Written by shanemichaels

10 Dec 2011

Well after our first fuck on that kitchen bench we both needed a little break, so I carefully lead Linda to the nice cosy bedroom and we jumped straight into my waterbed! Now this brings back memories for many of my lady friends who visit, because so many of them lost their virginity back in the 70's on a wet and wild ride! After a few minutes of passionate kissing and rubbing one another's nipples Linda latched on to my right nipple and began to suck it like a new born. Not much I can do in that position until Linda moved down and began licking the knob of my sticky cock trying to get me clean and hard again. After a few minutes we flipped over into a 69 position with Linda on top and while she began to deep throat my hardening cock, I copped a face full of cum filled pussy which I dutifully began to lap up and probe into her pussy that I had only recently filled with my cock and cum. Now some guys won't go down on their lady at any-time let alone after they have fucked, not me! Nothing better than eating out the woman you've just fucked and they sure do appreciate it too. It sure go Linda going because in no time she had cleaned and sucked my cock back to life and she whispered more! This time Linda climbed on top of me and lowered her gaping pussy over my cock, slowly sliding down until she had completely consumed my erection inside her cunt. Once settled Linda too revenge for all the bad fucks she'd had over the years and rode my cock like a woman n a mission to suck the life our of me through my cock. I must say Linda likes cock and loves fucking on top and did everything possible to bring herself off numerous times. I think she came half a dozen times and squirted all over my cock and balls several times. It took nearly an hour before Linda was satisfied (or exhausted!) before she crashed back next to me sweating all over and thanking me over and over. Now I did fuck all this time, just provided a hard cock and steady position while she rode into the sunset. This time we both needed a cold drink and a cooling shower, before we laid down on the couch to recover our tired bodies. It was now around 2am and we discussed our options of taking Linda home, sleeping or more play. Somehow kissing became touching and touching became licking and sucking. next thing Linda's on her back on the couch, one leg draped on the floor the other over the top of the couch, me head buried in her crouch licking that wonderful pussy and flicking her clit from time to time with my tongue. With my fingers I began to explore inside her puss as I licked her clit over and over. This made Linda wetter of course and she began to thrust her hips up towards my face and causing my fingers to probe deeper inside her wetness. What started out as one finger quickly grew to 2, then 3 and I figured what that fuck, lets see how far I can go. Linda's hot, wet and horny and if I'm careful, sneaky and deceitful then this lady was going to become my whore for the night. I find a wet puss is fine for fingering and general fucking, but a lot of lube helps things go places you can only imagine. Now with a lot of lube squired over the pussy lips and my right hand I slowly worked on Linda's clit with one finger and began to push 3 and 4 fingers inside her, rubbing her clit with my thumb and holding her down with my hand on her belly. Pushing and thrusting faster into her pussy in a fucking motion, Linda started to orgasm and as she did I was able to push the rest of my hand inside her cunt and curled it into a small fist so just my thumb was outside rubbing her clit. Linda began to buck on that couch like I've never seen a woman go off before. I don't think she knew exactly what I was doing to her, but she sure was enjoying it. So I continued to slowly fuck her with my hand inside while pressing down on her clit with my thumb. Now I'm a devious bastard and all I wanted now was to that Linda over the edge of slutiness. So slowly extracting my hand and releasing my thumb from her clit, I went down and sucked her clit between my teeth and gently bit down on it, enough to stimulate her, but not harm. Linda went wild and at this point I pushed my hand (including the thumb) back inside her fuck-hole. Now a wet, hot and randy woman with a fist half-way up her pussy starts to realise something's going on when she feels a tearing pain between her legs and resists. My advise is to ease back and let her settle before slowly pushing forward again. This was my approach with Linda and after a few attempts my fist was neatly curled up inside Linda. Linda wasn't sure what I had done and didn't want to know. All I knew was that I was in a tight place and just the relaxing and clenching motion of my fist was sending her into orgasms. Let me tell you this a fisting virgin cannot do what porn claims, the only thrusting going on was some gentle internal thrusts that send Linda over the edge. After about 15 minutes it was more than she could take, so slowly I extracted my hand until Linda had one totally empty yet fully fucked cunt and me a sticky mess all over my hand and couch cushion. This time after a wash up we did go back to bed and slept soundly for about 4 hours..........tbc