23 Mar 2015

Well I wrote earlier today about doing the neighbours daughter and tonight fuck me I did the mom .....well it was 6.30pm and I had been working on my car in the driveway all day the lady who lives 2 doors away came to look at my progress and said " I think you deserve a cold beer for your hard work I replied shit I don't have any and with that she grabbed my arm and said come with me she litrelly dragged me to her house .so we sat on the couch drinking beer until we had about 7 so I was feeling a bit woosy and naughty as I opened another can it spurted out over her boobs .so I said I lick it off and to my surprise she leaned back and said. Go for it .....I looked at her and then her boobs I lent across and started biting her left nipple not hard just playful as I fondelled her right one a minute later she ripped of her shirt and i started sucking her breast she started rubbing my cock until i was hard and then she took it out and masturbated it after about a minute she said I want to suck your cock and I want you to come in my mouth she took my nob and started sucking as I looked down I could only think that how similar they sucked cock ...she took it deep in her mouth and I came filling it with cum , she then stood in front of me with her legs spread as she pushed my face into her wet pussy my tongue was licking it like a kitten drinking milk I licked her clit as she moaned and got wetter and wetter she jumped onto my cock and rode it like a rodeo rider pounding it up and down I flipped her round as I pumped her from being until i was nearly cumming so I lifted us up and did her doggie style on the couch she asked if I could pull out and come over her ass and I did she then took me into her bedroom and she wiped the come from her ass and we got into bed and fucked for hours using toys watching porn and taking pics of ourselves in bed I then showered and gotvdressed and as i was leaving the daughter came through the door asking what I was doing their I said I just fixed the dishwasher and as I went to go passed she put her hand in my undies grabbed my dick squeezed it and said. I want you to fuck my mouth again soon please and I want anal again I loved your cock in my arse I left feeling bloody awsome and guilty I did my neighbours daughter and his wife and I'm thinking how good would it be for both at once