Written by tommy10

24 May 2011

It was one of those mornings, been away a while and had catch up sex all night, i looked in the mirror and splashed my face with water. Kinda just stare at yourself for a while, then i notice it, the small scare on my right eyebrow, i laugh to myself as its a permenate reminder of a girl i meet nearly 20 years earlier......

I was living in Cannonvale just out of Airlie beach in the Whitsunday's, a group of five had made it home for the last six months working the islands when needing money. We had the perfect lifestyle, our house over looked the ocean and mountains.

On one of those balmy tropical evenings we had a bar b que out on the deck, cane fires in the distance, drinking the only boutique beer in the day, coronas and lime having a ball. I made the fateful decision to leave and go to the local niteclub, primed and looking for action.

Approaching the bar a sexy older woman was being served in front, she had the tightest dress on just covering her butt, i remember trying to see if she had any undies on. She'd been served and walked straight bye me barely even noticing, i got a beer and turned to see her leaning against a pole sultry eyes just staring. As i approached she leant over and said " looks like you need a fuck, think you could handle me" being young and cocky i obviously said yes. Before i knew it we were in a cab driving back to her place. I reckon it was a total of 10 minutes inside the club i couldn't believe my luck.

It didn't take long in the cab to start feeling each other up, her hand was massaging my cock whilst my fingers were playing with her erect nipples, she asked me to twist them so i did but she wanted them twisted harder, i thought i was hurting her, she moaned and bit my lip this was the start of things to come.

We arrived at some old queenslander in the middle of a cane farm, i paid the cab and whilst walking toward the house she peeled off her dress and threw it into the garden, her arse moved from side to side in rhythm whilst her breasts swaying with every step, she turned and ripped my shirt off, every button flying into the unknown my pants were next. She embraced me running her fingernails down my back, my hands wondered all over her gorgeous body running up her inner thighs until i reached her moist shaven pussy, we gazed at each other as i slipped a finger in, her eyes closing as i began to motion it up and down. My cock, fully erect was pushing against her trying to find a pathway to pleasure only being further aroused by her breasts gently pressing against my chest.

She lead me inside and ensured me that no one else was about, once in she dropped to her knees and began to kiss my cock, grasping it with one hand and slowly stroking the full length, i looked down to my surprise she exposed her teeth as though she was going to bite it, i stood my ground nervously as she lightly bite on my cock until i couldn't bare it any more, i withdrew and pulled her up. Passionately kissing me she grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my head back whilst moving onto my neck and biting quiet hard, her grip tightened as did her moans and she pulled my face down onto her breast and encouraged me to suck on them, now her nails began to penetrate like razors tearing into my flesh, i stepped back and pushed her away only to find this excited her more. "push me again" she asked and i replied " i'm not going to push you" then out of the blue SLAP!!!! right across the face. Fuck me now prick were the next thing i hear and i was getting a little worried by now.

She laid back on the wooden floor and parted her legs wide, her fingers rubbing her pussy, i laid on top and with a eye on her slid my cock inside, this changed everything i began to fuck her hard while she moaned louder and louder, again her nails ripped into me but i was concentrating on just fucking her now. I was taking really long strokes, my cock nearly falling out on each and pushing it back in as hard as i could, i was keen to get this over and done with. A few slaps got through nothing to worrying, then she wanted on top, i rolled over and she slowly swatted on my large cock. Her magnificent breasts right in front of me, the fucking become more intense as she began to increase her tempo to the point i was worried my dick was going to break, i could feel my balls beginning to tingle as she slammed her pussy against them. I raised my head up ready to cum when she punched me right in the face throwing my head back, i could feel the blood pouring out down my face, i reacted by rolling her over were she positioned herself on all fours wanting me to continue fucking her.

She was punching the floor with closed fists screaming out fuck me fuck me, i didnt know what to do so i positioned myself and held her tight so she could get to me and fucked her from behind, blood dripping all over her. I fucked as fast as i could, i wanted out and finally i cum relaxing as i felt it shot out, i leant back only for her to stand and swing at me again this time collecting the back of my head, she walked off swearing how i looked after myself and was a pig.

She slammed a door and left me bleeding in the middle of her lounge room, i picked myself up and found the bathroom where i noticed the full affect of her blows, already blackened eye, opened up eyebrow and scratches all over me not to mention the red hickeys on my neck. The door opened and i was expecting more but a young women dressed in a small nighty came in

" you ok i heard you guys at it, she didnt know i was home"

i replied " yeh, im ok just cant stop the bleeding"

She wet a washer and began cleaning me up, then i realised i was naked, she didnt seem to care and washed the blood off and put some bandages on. i remember her asking where my clothes were i said outside somewhere, you can sleep with me but no sex ok, i was thinking if only but agreed. I slept on edge and was glad to see the sun come up, the young girl got changed in front of me and i remember the pain subsiding.

She drove me to town before her friend awoke, on the way saying how lightly i got out of it , she told me she loves rough sex the rougher the better.

I realised i didn't, i was only 22 at the time and remember telling my friends some guys beat me up, only if they knew

Every women has a special quality, its up to you to notice it

Even the crazy chick i guess