Written by shanemichaels

4 Dec 2011

A good friend of mine Linda decided it was time to up stumps and move to the country to escape her ex. Now we had been having a very fun time in the past couple of months, beginning with her first stay-over at my place. After picking her up from the train station, we grabbed a coffee and bite to eat before heading home. Now you can imagine I was feeling a little horny by 10pm at night so our first pash in the car lead to some wandering hands on both sides. By the time we made the 10 minute journey home and raced inside clothes were being shredded from our bodies at the speed of light. Now Linda is in her mid forties 3 teenage kids and in fantastic shape. Perky titties and a nice firm arse. It wasn't too long before she dropped to her knees and took my cock in one hand and ball sack in the other and began a long wet suck of my now hardening cock. Normally I'd just want to pump my hips into her waiting mouth and unload straight down her throat. However being the first encounter I thought best do what you do best. So I lifted Linda up and onto my kitchen workbench which is about 4 feet wide and over 6 feet long and laid her back down, lifted her legs up and rested them on my shoulders. This gave me an incredible view of her glorious pussy already sparkling with her juices. What can a man do when presented with such a sight? Now I do love a nice wet pussy to eat any-time of the day or night and right now I just wanted to devour it all. I'm not sure how long since Linda had someone go down on her but she sure did enjoy being licked out and tongue fucked. Seemed like every lick of her clit brought another spasm from her body. Linda was cumming like ever 10 seconds and I could hardly keep up with the flow. Cum was running out of her cunt past my tongue and over her crack. I figured best thing to do was lap it up and proceeded lick every drop of juice from her crack to her slit. boy this woman could come. Only thing I could do was climb up on that bench and plug that hole with my cock. Now I've eaten and been eaten by a few on this bench, but this was the first fuck! I don't know about Linda's back but my knees didn't enjoy the hard laminex surface. So one of the hardest and fastest fucks I'd done since my youth happen until I unloaded my bucket load of cum into Linda's waiting hole. And it was only 10.30, more to come!!