Written by Hsv_r8_317

8 Oct 2013

my girl and i have always an active sexlife, and up until a few years ago, were exclusive to eachother- albeit we'd aften have sex in the outdoors where we knew (hoped ) we'd be seen. We started posting pics of ourselves on a website which was fun, but not as much fun as reading the hot comments we'd get. For me, i was surprisingly turned on by hot guys commenting on her pics. I noticed she'd commented on a guys pics, not something we'd discussed, and i couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy. I raised the subject with her, and she explaind that she was tuned on by him. The next few months saw us develop a range of fantasies, and most of our pillow talk was centred around having another guy join us in bed. After one session between us ended, we talked how much this fantasy was turning us both on. It was then i admitted to a fantasy of watching her fucking another guy. I was surprised and excited when she replied that the more we fantasized about it, the more she wanted 'the 3rd guy' fantasy to become real. We dove headlong into making it reality. We agreed to start looking on a local site for candidates, and that she would make the decision of who- i was not surprised with who she settled on.

Before we knew it we had a stranger in our house. Younger than us, and had previous experience, and was wielding a fair size weapon. I left them alone as i ducked outside for a quick ciggie, and make a round of drinks- they were chatting on the lounge when i left. I rushed the smoke, and heading back in to pour some drinks only to find the house quiet. As i headed towards lounge room , my wife excitedly burst out from our bedroom, hugged me and said 'we've just been kissing', instantly turned on i asked how it felt, 'he kisses ok, but he must be huge, i could feel him poking me in the stomach through his boxers'. Her excitement at this had me hard. She explained she asked him to shower, and we slid between the sheets, kissing and touching eachother until he joined us. I watched as he left the bathroom adjoining our bedroom and slid between the sheets with us. I'd discussed boundaries with him previously, so there was no stalling. He spooned her from behind and she and i continued to kiss, i could feel his hands exploring her from behind, her breathing changed indicating he'd found a 'sweet spot'.. our eyes met as i gestured to her to turn to him, she mouthed 'i love you' and turned to him.... the next half hour or so was spent with her back and forward between our guest and me, kissing, touching and foreplay.. i soon had her on herr hands and knees, i slowly entered her from behind as she took another guy in her mouth for the first time since we'd met. i fired off a few pics of me fucking her from behind be fore peering over her shoulder. I had wanted to see another guys cock in her mouth for ever, what greeted me was beyond my wildest dreams. To say this guy was hung was a massive understatement. That wasnt the surprise- how easily she took him was. I'm 'average' 7", and comfortable with that, she has given me lots of head but never deep throat, that i could remember. The site of her taking him, so deeply and so easily soon had me pounding her and subsequently cumming, i wthdrew and shot over her ass.

I slid back onto the bed, not sure of what would happen next. I watched on as she took this guy to his balls. Easily. He explored her and they continued together for a while. I drew her away to kiss her, and as we'd previously agreed, give her some one on one with him. She smiled and said to hurry back, but somehow i dont think she meant it.

I sat outside and lit my smoke, wondering what was going on in my bed. I began to think of his size, i've never been the one to suffer from envy, but he was seriously big. I remembered seeing pics on his profile, and noticing he was bigger than me, but i dont recall thinking 'OMG!!'. I stubbed out my smoke and re-entered the room...

What i saw as i turned into the dorrway will live with me for ever. My wife, naked and with her back to me, was straddling our friend, his back against the head board of our bed, i noticed his bright red condom, but moreso, i noticed her slowly working him inside her. I watched from the doorway, before long her pussy had engulfed him, she sat mptionless for a short time, to grow accustomed to his size i assumed. i made me presence known to them, my mrs glanced over her shoulder and smiled a little, before moaning and closing her eyes and turning back to him. slowly at first she began to ride him. Inch by inch id watch as she rose and fell, each time she stroked higher and higher, and became more vocal and animated. Within minutes they were thrashing, she came for her first time that night, so loud... As her frantic pace slowed they repositioned, so her could take her from behind. Hard again, i positioned myself in front of her as entered her from behind. She sucked me so hard, interspersed with deep and sometimes load moaning, he mixed up his pace as she throated me. This scene continued for 15 mins or so before i felt myself nearing cumming again, i mentioned i was close to allow her to remove me from her mouth, she'd never been a fan of taking cum in her mouth. Instead she did the opposite, sucking me and slurping me until i'd shot my load load deep in her throat. I slid out of her and sat back to watch this guy and his massive dick show me just what a 'slut' she really is. (slut in the nicest possible way..)

For the next hour, probably longer i watched him pound her, almost violate her. At times long, slow and gentle, at other times hard fast abd brutal. She simply loved it.

I dont know how many times she came with him that night, but i think it was somewhere between 4-6 times. She tells me she cant remember. I remember vividly her noises- from long slow moans, to gutterel groans, to outright screaming during one orgasm. I had lost control of her. I was uber-excited, but couldnt help but feel jealous. I was glad when he finally came, his final rush of frantic pumping bringing her to her final orgasm with him for the night. We layed chatting for a while, before i mentioned he should think about heading off soon, which he did a few mins later.

I couldnt wait to be alone with her. I excitedly touched her beween her legs, she felt swollen and stretched. Erect within a minute, i pushed into her and was turned on by how she felt. She actually told me he'd left her so stretched she could barely feel me. What followed was the best 4 hours of sex we'd ever had, as we swapped our own visions and feelings of the encounter. To this day she describes it as her 'best fuck ever'.

To finsih off, imagine my surprise when i learnt of a secret follow up meeting between the two of them. Insanely jealous and somewhat first, before long i was ball deep in her as she described that naughty rendevous to me.... but that for another story....