13 Feb 2016

"Open up Shona."

The smell of him had me so turned on and seeing his fat hard cock so close, I wanted him in my mouth, I think even more then he wanted to be there. I opened wide and slid as much of him inside my mouth as I could.

"You like to taste my cock Shona?" He asked.

I nodded my head yes as I licked and sucked his hard hot cock.

I needed no encouragement and enjoyed the taste of his delicious meat in my mouth. As I filled my mouth with him he pulled my top and bra off freeing my breasts for him to tease and play with.

"Take off you pants and get ready for me Shona." he said.

Not allowing his cock to drop I managed to squirm out of my underwear and was soon completely naked. Kneeing on the floor with his cock in my mouth, my wet pussy told me that I was enjoying this immensely. I tried once again to take more of Ric's hard cock into my mouth, when I felt his hands on my head. I expected him to push my head onto his meat. I started to gag and then Ric pulled me off his cock and onto my feet.

"Spread your legs, bend over and put your hands on the floor Shona!"

The suddenness of his actions always made me even wetter and I willingly complied, spreading my legs real wide, bending right over and placing my hands flat on the floor. I knew my arse and pussy were positioned perfectly for him and I began to enjoy the sexy humiliation of this erotic pose. I felt his hands grab my hips and then suddenly his thick cock reamed into my wet pussy, in one quick thrust, making me gasp for breath. Not slowing or stopping Ric pummelled me from behind. His cock, opened me, filled me and stretched me. I could bend my head and watch his cock as it ploughed my pussy and I became enthralled watching it attack my pussy. I felt as though his cock was discovering new depths to my pounded cunt as his thrusts increased in pace and brute force. I felt my own orgasm rumbling through me and I was screaming loudly as it hit me. I watched as his cock continue to ram me and was amazed at how my pussy seemed to naturally grab at it and hold onto his shaft as he pulled back for each stroke.

When I felt his now familiar hot splash of cum, scalding and thick, on the walls of my pussy, my orgasm leapt forward into another wild gear and my legs quivered. He withdrew and the last few warm creamy spasms from his cock covered my arse with thick ropes of cum. I did not move but continued to remain bent over with my hands on the floor. Ric stood back and admired his handiwork, I felt his eyes studying my sticky, cum coated arse. He then walked in front of me and once again grabbed me by my hair. Pulling my head up, he thrust his semi hard, sticky cock past my lips forcing me to open my mouth and take him in.

"Do you taste that Shona? Do you taste your pussy?"

I pulled his cock from my mouth and said.

"Yes! I do. I taste my own sweet pussy and your sexy salty cum."

Then I swallowed his cock back in my mouth savouring the mixed flavours of our sex, my only real desire was to have him hard again and back inside me. I hungrily sucked and slurped on his cock feeling it harden and respond to my mouth and hands. On my knees now I used my hands to massage his balls, while my mouth cleaned his cock.

"I think I want your arse, Shona. I think you need to have your back door opened."

"Please, baby. It will be too painful, please Ric not in my arse."

He laughed and pulled his cock from me, he then grabbed my arms and led me to his desk. He pushed me face down onto the desk, crushing my breasts on all the papers strewn there. Rubbing his now hardened cock down the crack of my arse and pussy I was afraid of what he had planned. Each time the fat head of his cock rubbed my clit and passed over the entrance to my pussy I felt a mix of joy and fear. I lay still; my legs spread wide, both my pussy and arse open for him to choose. I felt his cock stop at my pussy and slide slowly in and then his hands spread my arse cheeks to the side. Trembling as his cock slowly moved in and out of my pussy I cringed as his fingers found my arsehole. When he slipped his fingers lower and joined his cock in my pussy I relaxed until he pulled them back up. I realised he wanted them wet, then I felt his finger invading my arsehole. At first it felt alien but somewhat enjoyable and my hips began to rock back into his cock. My arse adjusted to his finger sliding in and out and when he slid a second one in, I felt only a slight increase in pressure, as my arsehole was stretched open, with two fingers fucking my arse and his thick cock riding my pussy, I was losing control of my body again.

I was rocking my hips now, enjoying the feeling in both of my penetrated holes when his third finger entered my arsehole. I gasped at the full feeling but still my burgeoning orgasm continued to rise inside me. When he withdrew both his fingers and his cock from me I felt empty and turned to him and said.

"Please. I need you back inside me. Please."

I did not say where, but I hoped his cock would take my pussy and not my arse. When I felt the hot head of his cock press my arsehole I bit my lip and tried to relax. As he increased the pressure on my arsehole I felt his hard cock begin to open me up and slide into me. It hurt a little but still I was not ready to make him stop. More and more of his cock was slowly invading my arse and the feeling of being full, moved on to the feeling of my arse being about to split open. I was about ready to ask him to stop when he leaned over and said to me.

"See I told you your arse was ready. I am all the way up your arse Shona, now I am going to give you a good arse pounding."

Still a bit breathless I just submitted myself to him and waited to feel his movement. When his cock slowly pulled back and then moved forward, I found I was able to accommodate his girth, and as he increased his thrusts, each time going still further into my back door, I found a building orgasm creeping up on me. His cock began to fuck my arse harder and faster, then he said to me.

"Use your hands Shona, play with your clit for me, as I screw your arse."

I did as he asked, I was so into the intense feelings of his cock inside my arse. I would never have been able to touch myself like that in front of anyone, but now with his cock fucking my arsehole I was totally his. I began to really enjoy the feel of his cock as it travelled in and out of my arse. My fingers were blindly rubbing and pulling at my clit as my orgasm mounted steam and took root in my belly. I was going to cum soon and I knew it would be a whole different feeling, I worked for my orgasm, I could not wait for it.

I felt his cock swelling and pulsing in my arse and held myself, I waited to feel his cum spray inside me. When he finally released those hot jets of cum, deep in my dark tube, I let myself go, I came hard, real hard, my orgasm was amazing. My hand was a blur on my clit and my arse was rocking back onto Ric as his cock delivered its hot load. He was so right, I loved being fucked in the arse and even as I lay here, feeling his warm cum ooze softly from my gaping arse, the mere idea of doing this illicit anal act, keeps me wanting more....