Written by telfast

28 Nov 2011

Paris Affair Part 2 – no panties restaurant and the stranger in the street.

We were caught in heavy rain trying to find a restaurant and ended up choosing one just of the Champs Elysee. She ordered a cosmopolitan as I settled for a pre dinner beer. 19 Euro for a Cosmo was a lot but not to get in this hot pussy again. Isabel took her coat off. Her dress had got a little damp and her nipples were hard and showing though the material.

We had a great entrée as she had another two cosmos. I had switched to some great red wine, also 19 Euro a glass but I was feeling great. After 3 cosmos Isabel was getting a little tipsy. She leaned over to give me a view of her boobs and then pushed her knee between my legs and asked if I was hard. I was horny as hell.

The main meal was served which Isabel had with a glass of wine. After the main meal she got up to go to the bathroom. She kissed me on the way, stopping to place her hand on my crotch. I watched her as she walked away, her tight dress showing the outline of her great arse and also a glimpse of the lines of a g string.

When she came back she reached over again, kissing me, but this time putting something in my pocket. I reached in to feel her red g string, wet in the crotch. We didn’t have room for desert but moved over to the bar area as there was a dance floor. We took a small booth in the back and another Cosmo was drunk. This time Isabel was next to me, and she took my hand and under the table placed it between her legs. I couldn’t reach her pussy with out being seen, when suddenly she moved her body down the seat. I almost shot my load as I suddenly touched her wet pussy. It had been a quick touch but my hand glistened as I took it away from under the table. She grabbed my hand and put it in her mouth. That was it we had to go.

When we got outside we kissed and my cock felt like it was going to push straight through my trousers and in to her pussy. We started walking (quite fast) to our hotel when it started to rain again. We huddled in a dark doorway waiting for the rain to stop. With nothing else to do but wait we started kissing again, this time she grabbed my hand and put it straight up her dress. I fingered her wet pussy as she held my arse. Again she wanted to taste my wet fingers. We heard a noise and a guy was running from the rain. He stopped in our little doorway. “Sorry said the young guy in an English accent.” “No problem I said, the more the merrier.” I said before I even realised what I had said. Isabel smiled and stuck her tongue down my throat before I could say anything. I could see the young guy looking at her great body, so could Isabel.

Having had a few drinks our inhibitions were disappearing. Suddenly Isabel grabbed the my hand a put it up her dress again, this time hiking her dress a little as she did it so that English guy could see my hand but not her pussy. She held my hand using her hands to drive my fingers in her, watching our new guest the whole time. I could see her dribbles coming down her leg. So could the new guy who must have been about 20. Next minute he pops his cock out of his jeans and starts wanking watching us.

He has a nice cock, and I actually find myself thinking about sucking it or licking Isabel clean after he has fucked her, but wonder what Isabel would think of this. Seeing his cock also got Isa going and she reaches over and grabs it. I winked at Isa and she removes my hand so that young guy can feel her wet pussy. I stand side on watching Isa handle his cock and have to pop mine out, rubbing the pre-cum over it’s head. “You want to taste she says?” Isa grabbed his head and pulls it to her pussy and he slips his tongue in. Even in the dark I can see her juices on his face. No one is around due to the weather and we are in a small side street.

I find my eyes drawn to the young guys cock. Fuck it I said. I squat down to watch him in Isa and find myself grabbing his cock. Surprised he stands up and Isa looks down at me holding him. “Suck him she says!” She takes her tits out and he fondles him as I suck his cock. As I squat to do this I hold on to Isa’s thigh feeling her wet pussy juices running down her leg. I feel the guy orgasm and he sprays my face Isa just grabs a hanky from her purse, cleans me up, kisses the guy and grabs me to leave.

Isabel asked “Was that your 1st time sucking cock?”

I had been in MMF bi 3 somes before but didn’t feel I could tell her this. I had also been sucked in Sydney glory holes and sucked a few cocks myself. “Yes, what a blast. Wonder what I will think in the morning?”

“Watching you suck him made me horny as hell.” she said. I want you to fuck your hotel maid now!” Off we went. I was feeling her pantiless arse as we walked back to the hotel. All I could think about was fucking her in a maid’s uniform, and that is Part 3.