Written by coastie67

11 Apr 2012

we met at catho bay near newcastle, it was a warm day just before easter and i was to take some sexy pics for her to send to hubby, just topless in a gstring. we got to the spot id picked out which was a private beach where not many pl go. she took off her skirt and top to reveal a sexy body in just a white g string, mmmm i was getting excited. she started posing for me, laying back on her towel, legs slighty spread, nipples very hard and i could see she was enjoying this very much as a wetspot had appeared on her knickers and could see her lips getting puffier.

we took lots of pics over the next 20 minutes and then her phone rang it was her hubby asking how it was all going, i could hear her saying how hot she was outdoors nearly naked with a guy she didnt know taking pics of her, thern i heard her say really you want me to do that, then ok and ill chat with you soon and hung up

she then stood up and removed her panties and said hubby wants pics of my cunt, he knows how wet i get and wants to see it, with that i started snapping away, i could see her wetness leaking out of her cunnt. she started touching herself and sliding her fingers into her wet cunt when the phone rang again it was hubby asking hw things were going, she said great she was sooo turned on that she was fingering her pussy, then she said really, thank u. she hung up then came over and said hubby told me to let u fuck me anyway you want. with that i put camera down and told her to lay back and enjoy. i then went down on her soaking wet pussy and licked her dry, well almost, lol. she tasted soo good, i think she came a cpl of times before i tell her on get on all fours and i enter her from behind and start fucking her when i see a cpl coming around the end of beach, i start fucking her hard and fast before cumming in her wet pussy, she seen them and we get dressed. as they walk past they say hi and give her a funny loook, i look at her and see she has the biggest wetspot ever in her shorts, a mixture of our juices.

was a hot day and looking forward to more shoots like this