Written by macgyver1973

23 Apr 2018

It was only as we approached a more mature stage of life once the kids had grown up and left the house that we were able to focus more on our own plans and needs as a couple, rather than playing the part of parents. As part of moving in to this stage of life, we, particularly me, started to pay attention to our desires. I have always been conservative with my views on sex, which was re-enforced from an early age. Whilst I have always enjoyed sex, I would say that we have always participated in straight forward, fun, but unimaginative sex; fumbling around, oral and regular intercourse. Even masturbating for my husband was done with reticence and anal sex was a taboo that I had enforced upon our relationship, without much thought in to what it could do for me. Anyway, you get the picture.

When we found time was more our own, I had the opportunity to reflect on what I wanted out of sex with my husband and for myself. Quite quickly, I realised that I was harbouring fantasies that had been suppressed. The problem that I encountered however, was that while my husband and I have a very loving and close relationship, we have never had the opportunity to talk and discuss desires and fantasies. Therefore I did not understand whether these were normal. I was anxious about discussing these with my husband as I didn't want to feel rejected if he had different views. So the fantasies stayed in my head.

One of my husband's friends, who is single, often get's lots of teasing because he is always with a different woman. At a recent party, I was teasing him initially, but then got curious about his lifestyle. Because there was just the 2 of us within earshot, he opened up about his multiple relationships and the fact that he loved women and sex and that by having a variety and exploring different sexual ideas, he was very satisfied and he believed he was a good lover. On one occasion, he mentioned being invited by a husband and wife to their bedroom and the 3 of them had sex throughout the night, including him and the husband both penetrating the wife at the same time.

One of my recent fantasies was to be with 2 men, but I hadn't mentioned this to my husband, nor even considered how to act this out. However, in talking the detail through with our friend, he not only got me curious, but also got me aroused. Whether it was the alcohol, or just built up desire, that evening, I decided to do something about it.

When my husband and I retired to bed, I initiated sex, something I've seldom done. We started slowly, with foreplay, laughing and giggling, and moved on to oral sex. First I got him hard and then he went down on me. I was already aroused, so it wasn't long before I wanted more. I repressed my orgasm as I came to the edge and asked my husband for my wand. He duly obliged and within less than 2 minutes I was having an incredible orgasm.

My mind was still on my fantasy and our conversation with our friend. Through both the act of oral sex, and playing with my wand, I was imagining 2 sets of hands on me. I was still very aroused and needed my husband inside of me. But what my husband didn't know, was that when he got my wand out earlier, I tucked my dildo under the covers for this very moment. I leaned over the bed and my husband got behind me and entered me. It was with such relief that I could feel him inside me, but my thoughts were still on simulating a threesome, so when he had a good rhythm going, I pulled out my dildo and reached underneath and slowly slid my dildo inside of my vagina at the same time as my husband was in me. He slowed down, unsure of what to do next. I quietly and self consciously asked him to carry on his rhythm and I continued to insert the dildo inside of me.

It was a wonderful feeling to have both his penis and a dildo inside, but the biggest turn on was the fantasy in my head as I imagined being taken by 2 men at the same time. I encouraged my husband to thrust faster and in turn I pushed the dildo in me faster and harder. Whilst only for a short time, I was completely lost in my fantasy of being taken my 2 men, before my husband came inside of me, which in turn, made me have a second orgasm. It lasted much longer than my usual orgasm and I kept on twitching as it subsided.

My husband was very supportive, telling me that this was the most excited he has been in years and that he couldn't hold back. I was reluctant to tell him about my fantasy, but relented and shared some of it. I was cautious at first, only telling him some of the details that I was imagining, but my anxiety subsided and he was very happy that I shared tis with him.

This was a recent event, so we haven't had much time to talk more about my fantasies, nor explore his, but this little act was the push I needed to join Swinging Heaven and find out more about pursuing our fantasies. One day we may, if we feel comfortable enough, actual turn our fantasies in to reality.