Written by wudzy046

27 Aug 2011

Following on from part 1

We had left Lee to return to his wife and continued to Partners, a club in Bury. Debbie was so excited by what had happened and the raw smell of her sex filled the car. She placed my hand inside her pants and she was absolutely soaking wet. I played with her clit as we drove, but soon came to the club. We went in, got undressed and into a towel. Entering the pool, she pulled me close and kissed me deeply. There was a guy receiving a slow blow job sitting on the side of the pool and we watched proceedings. We explored the club and came upon some small doorways. Opening the door, I pushed Debbie inside thinking to play with her out of view. Little did I know! A hand came through the wall from next door and I then realised what this room was. Debbie bent down and placed her boob into the hand and he massaged it for a minute or two before she stood up and dropped the towel.She moved toward the wall and the hand delved into her pussy. I got down on the floor and looked up to see three fingers sliding up into her and the look on her face as he played with her clit. I couldnt stop myself and pulled at my cock, coming within seconds.

She bent down again and he slid his cock through the hole. She shallowed it whole and played with the hairy, hanging balls. The cock withdrew after a minute or two, and we got up to leave. A second cock, slightly bigger than the next came through and she returned to her position with the cock protruding from her lips. Again after a few good minutes, the cock slid back and we left the room. My head as spinning- here was my wife who, after only my cock for 20 years, had put some strangers cocks in her mouth and their fingers in her cunt, and was loving it!

We moved into a couples only room and lay down. I slipped between her legs and was licking her pussy as she moaned. Looking up her body, I was astounded to see that the couple next to us, had a hand each on her boobs as they fucked. I was hard as a rock again and slid into her, fucking slowly. We stayed like that for a while before exploring further.

We continued to fuck each other in various areas of the club until they closed.

For the next month, all I had to do was remind her of that night and she couldnt resist- some times taking the lead and nearly ripping my clothes off!

This was just the start of our playing- we proceeded to swing with couples and singles of both sex's over the next few years. She still wishes she had fucked Lee in the car, but thought I would think she was a slut- I do and its fantastic! She is my slut!

She will read this and I think would love to hear what you all think of her escapades!