3 Jan 2019

It was one of those days when a women feels extremely horny and wants to get filled serval times, well that’s what I felt like today. After talking with my hubby he got in touch with a male friend of ours who already serviced me serval times before. They arranged to meet in a carpark early this evening, which all three of us did. We chatted quickly then our male friend (called “J”) and myself hoped in the back seat of the car while hubby drove.
I couldn’t help myself as by the time we had left the carpark I had J’s penis out and playing with it. J worked his had up my very loose fitting dress and discovered I had no underwear on. J looked deep into my eyes as he slipped his fingers into my already wet pussy.
Hubby was driving till he found a nice quite place to park. Mission accomplished hubby finally parked the car, by this stage J had serval fingers deep in me and his penis was as hard as rock and fully extended (he had a very good sized penis), without wasting much time both J and I got naked. By the time hubby turned around I had my lips firmly around J’s penis sucking like there was no tomorrow, J was in a slightly bent over position and J still had his fingers deep within me working my pussy nicely. Then J’s breathing changed and I suddenly could taste his pre cum (Mmmmm). I stopped and lifted my head to see the big smile on hubbies face, I looked at J and gave him a big passionate kiss toung and all as he pushed his fingers deeper into me.
I slowly removed J’s hand from my groin, grasping his very wet fingers and raising to my face to where I cleaned then dry. J was very excited and was now dripping pre cum all over my leg, of cause I cleaned that up as well.
J gently positioned me to where I was now partially lying on my back with my breasts and pussy fully exposed to him, J wasting no time slowly slid his penis into me, oh that is a feeling you never forget. His penis was hard and very thick and felt so much better than his fingers, hitting all the right spots. I came hard as J pounded with hard long strokes. J was enjoying himself way to much and so was I, unfortunately it wasn’t very long when J whispered I’m about to cum. I looked him in the eyes and said to him Fill Me UP, as I finished saying that he ejaculated deep in me, oh boy I could feel him pulsing deep in me and it was great. I didn’t want him to pull-out and he didn’t he started to slowly thrust again, as he slowly thrusted I could feel the inside of my leg getting wetter and wetter. I could now feel J starting to deflate, J slowly withdrew and hoped out of the car, hubby wasted no time in jumping in the back with me (of cause he was already naked and hard). The first thing he did was to go down on me cleaning up all J had left behind and there was plenty of that. After he had finished he lifted his head and kissed me, Wow he tasted good or should I say I tasted good. Now it was hubbies turn, he had no trouble sliding his penis into me (he wasn’t as big as J but boy still felt good) as I was still leaking from J. Hubby pumped away enjoying every stroke of my very wet and inviting pussy, till finally he too ejaculated in me. Hubby seem to have delivered a really good load as well. My pussy felt well and truly used as hubby withdrew and looked at my fully exposed pussy with what he described as a river of cum flowing out of it. The smile on J’s face was priceless as he watched from the front seat naked, I asked J if he was up for another round he smiled and said sure. Hubby and J changed places, as J hoped into the back I could see his penis was already erect again, he took one look at my cum soaked pussy then grabbed by breasts and gave me a big passionate kiss as he slipped his penis back into me and started pounding me harder than he did before. Oh I could hear was that sound a really wet pussy makes while being pounded, this time J held his load well and pumped me for what seemed to be a life time he was so good that I came another two times before J ejaculated in me once again. My pussy was red raw but felt fantastic. We all hoped at of the car and started to get dressed, as J started to pull his undies up I bent over to clean his penis sucking madly making sure I got every last drop, seeing this hubby lifted my dress and stuck his fingers in my pussy, each time he pulled his fingers out they were covered in cum so he thought smearing it all over my ass was the thing to do. Well this got hubby very excited and hard again, wow guess what, hubby entered me again doggy style. J just stood there and took every suck in his stride getting hard again. Hubby was performing very well at the rear of me pounding me with really good rhythm, then all of a sudden and I’m not sure how it happened but through all the excitement I came again, hubby ejaculated in me and J let loose in my mouth. It was a perfect ending to a great evening. This time we all did get dressed and dropped J back to where we picked him up from. Can’t wait for next time but I think a hotel room might be best so we can all play longer…….