27 Jul 2018

I was driving around a suburb the other day and saw this young guy from Tiwi Island area I had talked to him before but lost contact with him.

he started walking down the road a bit so no one would see him getting in my car which is fear enough and we drove to an area where we could get naked and have some great sex.

I opened the back of my car and started to take my clothes off and he took his off and we both sat down together having a smoke and a drink and playing with each others cocks.

He laid back a bit so I could suck him to make him hard and big, then I laid back a bit for him to do the same for me and then I moved around so he could enter me and he fucked me good which was good.

He stood me up and he bent over and put my cock inside him so I can fuck him till I cum inside him and I did.

Then I turned around bent over he entered me and I let him go on me like nothing before and he cum inside me too which was nice and warm.