Written by telfast

28 Nov 2011

Paris Affair Part 3 – fuck in the maid’s uniform, caming on SH

Having had sex earlier in the day, and then sucking cock in front of Isabel in a Paris street, I was eager to shoot my load again.

We arrived at the hotel and rushed up stairs. As quickly as you can in Paris hotel lifts.

Isabel grabbed a bag and went to the bathroom. I got my gear off and waited for her cock standing to attention. When she came out she was wearing a maid’s uniform with high heels. Heels for fucking, not walking. Her tits were busting out of the top. She looked hot, straight out of a porno. With her latino looks she even looked a bit like a very attractive tranny. I knew she had a pussy, but wondered how hot she would be with a cock.

She kissed me and walked me over to the window. My hard cock poking her under her skirt and I could feel the prickles of shaved pubes on the end of my knob. The thick curtains were open but the see through one were closed. Suddenly she lifts one leg and sticks my hard cock straight in her pussy which was wet as hell from our event with the guy in the street. Her back against the window, standing I fuck her slippy cunt when she reaches over and pulls the see through curtain aside, her bare arse against the window, my cock pounding her pussy. With the room fully lit and the hotel four sides with an inside courtyard, we are open for people to see. I briefly think that this is a hotel my work regularly uses, but am too far gone. I am aroused fucking in this way and surely people are watching as it isn’t that late and lights are on in the windows, and a number have their curtains open. I pull the curtains even wider and keep driving her pussy as she pulls her tits out. We turn side on to the windows so people could see clearly that we are fucking.

Suddenly I think about SH and ask her if she has ever camed before? I tell her a little about SH and she laughs and obviously wants to show more people. Not knowing how I stopped I grab my laptop and join SH (not wanting to use my Telfast logon), so I sign up as “clarkkentww” and we start a show. Quite a few watched (over 50) so maybe you saw it. I have wanked on SH but not fucked. Isa doesn’t want to show her face but we start caming me fucking her standing up. Isa has a hot body and I am fit from a lot of cycling with a good size cock. She is turned on showing off and I don’t know how I stay so hard. I fuck her standing in front with one of her legs up on a chair, before doing it from behind.

We get lots of compliments for Isa buy also lots on my cock and how hard it stays. I get turned on thinking that both men and women are enjoying my cock. Isa decides she needs to see more and decides to put a mask on and suck me on camera. She sucks well and I finger her pussy as she and rub her wetness into her arse hole. She giggles at the reactions in the messages and is enjoying putting on a show.

We decide to go private to a guy with a large cock “kiwi” something I can’t remember, but seeing him wank, watching us keeps me hard and Isa wet. Isa squats on me as I lie down in front of the cam. Fuck her pussy feels hot. She turns away from me and does the reverse cowboy, something I always wanted to do with my wife (or anyone really). Seeing her pussy and arse from behind as she squats on my cock is heaven and I watch the cock on cam cum.

Suddenly Isa has had enough of cam and turns it off. Leaning over the bed in her high heels, her arse pointed to the open window she want me to fuck her doggy. I enter her hot wet snatch again. She is still dripping and I wet my finger and stick it in her arse as I fuck her pussy. I have never done this to a girl before and she hadn’t had it done, but we both had an incredible orgasm. I removed my cock to splash some cum on her arse. “Lick that mess up” moaned the maid. I licked the cum from her arse and pussy thinking I want to do that again, maybe with another guys cum.