Written by tyga

13 Sep 2012

It had been forever since we were able to catch up for a play, one thing after another and once again all the best plans for a hotel room play was out the window.... good ol Murphy struck again! so we decided on just coffee; at least we got to see each other in the limited amount of time we could spare. Jokingly he said to wear a skirt & no panties. Idid my usual carry on bout it being too cold & rainy for a skirt. He laffed... didnt care what I wore as long as I was there at the cafe.

I showered, got dressed, low cut top, skirt, stay up stockings, boots, giggled to myself as I walked out to my car knowing Ihad no panties on.

I pulled up next to his car, I jumped in his .... we were having the usual . how are you's, he grinned.. I see ur wearing a skirt, he asked if I wanted to go in for coffee, I replied.. no.. lets go for a drive. the air was filled with sexual tension. dont think he could start the car fast enough. as we were heading towards the hills, he was rubbing my leg with his hand... he asked if i was wearing panties... I spread my legs so his fingers could touch my already wet pussy. he said.. omg dam ur wet.. as we drove along his fingers were slipping in, over and around my pussy. By this time i was rubbing his cock thru his jeans. I decided to undo hisjeans and take his hard cock out... to his surprise i leant over andstarted to suck his cock as he was driving (I knew he had never had that before) I thought he was going to cum there & then.. after a bit of eratic driving hefound a spot to park...

I got on my knees and kept sucking his cock,, running my tongue up & down it while he reached over & started to fuck my pussy with his fingers... mmmm I was in heaven a cock in my mouth and someone elses fingers playing with my clit... my own get boring after a while. I sucked him harder & faster, his hand on the back of my head, grasping my hair slightly, til he blew.

I so wanted to feel his cock inside me...so we jumped into the back seat. He pulled his jeans & jocks down to his ankles... I stradled over him.. lowered myself down on his already hard cock. I lifted my pussy up & down on his cock.. riding him.. slowly atfirst then hard & fast.. the sweat was pouring off us...I got off & satnext to him on the back seat... was so hot in the car we forgot to leave windows open... since elec windows, he tried to lean into the front to open them... he kept getting stuck as his jeans were wrapped round his ankles.. and he still had his work boots on which didnt help... every time he tried to move... he couldnt.. me being the helpful person that I am .... just sat there & laffed lol

we sat side by side... cooling down cuz he finally managed to open the windows... him still trying to get his legs unstuck.. me laffin. He started to play with my wet pussy again .. tracing it with his fingers... i put me left leg on the top of the front passenger seat...my right leg was behind him on top of the backseat.. I was so desperate to cum... he started pushing his fingers in & outof my pussy. I started to rub my clit... he was stroking his cock... mmm luved how this guy always got hard so quick... wasnt long before I cum on his hand

he said i wana fuck u this time before we have to goback ...he tried to position himself so he could slide his cock into me.. once again he got stuck .... me---giggle fits again.... he sat down & I stradled over him.. slid down his hardcock... started to ride him again... rode him hard & fast.. my soft white tits bouncing in his face.. he grabbed one and sucked& bit my nipple. I moaned as he did & at that moment he slapped my arse... mmmmm god i luved it ... rode him hard & fast..

we sat there afterwards.. i was running my fingers gently over his balls, cock, waste & chest... then back down.. I knew he liked that .. so did his cock.. wasnt long before he was hard again... i leant over.. sucked the tip of his cock, run the tip of my tongue over his nob., ran it down his cock to his balls, then back up to his nob..i had my lips around his nob while i circled my tongue around it.. I started to suck him .. slowly stroking him intime with my mouth... got faster the harder he got... i kept sucking & licking his cock.. he luvs the tip of his nob sucked on .. before long he blew in my mouth again..i kept sucking him til he had finished...

we refixed our clothes. got back into the front of the car & headed back towards mine... what was supposed to be a 30 min lunch break for him turned into over 2 hours... may have to do coffee more often ;)