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One of my many Visits to CLubx

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4 min
Published 8 years ago
Ok chatting to some of you about my love of going to adult cinema's, I was so fucking horny I had to go to the adult cinema to release some sperm :) I ducked away from work a few hours early with the plan to head straight to the local clubx cinema that I regular visit, it was early afternoon and can be a bit of a lottery with regards to how many like wise men are there. I walked up the stairs, heart rate was already picking up in anticipation went to the counter and nice young lady with big tits smiled (she knows what goes on in there) as I paid for my ticket to enter the cinema . She buzzed open the door and I entered waiting up the back till my eyes adjusted while enjoying the DP on the screen with a latino with big tits getting nailed. Bummer only one other in the cinema.. oh well I sit on the back row 2 seats from the other guy who was just watching the movie ( I have seen him in there a few times ) I got my cock out straight away dropped my pants to the floor and started to enjoy the movie. He now feeling more comfortable pulled his rock hard cock out and we exchanged a node and smile of approval. Now I like to stroke my cock while watching porn for at least 45min before having the real fun but today I was extra horny and moved right next to him and reached out for his cock, which was nice and warm and hard as a rock for a guy in his late 40's. He reached straight for my cock which was also rock hard and we watched and stroked each others cocks for about 20-30mins then heard the buzzzzz and click of the door another entered and he stood near us while his eyes adjusted and moved right next to me :) another horny patron good to see. He was a also in his 40's and dark skinned, he also wasted no time and had his pants fall to the floor before sitting down, I reached over with my spare hand and held his cock which was already hard and about 7.5 in nice black cock. wow now I had one cock in my left hand and one cock in my right hand. I stroked the cock on the right of me and both those guys taking turns with my cock and balls. Turns out this quite day ( i like big crowds) is going ok. By now there was one of the gangbang girl dvd's showing on the large screen nice!! I love seeing a hot woman sucking on all those cocks it is even better when you have some cocks to suck of you own. So I lent over and put that nice black cock in my mouth tasting his precum hmm fucking hot...I thought I should not neglect the other cock and swapped taking his cock into my warm mouth which was dripping with saliva. Both of them stood up in front of me and I took turns on thier cocks stroking with both with my hands and mouth on one changing every 30-40seconds. My cock was throbbing with every heart beat pumping blood through my cock ---- buzzzzzzz click another patron enters I didn't see him or her enter as I was real busy with two hard cocks right in my face, but there was no mistake feeling that warmth of a mouth as it engulfed my cock like it was the last cock on earth I looked down and a younger guy ( early 20's maybe) was greedily sucking my cock. At the same time or close to that moment the black cock started pumping in my hand and as I turned to give it some attention I got hit with spurt after spurt of hot cum on my face, I missed at least the first 3 before getting it in my mouth to savour the last few jets of cum this was enough to set the other guy off and he pulled my face to his cock as he was furiously pumping his cock as he cum on my waiting tongue unfortunately he only had a little bit of cum he must of masturbated earlier. My two satisfied friends sat down and got their breath back while my young friend was still giving me a wonderful blow job I didn't give him the attention he deserved. As I watched the porn on the screen while he was taking my whole cock down his throat, I could feel the cum running down my face and could not hold back any more and shot at least 4 waves of cum straight down his throat - fuck I almost passed out it was fucking great and I had to just sit there and I let him suck on my cock while it went limp and thanked the guys for a great time got up got dressed and went home... wow that was not as big a crowd as I like ( I like it when 10 or more are there) but all 4 of us enjoyed the 90 odd minutes that I was there.

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