30 Sep 2015

Unexpectedly finding myself having a week to spend in a hotel in Parramatta, thought I may as well contact some locals on this site. Had been chatting to one couple over the weeks and luckily the wife was free to meet up for a drink and chat and see if we get on, so we met up at an Irish pub and after introductions (always the nervous part) we got chatting and realised we had some mutual friends!!

It was pretty clear there was mutual attraction and also that she could play alone, I am always comfortable with that as long as hubby clears it. It was her who basically gave me a big hint we could play that night but being a dumbass I didn't get it at first....then she said,"Oh, you never got that hint then?" "What hint?" "The hint about we shall have to get you finished and tucked up in bed by 9pm then!".

Ten minutes later we went to my room, condoms and lube sorted and clothes started coming off as we were kissing and feeling each other all over. She was a very sexy BBW with fabulous big tits and was very comfortable in her sexy body, always a turn on for me. I was teasing and sucking her big tits and nipples and she was grabbing my ever hardening cock, eventually leaning down to taste me and suck me, little groans of pleasure escaping from both of us.

I had to reciprocate and laying her on the bed (luckily I had two in the room.......read why later!!) I got between her thighs and started licking and sucking her sweet wet pussy. I adore eating pussy and she tasted so bloody good and I was getting more turned on and harder the more I tasted her. As well as tasting her pussy and licking her clit I was using my fingers to spread her wetness, again she prompted me, "You can put more fingers in if you want". Well, I thought, this one ain't shy!! So I added more.....spread her juices...added more....feeling her pussy open up and her juices covering my fingers as I thought, fuck this, she is going to take it all and proceeded to put my entire fist in her!! Jeez she loved it...squirming and twisting as I fist fucked her smooth wet pussy. The wetter she got the harder I fucked her pussy with my fist and the more juices came out as she came and squirted all over my hand, my wrist and the bed. The bed was soaked through but I loved it.....it shows just how relaxed the woman is when she can let go like that.

Now it was my turn for fun, pulling on a condom I slid up and into her wet pussy, filling her up and eventually giving her every inch, starting to pound her pussy with deep strokes, kissing her and sucking her big tits as I made sure she knew she was being fucked. I am not exactly John Holmes donkey dick but a good size and she certainly felt it! We kept on fucking till I was ready to cum....."Don't waste it..I want it in my mouth"....she said. Well, a gentleman never refuses a lady and she had a point!! Pulling out of her soaking wet pussy, ripping off the condom I aimed my big hard pussy juice covered dick at her mouth and she greedily took me in....fucking her mouth I came and shot a huge load down her throat.

It was a great start to a very filthy session which carried on for a while till she had to go, but not before I gave her another mouthful, another couple of good hard fucks and to top it all we even managed to get her sexy arse fucked! She was so tight but we took it easy, made sure she was relaxed and I just slowly pushed in the tip and let her get used to it. When she started pushing back then I knew it was ok and eventually we got to a good hard arse pounding rhythm, her on her hand and knees letting me fuck her arse like the sexy married slut she was finishing with me shooting my load into the condom deep inside her tight married arse.

Hopefully my Parramatta Pussy can meet up again!