Written by Justin

21 Sep 2016

For a long time now i have fantasised about cross dressing and have lots of pictures taken getting shagged by a guy. I have done a bit of dressing up at home and getting some ok shots to put on a site. But now I got the guts up and went and purchased a new dildo and sourced out some outfits. Am i mad for doing this i ask myself but i now have a golden opportunity to fulfil my fantasy of dressing up and riding a guy, I don't classify myself as gay but i have blown a guy and had a guy doggy style shag me but I am getting to be more adventurous. I was talking to the guy at the shop and he said he uses this type and I didn't even flinch a bit and when I went to the counter he had a gay porno on and I just stood and watched it.

Anyway I thought I had better get out before I do something that could get me in trouble.

By the time i got home I was pretty toey and off I went to have a shower, got out the new toy and started having a play.

Next came the camera and I took some shots that didnt look any good so out To the drawers and on with a black g string. It took me a while but soon i had the thing in there and took some good shots, thought who can I send these to as some where fairly good (if you like that sort of stuff). Anyway after 10 minutes of taking shots and looking and trying to improve them it was in the shower time. I grabbed my new friend stuck him on the floor and knelt down and gyrated my hips slowly at first and then I found myself leaning back and gyrating and sliding up and down on my new toy. I lasted about 5 minutes until I had one of the nicest orgasms I had ever had by myself.

I now cant wait to get dressed up and ride the real thing the way I want to and have pictures taken of it,

I just think it would be great to be in control while riding a cock and just to have the feel of a cock pulsating while cumming.

Should I take the next step or stay within the comfort of my own home, or give some ideas