Written by Nice-n-thick

22 Nov 2017

I thought I’d tell you about One night in Broadbeach a few years back. I was out of a relationship and just meeting and dating on a casual basis. A lot of online chatting with different ladies and a few follow up dates. This particular lady “Sue” was more interested in meeting up than I was and kept at me for a dinner date. Eventually I decided why not and after a scrub up headed down to her place. We booked a nice Italian restaurant for dinner and long chat. Now lots of our online talk was about sex and what we liked and wanted to do. Safe of course when it’s all over the web. Dinner was rather disappointing as was the chemistry from my side at least. After dinner we walked along the parklands and crossed to the beach. Now the tides and surf had cut away most of the beach so we couldn’t wander along the sands. At this point in time I was looking to get the hell out of there and head home, alone!! Anyway a bit of pashing in the dark lead to some titty groping and Sue rubbing my cock through my pants. Now if someone starts rubbing my cock it’s sure going to lead to more trouble and that it did. Out came Sue’s massive tits for some massaging and rubbing those nice big nipples. Is this weakened Sue’s defences as she loved her boobs being rubbed and next thing I know she’s unzipped my pants and is digging out my bloody hard cock for a nice wank. Now I only think it’s fair if a lady wants to play with my cock then I should do her a favour and reciprocate by giving her pussy some finger attention especially ina semi public place like the beach. OMG Sue’s pussy was leaking like tap, I think I would have drown if I’d gone down on her there and then. Now for a widower who was apparently without a man for some time, I virtually lost 2 fingers straight away into Sues hot wet slippery slit. It did’t take long to bring her off with my 2 fingers massaging her clit and fingering her pussy. Normally at this point it’s pants down, knees up and a good old fucking to relieve both of our needs. Unfortunately a little to public so we had to make do with our handy work. At

Least we both enjoyed licking my fingers clean after the playtime.

After that it was back to Sues place, unfortunately her adult son was home to no invite in for a night cap. Fortunately Sue was still on a high and not satisfied with our first nights play session. I drove around the block to a small local park by the canel system. Nice and dark we went and sat on the park bench. Sue didn’t want to fuck me in the first night but did want to feel my cock rub on her pussy. So is pants down and panties off and she sits on my lap with her back to me and rubs my now very hard cock across her wet slit and rubs my knob over her throbbing it. All I could do was massage those massive boobs and nipples helping her to get off again. Now you might be thinking this guy is suffering badly here and you’d be partly right, although I did get Sue to stand up and bend over while I finger fucked her from behind. Sue was what we like to refer to as a squirter and I did manage to get down in my knees and try to clean up that pussy. I do like a nice wet pussy and Sue’s was as wet and juicy as one could ask for. My cock was feeling rather left out of all of the action and in need of some attention. With Sue’s panties still around her ankles I sat her down on that park bench and fed her my cock for some loving with that hot mouth I’d been pashing half the night. After some sucking I realised that Sue needed a hand with this. Now 4 hands are better than none. Sue’s Massaging my balls with one hand, the other hand is gripping my arse nice and tight with nails digging into my butt cheeks. I’m wanking my cock in and out of her hot mouth and I grabbed head with the other, basically fucking her face, balls pumping and before long I blew a massive load of hot cum down her throat and In her mouth There was no way this was finished, I pulled Sue up on her feet and we pashed with her mouth full of cum. Now that’s one hell of a first date and just the beginning of more dirty kinky fucks we had. More about them later.