Written by First timer

19 Apr 2014

Having known each other for a while, one day we discussed the fact that although I had been in several relationships, for one reason or another, I had never had sex on my birthday. This was the day before. We just continued talking for a while, when he got up and got a drink, then as he came back into the room, said to me, come here and get your present. Confused I stood up and, meeting in the middle of the room, he proceeded to give me the hottest kiss I had ever had, then he broke it off and walked away. Confused, and now horny, I just stood there for a minute before sitting back down with a stupid grin on my face. We started talking again, when he told me to come over to him. I straddled him in the chair and we started kissing. I could feel him getting hard so I started grinding against his stiffening cock. We broke it off after a few minutes and I got off him. What the hell was going on?

His housemates came home, so we just pretended everything was normal and we hadn't spent the last half hour teasing each other. It was funny watching him try to hide his erection, while I was sure I was sending out that particular female scent.

When we got a minute alone, he pulled out his massive cock (easily 9 inches and very thick) and said "look what you are doing to me". I moved closer and grabbed a hold of his monster, struggling to get my hand around his shaft. I slowly started stroking it, saying, "Is this what you wanted?" All he could do was murmer in appreciation. We heard movement, so quickly broke it off and I left him to sort himself out. When it was time to leave, we somehow had arranged for him to come to my place the next night after a family dinner.

Horrified and horny, I spent the next 24 hours thinking he wouldn't turn up, but I texted him, telling him to come over, and within 20 minutes he was at my house, smelling fantastic. He greeted me with a deep, sensual kiss and he pushed me back towards my bedroom. Still kissing, we removed each others clothes and moved to the bed. Being self conscious, I didn't want any lights on, but had put the tv on, no sound. I really wanted to see the size of the massive member I had had in my hand the day before. He lay me down and went straight down and started to tease my freshly shaved, wet pussy with his tongue, teasing my clit while penetrating my hole with a finger. Fuck, this felt amazing! I lay back and relaxed while he worked his magic on me. I dragged him up to me, so I could kiss him, while reaching down and again wrapping my hand around his cock, lightly stroking it. I lay him back so I could move down and take the tip in my mouth. I nipped and teased the tip before running my tongue down the shaft, all the way down to his balls, before taking them, one at a time into my mouth. I moved back to the tip and started taking it into my mouth. I started sucking slowly, then as I got wetter, I started moving faster and deeper until I had managed to get all of his cock into my mouth, only gagging once. I started pumping his cock in and out of my mouth, going deep every time, taking the monster deep into the back of my throat while I played with his balls and ran my finger up to tease his ass. Finally, he sat up and asked me where my toys were. I grabbed them and my lube from under my bed and past them to him. He moved up and over me, again kissing and teasing me, placing his cock near my pussy lips, but not entering. Grabbing one of my nipples in his mouth, he suddenly thrust and penetrated me with one swift move. Oh my fucking god! The biggest cock I had ever had slowly started moving back and forward, thrusting into me. Giving me time to adjust to his size he worked my pussy, making sure I was dripping wet before he picked up the pace and started pounding me. He continued for what felt like a long time before he turned me over onto my hands and knees. He teased my pussy with his fingers, inserted first one, then two while with his thumb teased my arsehole, testing me to see whether I was into anal. Getting no resistance, he grabbed the lube and squeezed a small amount onto my hole. Tensing up, I waited...and waited..... He continued finger fucking my pussy and reached under and played with my clit with his other hand. I pushed back against his fingers, willing him to fuck me harder. Finally, I felt him enter me again, fucking me deep and slowly. He pushed his thumb into my arse. Damn, feeling good.. I tried to push back against him, but he pulled out and made me wait. Without me realising, he had grabbed one of my toys. He slid his dick back inside me and started fucking me again, when I suddenly felt something pushing against my cunt beside his cock. I had never done dp in any way, so it was a surprise when I let him push the dildo in above his cock. The feeling was amazing. He worked with skill and soon had me panting. He pulled the dildo out which left me feeling a bit disappointed, to be honest. What I hadn't reckoned on, was him then pulling his cock out of my pussy and pushing it against my asshole. I relaxed myself and let me slowly enter me. He took his time, making sure I was relaxed and ready for his massive manhood. He was obviously well practised, because before long he had filled my ass. Once he was in balls deep, he started fucking me. I had never had a dick in my ass, just a finger, so the feeling was intense, but he made me feel so good that it wasn't long before I started pushing against him, feeling his balls slapping against my pussy. He grabbed my long hair and started lightly pulling it as he fucked my ass. He pulled out, ripped off the condom, put a fresh one on and started fucking my pussy again. He then slid the dildo into my ass. Fuck me, the sensation was unbelievable. He soon got a rhythm going of pushing one in and pulling one out, then suddenly shoving both in at the same time. I was slathered in sweat and I could feel beads of sweat dripping onto my back as he worked his magic. I finally needed a rest, so I lay him back down and started sucking his cock again. This time, I lubed up his ass and inserted my finger as far as I could go. He lifted his legs so I had easier access, so I inserted another finger. Fucking his ass, I could feel his cock getting even harder in my mouth and I knew it wouldn't be long before he came. I pulled the anal beads out that I had hidden, lubed them up, and started inserting them. Watching them pop into his ass one by one was awesome. I slowly started tugging on them, not letting them come out, but making sure he could feel the large ball pushing on his hole. I tugged harder and popped one out, then shoved it back in. I did that a few times and he was pushing my head onto his cock, making me take it as deep as possible when suddenly I felt him stiffen and with a grunt he started to cum, shooting his load deep into the back of my throat.

We rested for a while, then he again started to play with me, teasing my swollen pussy. He asked what I wanted him to do, by this stage, I didn't care. I trusted him and let him do anything. He started inserting his fingers one at a time, working my cum soaked pussy, finally inserting his whole hand. Another first for me. I would let this man do anything to me. He started fist fucking me. Luckily he had already stretched my pussy, because this was stretching me to the fullest. He stopped to take a few pictures of his hand lost in my pussy for private use later. He then shocked me again and slid a finger into my arse. I suddenly started to buck against his hand as my breathing started to increase. I came all over his hand and squirted into his face. Another first. When I finally came back to earth he slid his hand out and while making me lick his fingers, licked my cum from my now sore and well used cunt.

Satiated and exhausted, we slept for a while before he left. I thought that would be the last time we would fuck, but it turned out to be just one of many occasions we managed to hook up for more mind blowing firsts.