Written by cc13

3 May 2013

i was home by myself oneday after a morning out with some friends. I made my self some lunch and not wanting to risk spilling anything on my nice white dress I took it off. It was a strapless dress with support so there is no need for a bra so basically once I took the dress off there i was in just a white g string. Anyway I ate my lunch and as i didnt have to get the kids from school for a couple of hours I decided to clean and tidy the house abit and as no one was home i didnt bother putting my dress back on. So i put some music on and cleaned and packed things up for 40 minutes or so then I heard someone knocking on the door either they didnt bother with the doorbell or i didnt hear it. Without even thinking or remembering I actualy wasnt wearing much i went and opened the door. It wasnt until I saw the look on the guys face that I realised what i Had done. My husband had told me the night before someone was coming to fix the airconditioner but i completely forgot and oops he got a free look at my boobs and my bum and probably other bits too as it was quite a skimpy g string. Obviously i was embarrassed and i could see he was abit too so I just told him where the unit was and excused myself to put some clothes on.