Written by telfast

28 Nov 2011

Paris Affair Part 1 – playing on train and hotel fuck.

I had previously met a hot woman from Ecuador in London on a business trip a few weeks earlier. We met on a Friday night in a bar/restaurant but it was the Sunday when she came to my hotel room that I realised she liked to fuck. She had been in London since she was about 16. She was 39, had great boobs and body and knew how to use it. I wasn’t going to be in London for a while so we agreed to meet in Paris for the weekend the next time I visited Paris which was only sixe weeks away.

We discussed the trip by email. I told her I had a fantasy about fucking a woman in a maid’s uniform, especially with her tits. She told me she had one and 5 inch red shoes for fucking. I sent her some porno shots of chicks fucking in maid’s uniforms which got us both hot. When I was away from home I talked to her by phone and we had some phone sex, but we craved for the real thing again.

My flight was delayed into Paris so I had to go straight to the Gare Nord train station to meet her. Dressed in a pair of tight jeans and tight top she made my cock hard the moment I saw her. We embraced and she smiled saying she could feel my hard cock. I have a good size cock and was pleased by this.

On the train back to the hotel we were seated in the back carriage. She placed her jacket over our laps and grabbed by cock through my jeans. She unbuttoned my fly and ran her fingers over my knob which had started to leak pre cum. Rubbing her fingers in my pre cum she rubbed my cock more and then removed her wet fingers and licked them. She did this again but then put her fingers in my mouth. Tasting my own pre-cum on her fingers got me even harder. She took my hand under the jacket and between her legs. I could almost feel the wetness through her jeans. The jeans were tight and I could feel the outline of her pussy lips. Fuck I was hard.

We checked in at a hotel just off the Champs Elysee near the Arc de Triomphe and couldn’t wait to get upstairs. It was about 3pm. We kissed passionately and I fondled her great tits, but I badly needed a shower having travelled overnight on a delayed flight. I quickly showered and came out with a hard cock looking at my hot friend in a g string and matching bra, her tits busting out of it. She went down on her knees and sucked by cock, and boy could she suck. I reached down undoing her bra and she used her tits to expertly rub my cock. I had to stop before I exploded, so I pulled her away. Standing next to me I slid down her g string flicking her pussy with my tongue on the way up.

Moving her to the bed I went down on her wet pussy, licking around her clit, slicking my tongue in her hole before coming back and sucking on her clit. Sticking a finger in her I found her g spot and fingered her as I licked her clit. As I licked I could feel her start to cum. We were both so horny we knew that we weren’t going to last long. My other finger was against her arse and as she came the pressure pushed it slightly in. She moaned and felt her arse clinching the tip of my finger as she orgasmed. I put this in the memory bank for later.

She screamed to stick my cock in her, and she turned on her stomach, poking her arse in the air. Standing up I stuck my good size cock in her pussy from behind. I was pounding her from behind, her sweet arse in full view, cupping her great tits. It didn’t take me long and she moaned again only louder. This was a hotel my company often used but I was too far gone to care. I blew a huge load in her.

“Lick me clean!” she said. Still on all fours I licked and sucked my cum from her pussy. I was getting hard licking my own cum and thought how horny I would get licking my wife’s cum filled pussy after a stranger had fucked her. Kinky I know.

We lay there for a while contemplating where to go for dinner. That’s when she asked “Have you ever fucked in front of other people?” I told her about some MMF experiences and also seeing people fuck in hotel rooms across from mine. I had also seen a show in Amsterdam. I travel a lot and have seen a few things.

“I would like to put on a show, I have an after dinner outfit which I can wear.”

I thought of her in a maid’s uniform, fucking with the curtains drawn back.

We went to dinner, and the 2nd part is next including no panties in a Paris restaurant.