8 Apr 2017

We came up to visit for the weekend. You and I had discussed how we had been together and used condoms each and ever time, but you now wanted nothing between us.

After your hubby and my wife had passed out from drinking too much vodka, you and I snuck out to your husbands shed. Within seconds you had my cock in your mouth and i had my fingers slipping inside your already wet pussy. You shuddered as your first orgasm ripped through you very quickly......."fuck I'm excited" you said.

I pushed your legs open wider and kissed my way down to your soaked slit, i slid my tongue inside your folds and tasted your juices, you gasped as I slid 1, then 2, then 3 fingers inside you easily and attacked your clit with my tongue. After a few minutes you grabbed my head as your second orgasm shook you.

I looked up and slowly slid my way up your body, gently my cock nudged against your ever so tender and soaked pussy. We looked into each others eyes and kissed. You moaned into my mouth as the head of my cock slipped inside you. Your legs wrapped around my waist and pulled my deep into you. I grunted as my full length hit home. As it did, you came again, only a little one, but enough that I noticed.

We fucked for a while in good old missionary style and you looked me and said it was time for me to start fucking you. I pulled out and lifted your legs over my shoulders and pushed them towards your head and slammed my hard cock deep inside you, we both watched as I pulled my cock all the way out and then slammed it deep each time. You started to get noisy and I could feel you clamp down on my with every thrust.

I pulled out and flipped you over onto all fours. I guided my hard cock and slammed in deep. I slapped your ass hard and pulled your hair, forcing your chin up and used your hair to slam your convulsing pussy towards me. You started to cum again, this time you came hard and clamped down on my cock as it pistoned in and out of you. It was all i could take, as you finished your orgasm, your arms collapsed. I grabbed your hips and growled as the cum started to boil in my balls. As I came i slammed deep inside you letting lose my seed. All I can remember is hearing you say....."mmmmmmm" as i coated your pussy with my cum.

We cleaned ourselves up and went back inside, only to realise that our spouses were still asleep and a bomb wouldnt of woken them up. We had a nice warm shower and we gently fucked and I filled your pussy with cum again.

No each time we meet, we fuck bareback when we can. Im still waiting for you to cum join me in the spa soon once the kids go back to school.