Written by Pakistani wife

8 Dec 2014

Following on from my last posting of where my husband asked me to fuck someone on Skype for him, I returned to the UK and was called by my boyfriend and was absolutely devastated when I told him I had an arranged marriage whilst in Pakistan. We agreed to meet for a coffee the next day and talk things through I explained things to him and said we could continue seeing each other for a while if he was ok with it and not surprisingly he was. I fancied him so much he was gorgeous tall blonde hair, blue eyes and a six pack mmmm. I was more than happy with his cock before getting married but my new husband was much bigger. I told Paul about my new hubby wanting me to fuck a guy on Skype so he could watch and Paul was more than up for it. I arranged for it to happen that night set up Skype and made sure my hubby was watching, Me and Paul started kissing and he was touching me all over he loved squeezing my big tits, we stripped each other naked and was lauded on the bed with my legs spread and boy could Paul lick pussy he had me cumming in no time fingering me making me scream, he lifted me up and I took his cock in my mouth sucking every inch making sure my hubby had a good view, My boyfriend was moaning and looking at the laptop saying this is my bitch, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and pinned me down on the bed with my legs on his shoulders and went in fast and hard he was fucking away swearing at me spotting in my face, he gave me a good fuck before getting me on my hands and knees facing the laptop, he started fucking me doggie pulling my hair and slapping my big brown ass, my hubby was abusing me in Punjabi but I didn't care he asked for it!!! Paul stopped fucking me and cummed all over my face so that my hubby could see and I licked his cock clean, I will admit that Paul didn't fuck as good as my hubby but I still had a great time, I phoned my hubby later on that night and asked him if he had enjoyed watching his wife getting fucked by a white man, all he kept asking me was if he was better than him so to piss him off I said Paul was better. Who wantst to o know what happened next?