Written by St3v3

16 Aug 2010

This happened a couple of weeks ago, the wife and i were haveing an afternoon session, i had Emma tied to our bed and blindfolded(a game we like to play). She enjoyed these games at home but is quite shy out of the house.

When i decided she needed a trim so i got out my clippers and razor, I think id make a good barber!!

Anyhow when she was all shaved her pussy looked so plump and sweet i wanted to fuck her there and then but she needed a wash so still blindfolded i led her into the shower where i made sure she was all clean of hair, I also washed her all over brining her close to orgasm a few times but stopping short much to her frustration!!

After i had dried her i was tempted to take her, but my fun and games were only just begining. I told her we were going for a drive, so still blindfold i dressed her, in her shortest dress one that covers her ass quite easily when standing but when sitting reveals quite a bit, it also gapes at the front, enough so you can see about a qauter of her breasts but should the strap fall off her shoulder it would reveal her ample breasts! of course she had no underware on at all.

blindfolded I led her out to the car, she was shakeing and said we are only going to sit in the car arnt we, we cant go out (the car is parked in our garage out of sight so she felt quite safe when i said of course just going to the car for some hanky panky) when sat in the car, her dress rode up her legs giving perfect acces to her freshly shaven pussy, I told her to masturbate whilst i played with her nipples through her dress i slowley pushed down the strap exposeing hard nipple i lent across and sucked it hard she let out a moan and rubbed her clit faster. I could tell she was getting close so i started the car she was so into it i dont think she noticed, slowley i reversed out of the garage, she noticed and stopped masturbating, she asked what the hell i was doing and ripped off the blindfold realising she was sitting there half naked, as we was reversing on to our busy street she puled up her dress and tried to cover her dripping wet pussy.

Emma did not speak for about 30minutes, when she finally said she wasnt sure if she was pissed off because ihad started driveing or that i had interupted her masturbating, so i said fininsh your self off it will make you feel better, NOT IN THE CAR NO WAY!!!! i said ok but im not takeing you home until you have cum.

It took a while but i could see her hand creeping towards her pussy, by this time we had reached the freeway, which to my dissapointment was all but empty.

Emma was really getting into it when on the horrizon i saw a truck my luck was in so i could see she was getting very close so i put my foot down, as we leveled with the cab i could see the driver so he must of had a great view of my wife, at this point emma opened her eyes and on seeing this rugged truck driver looking down at her it happened she started shuddering, one of the most powerfull orgasms i had seen her have !! all she said as i sped away from the truck was, "that was intense". as i pulled in front of the truck he started flashing his head lights in appreciating, It was at this point i realised what i had made my wife do and it made me hard i was about to explode from my jeans, so at the next exit i pulled into a secluded parking spot eager to fuck my wifes now swollen shaved pussy.

Emma was into this now her dress was around her waist, her breasts, exposed hanging down as she knelt on her seat leaning across sucking my cock hungrilly, i was about to explode when at first i heard then saw a truck pull in!!! emma did not notice, oh shit it was him the trucker who had just seen my wife masturbating!!! I was tempted to to drive off, when emma looked up and saw him getting out of hs truck, to my supprise she just put her head down and carryied on sucking, the truckie was standing at her door, which i had loccked, watching with his cock in hand my wife ass and shaven pussy bobbing up and down as shhe sucked me harder.

I told her what he was doing, she looked up at me smiled reached over to my door and pushed the window button and fully opend her window, she then got back into sucking my now ready to explode cock, as soon as the window was down his hand shot in and started fingering her dripping wet pussy emma started moaning and pushing back onto his thick fingers, at this poing i heard him sa fuck this he popped the lock swung open the door and befor either of us could protest he rmmed his cock into her pussy, it was then she left my cock and started rubbing her own pussy emma started to moan louder screaming yes harder harder! i was no wanking my cock hard, i exploded and shot my load over my wifes face momnents later she came almost collapsing but he was not fininshed so he kept pumping until he blew his load filling my wifes cunt with his cum, he withdrew and was gone without a word, it was a long drive home emma fondeling her cum soaked pussy.

she\is not so shy now