15 May 2020

My relationship with Trish was based purely and unashamedly around sex. This mature, elegant, incredibly sexual woman, is without doubt the most exciting lover I ever had. We experimented together and discussed our fantasies - some of them we managed to live out. At 35, I was discovering a side that I never knew existed, thanks to Trish.

One evening we had been out for a drink and I was driving back to my place. Trish would often take my cock out as I drove and suck me off. This night was one of those times. I became aware that she was a little different tonight. Nothing I could identify, just slightly more reserved than usual. Without warning and before I came, Trish sat up, leaving my very hard cock poking out of my shorts as I drove. When I asked what was wrong, she replied that she couldn’t get past my fantasy of a 3some, I’d told her about. I was surprised - here was this adventurous, sexual, anything goes woman struggling with my fantasy. I asked her why and she replied that although she held no claim over me, she was disappointed that I wanted another girl involved. She also said that it was because she was feeling insecure about her age and being 15 years older than me. I found a place to pull over and faced her to answer. I pointed out that her age was not an issue in my fantasy, neither was sex with another woman. My fantasy involved a 3some with another guy.

After her initial disbelief at this and my assurances that I was serious, we began discussing how it could work. I was keen on the other guy being a stranger and younger than me. We also tried to work out how to go about planning the meet and where it could take place. Somewhere some distance away, we planned on.

In the event, it happened a few weeks later, not far from hers or my places.

We were out for a drink in a local pub. Things were busy being a Friday night and several groups of tradies and young guys were in several small groups. Trish was dressed in her usual classy, but not over the top clothes, a skirt just above her knees and white blouse. She was wearing black stockings and I could tell she also had on a black body suit underneath. The amount of testosterone in the pub was almost palpable and several of the groups were looking over at us, seated at a table. Trish leaned across and whispered to me that she was beginning to feel horny With all the young guys around, so I should get ready for a good night when we got home.

I asked what she had in mind. She said that she was so horny, we might have to fuck on the way home, something we had done before when one of us was horny. I put my hand on her stocking clad knee and slowly slid my hand up the inside of her thigh. Initially she told me to stop, or someone would see. I pointed out that someone already had seen - one of the tradies in a group of 3 had spotted me with my hand up Trish’s skirt. He had an direct view between her legs. I whispered to her, whilst she looked at the 3 guys, that tonight we may be able to live out my fantasy. Trish swallowed hard and whispered back that with her feeling so horny, she would probably do it. She told me to feel how hot her pussy was and opened her legs slightly. I ran my hand up and between her thighs until I got to the “giggle strip” and looked at her face - she was looking into the eyes of this young guy and licking her lips. I felt her pussy through her lacy knickers, which was really hot and damp. My cock was straining at my pants as I asked her if she was up for it. Trish didn’t hesitate and nodded.

We got up and walked out, waiting outside until 2 of the 3 guys came out. Holding Trish’s hand, I asked them if they enjoyed what they saw and if they’ve wanted more. Of course they said yes, so I told them to follow us to my place. Trish asked about the third guy but he had to meet his wife so couldn’t come.

As we drove back I was so horny, anticipating what may happen. Trish was very quiet and when I looked across at her, she had a hand inside her blouse, rubbing her tits. We started to discuss that this was not the scenario we’d planned but stopped talking, so as to not kill the moment; going with the flow of what would transpired instead. We did arrange a safe word and discussed them using condoms and no anal.

Back at mine, away from the pubs atmosphere, things were a bit awkward. Trish and I kissed and she told the guys to go and shower first. While they showered, Trish and I kissed, playing with our tongues and undressing each other. I was naked in no time and Trish was in her black lacy body suit and black stockings. She looked amazing and my cock was so hard. I put some mood lighting on and stood behind Trish facing the door; my hands rubbing her tits through the lace and my cock between her butt cheeks.

