Written by The Miner

4 Dec 2011

My wife’s 40th birthday was approaching. So trying to get some ideas, I enquired as to what she may appreciate on this very special day. “I’m sure anything you get me will be fine” was her reply. OK, I thought to myself, we will test this theory. “Would you like a stripper” I asked her flippantly. “Can he be a black man” she instantly said… “Of course, it’s your birthday after all.” She looked at me with an enquiring expression on her innocent face and asked tentatively, “Can I touch him.” Trying not to sound too enthusiastic, I responded “You can do whatever you like with him”…… “Whatever I like” she confirmed with a sparkle in her eye…... “Whatever you like” I repeated reassuringly.

The cat was out of the bag. My wife knew that I would let her play with another man. But would she give herself permission? I would introduce different scenarios to our love making which she enjoyed I’m sure. If I was silent for any length of time, enjoying the feel of my cock inside her, she would ask “what are you thinking about” I would say something like “I’m thinking about you sucking so and so’s cock” or “I am imagining you being pleasured by two big black guys.” She would join in the scenario game by continuing to ask “what am I doing now?”

One night, while holding each other after some very descriptive love-making, I tested the water and said “So, would you suck someone else’s cock in front of me?” She looked at me and said, “for you hun, I would”…..…For me….Yer right…I love this girl.

Another hot, balmy night, full moon, our bedroom windows open, curtains pulled back and swaying to a cooling breeze, L***** is looking out onto the street as I’m pumping her from behind. I warn her “the next guy that walks past I am going to invite inside and force you to suck his cock.” Her answer was short and to the point. “You won’t have to force me hun.” She pushed back against me, I told her she is a naughty girl and blew my hot cum deep inside her. “Mmmmmmm that’s the best bit” she whispered.

Life goes on, we kept fantasizing. One night L***** happens to mention this guy at work. “He’s got a huge dick” she explains “you can see it through his pants.” She tells me that he likes to get the girls into a position where they have to go past rubbing up against him. “Really, tell me more” I say, as my pulse rate begins to quicken. “Nothing more to tell really” she says.

I didn’t mention the guy at work for a while, secretly imagining my wife rubbing up against the bulge in his pants. I couldn’t resist any longer and asked “how is P….?, does he still have a sock down the front of his pants?” Turns out that some of the girls wondered the same thing. So, feeling cheeky one day, they told him to prove his cock was as big as it looked from the outside. “What did he do then”? I asked. L***** went on to tell me that he flopped it out then and there….“And?” I enquired probingly.... She looked deep into my eyes and softly revealed, “he has a really nice dick hun” “Cool, did you get to touch it?” I said instantly. “No,” was her answer, “but he did disappear with one of the girls for a while” I told her she should have grabbed it and given it a bit of a stroke while she had the chance. She just looked at me. “I dare you” I uttered. “What…You dare me” she said with determination. “Yes….I dare you.” Nothing else was said.

A week or two later, as L***** is skilfully blowing me, she loves giving head. I will always remember what she said the first time she sucked my cock. “Mmmmmm….better than chocolate” she believed. Sorry, I digress. Anyway as L***** is wrapping her tongue around my stiffening cock she alters her technique slightly. I don’t say anything, just think to myself, wow that feels nice, where did you learn that one. A few days later, another sensational blowjob with the same variation. Then she casually mentions “that’s how P*****, likes me to suck his cock.”……. “Really” I nonchalantly reply “what else does he like?” “He likes to grab my hair, (she has long, silky smooth, chestnut brown hair) and pull my mouth onto his cock” With that, I shoot a hot load of cum into the back of her throat and say “does he like to do that also?” Her answer is short and sweet… “Yep”….”Do you like it when he does that to you?” I ask…….”I sure do!” she replies... I don’t ask anymore questions, just fuck her about five times that night. I couldn’t get enough of her.

It takes a bit of gentle encouragement over the next few days, but eventually I get to hear what my girl has been up to at work. Apparently L***** was having lunch with P***** in his office. He asked if she liked what she saw hanging out of his pants the other day. She told him she didn’t get a very good look because the other girls were in the way. “Would you like me to show you again?” he says. Without waiting for an answer he stands up and unleashes the monster. L***** was sitting down on a chair and his cock was at face height a short distance away. “I couldn’t resist” she tells me. Recalling the words “I dare you” she wraps her fingers around his swelling cock, gentle running her hand up and down his shaft. She loves feeling a cock getting hard in her hand, and I knew there was only one place it would end up next. “Excellent,” I say with encouragement, “what happened next?” “That’s when he took hold of my hair and started pulling my head towards his dick… I just opened my mouth and in it went.” My heart feels as though it will explode, along with my dick. “Were you thinking about me” was my next question…..”No, I was thinking how good his dick felt against my tongue as it was sliding in and out of my mouth” she smiles. You are so naughty, I tell her. She sucked his cock until he shot a thick load of cum into her mouth. She swallowed it and said “I love having cum for lunch” She then removes her uniform and bends over his desk exposing her glistening pussy to him, looks over her shoulder and says “quickly…..give me some dessert before someone catches us.” He obliges by sliding his huge cock inside her and gives her exactly what she wants. “How many times did you come?” I ask…. She ponders awhile and says “a few”….”And how many times have you had the lunch with him since then.” She pushes back hard against my cock forcing it further inside her and says…..”too many.”