit chat after was needed. Although my smile and my saying thank you 3 or 4 times I think was appreciated. Ah. A Great Sunday.

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