Written by not2old_1

24 Aug 2012

Stayed in a Sydney Hotel on a work trip, spent most of my time searching porn in my room and getting bloody horny

Decided I would go for a swim in the indoor pool and relax a bit, there was a couple of people in there at first, when they left I slipped my shorts off so I could swim nude and just threw them on the side of the pool, did not notice a bloke had walked in and said you look relaxed in there, he was standing right near the edge and had a visible bulge in his budgie smugglers, he sat down on the edge and we started talking, it became pretty obvious where the conversation was going, with me in the pool, my head was about was about level with his crutch, he was growing in his trunks and was flexing his cock so I could see it move.

I asked if he needed help with that and he pulled his trunks aside to show me his cock, i just moved straight in and started sucking, we knew that there was probably security camera on us but didn't care, he layed back and moved his arse closer to the edge and I sucked him and started fingering his hole, he didn't last long from that point and started blowing in my mouth without warning, as he was blowing I was really pumping my middle finger into his arse and he seemed to blow for ages, he just said fuck that was nice and said he had to go.

When he left I just stayed there and recovered a bit, when I went to go back to my room a security bloke met me at the door and told me we had been seen behaving indecently, then laughed and asked me what room I was in and he would have to come up when he finished work and discuss this more, this was just the start of my night, another story.