Written by Marto4Sammy

24 Jul 2012

Sammy had been hinting for quite some time that it was her turn for some double pleasure. after our first mfmf I thought I was ready so I approached a couple of blokes here on SH, but to no avail. Hard to believe that with all the blokes on here, I couldn't arrange it for her.

Yesterday I was checking in and chatted with a man that we have chatted with before. Although he is part of a couple. He said he was available for a midday meeting. I let Sammy know, she became very nervous. She had invisaged it happening after quite a few drinks. But I explained that sober would be much better so she could recall more than she has from some of our less sober trists.

Sammy came home from work with butterflies nearly making her ill. We decided to go to bed for a cuddle. This of coarse led to some heavy petting which had us both aroused. But we decided we should wait for his arrival.

There was a knock on the door, Our playmate had arrived. I met the poor bloke at the door with my erection showing through my boxer shorts. Sammy came out of the bedroom sheepishly to meet her fantasy. I asked him how he would like to proceed, he replied it was up to us. So I suggested that I lie Sammy on the table and he could massage her breasts while I licked her lucsious pussy. He agreed, so we hopped straight to it. Sammy was still aroused from our petting not 5min before, but she was very nervous as she lay back and I started straight onto her clit. Our visitor started to gently caress Sammy's breasts and nipples. Her moans encouraging both of us. We were all still dressed, but Sammy had no knickers or Bra on. As Sammy approached her first orgasm I was happy to see her stoking Steve's cock through his shorts. after a little bit of this, I asked Sammy if he was getting hard for her, to which she mumbled an affirmitive reply.. This seemed to tip her over the edge as she moaned her way through her first orgasm.

I then Asked Sammy if she would like Steve to fuck her as she sucked my cock, again I recieved a positive reply. So I moved around, dropping my boxer shorts and presented Sammy with my Semi erect cock. Steve dropped his pants and positioned himself between Sammy's legs. He put on a condom and stoked his shaft. I asked Sammy if she was ready to be fucked by a cock much larger than mine to wich she just wiggled and moaned around my cock as I slowly fucked her mouth.

Steve then slowly entered her sweet wet pussy. Sammy groaned around my cock as he slowly started to fuck her. After not very long, Steve said that Sammy's pussy felt too good and that it was going to make him come straight away. I'm not sure if Sammy came as she was very busy with my cock in her mouth. But Steve certainly did, pulling out and removing the full condom. I asked Sammy if she wanted to have me fuck her while she sucked Steve's cock now, to which the only reply was a nod.

I then replaced Steve infront of Sammy's swollen pussy. My cock sliding into her with ease. Steve positioned himself half laying over Sammy's face and started to fuck her mouth while I started to build up steam in her pussy. I was pleasantly suprised that Sammy still felt pretty tight around my cock and and it wasn't long before I was asking Sammy where she wanted me to cum. Sammy reacted by arching her back and moaning around Steve's cock as she had her second orgasm.

I spurted a thick jet of cum over Sammy's inner thigh.

To be continued