The guys (we never did ask their names) came out of the en-suite wrapped in towels and stood watching Trish and I. This was a surreal feeling; two twenty something blokes, watching Trish and I getting it on. I told the guys the rules: you can do whatever she wants but no means no. No fucking without condoms and no pain or filth. With two guys nodding furiously, Trisha walked over and pulled their towels away, revealing two hard cocks, sticking out from almost equally hard bodies (sorry for those into cock sizes - I don’t measure or guess sizes, especially in the heat of the moment).

A murmur of approval came from Trish as she knelt down and took one in her mouth and the other in her hand. Standing there watching this, I nearly came there and then as Trish sensuously licked and sucked this young cock. After a while she let him go and took the other One in her mouth. I was watching and wanking while Trish gave these two guys the best head job they’d ever had. It didn’t take long before the second guy grunted “oh fuck” and spunked in Trish’s mouth. She loved swallowing cum and I watched her gulping this young seed down. He stood back while the other one stepped forward, his hand on his cock, Trish taking him in her mouth too and he unloading almost immediately.

They stepped back and fell onto the bed, hopefully to recover, whilst I undid the studs in Trish’s body suit and ran my fingers over her sopping cunt. She was so wet and I laid back pulling her on top of me so she had her pussy positioned over my face. She lowered her wet pussy into my face and I licked, sucked and tongue fucked her pussy. Trish loved when I did that and it didn’t take long before she ground her pussy into my face and orgasmed while I licked her.

She rolled off me and onto her back, lifting and parting her legs, so her pussy was totally on show. I had never seen her looking so wanton, enhances by her command of “give me a cock - now!”

One of the 2 moved between her legs, his now hard cock sliding Straight in. He fucked her hard and Trish loved it. I’d fucked her loads of times of course but I’d never seen her being fucked and this was next level. I hadn’t cum yet so I was in a state of heightened arousal watching my lover being fucked by a young stud, bareback (we’d all forgotten about condoms).

The other guy came over wanting a turn, so the first one pulled out while his mate jumped in. He fucked Trish hard but with less finesse than his mate until Trish told him to get off for a minute. She called me over and I kissed her, then went down on her Pussy again. I licked her clit and tongue fucked her pussy that had just been fucked by two strangers which was awesome. She got on all fours and started sucking one whilst the other went behind her and slid in doggie style. Both guys were in heaven - saying nothing (it was a very quiet night!) but making grunting noises and the occasional “fuck.”

I was watching all this, still having not cum when the guy fucking her pussy shouted out “ oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming.” I saw Trish push back into him as he thrust into her pussy. There was this stud cumming inside Trish. It was sublime to watch and after a while he pulled out with globs of cum dropping out of her. His mate was next and took the others place, sliding his cock into her cummy pussy. Almost immediately, he cried out, “ oh shit” and tended up as he too filled Trish with cum.

Trish collapsed on the bed when he’d pulled out; cum dribbling out of her cunt, her stockings ripped and her hair and makeup a mess. As if an unspoken word was given, the two guys got up and got dressed, told Trish she was amazing, thanked her, then came over to me, nursing a massive erection and shook my hand before thanking me and leaving.

I asked Trish how she felt and she just looked up and grinned. “That was amazing - I absolutely loved it.” I pointed out that she was being used as a cum dump, to which she replied, “I love it - but where’s yours?”

I turned her over and looked down at her sopping cunt, leaking two strangers cum and slid my hard cock into the mix. I knew I wouldn’t last long but I did surprise myself that I lasted as long as I did. The feeling was the most amazing feeling and started my attraction to sloppy seconds. I fucked her hard, looking down and seeing the cum on my cock before the most amazing organs ripped through me and I pumped my load into Trish, along with the other two.

We both collapsed on the bed. The next morning we discussed what had happened and both loved the spontaneity of the situation. We both enjoyed the gang bang and although it was risky, both loved the cumming inside her and sloppy seconds. For both of us, it was the beginnings of something new, in a different place and time.

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