Written by pandaeyes_hubby

27 Jun 2011

Her First Surprise Part 2, by Pandaeyes and Hubby

We stayed in the shower for another 5 minutes as we soaped each other before rinsing, and then drying off. Our friend grabbed his dressing gown /morning coat for Panda to wear, we put our boxer shorts back on. After directing us to the well-warmed lounge room, he went into the kitchen to put the kettle on. Panda and I sat on the 4-seater couch.

When he returned with a tray of three steaming hot cups of chocolate, I was sitting next to Panda fondling her exposed right breast, and kissing her passionately. I stopped as he passed us each a cup and sat down on the carpet in front of us. Panda laughed and said, “you can sit up here next to me, I wont bite you” Now it was my turn to laugh. “He’s trying to look up your morning coat,” I said.

We all laughed as he could see plenty no matter where he sat. Although it was still tied in the centre, the morning coat was open enough that her right breast was still exposed, and the sides had fallen to the outside of her slightly parted legs, clearing showing her pubic hair above her shaved pussy. He stood and moved to sit on her right hand side.

We chatted about nothing in particular as we sipped our hot chocolates, but as usual, (with a little help), the subject returned to sex. He had asked which sexual positions we liked best, and when he started describing some of the knots in the Karma Sutra, I said that I was not that flexible anymore. Panda laughed and said that she was.

She stood up and asked him to stand in front of her, and then to hold on to her hips. He placed his hands on her hips inside her morning coat, and she immediately opened her legs so that her feet were a little wider then his. She put her arms above her head and she started to bend backwards till her hands reached the floor. The morning coat opened fully and fell to the floor as the knot slipped.

WOW, what a sight to behold, my wife, naked, bending over backwards, fully exposed. Her breasts were stretched taunt, her nipples erect. Her hairless pussy was open and her inner lips were glistening with moisture. I could feel my cock starting to stiffen again. Judging by the throbbing tent in his boxers, he was enjoying the sight in front of him as well.

I could see that he was trying to decide whether or not to take advantage of the position that they were in, when I decided to help him make up his mind. I moved to sit on the floor behind him, and took his boxers by the elastic before starting to lower them over his butt. I felt the increased resistance as his cock started holding them up in front.

One last tug and I heard the sound of his cock slapping against Panda’s wet pussy as it sprang free. To enter her was now just a matter of moving back a little, and then sliding forward. She moaned loudly as he pushed into her slowly. From where I was, still sitting on the floor, the view was amazing.

Panda’s inner lips were gripping and sliding over his moisture-coated cock when he drew back, as if they were trying to keep him in. Then they were pulled inside of her as he pushed forward again. His butt cheeks clenched as he ground his pubic bone against her clit.

He started to thrust harder and faster. Her breasts jiggled and I was a little worried that they might over balance and fall to the floor, so I suggested that we continue on the couch. That way I could join in as well. I knew that Panda had always wanted to try 2 cocks in her pussy at the same time and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Our friend sat on the couch with his bum cheeks on the very edge. Panda then straddled his legs and lowered her self, (still facing me), onto his throbbing cock. Opening his legs, I crawled in between and lowered my head. The sweet pungent sexual aroma tantalized my nostrils. I listened to her moan and his sharp intake of breath, as my tongue tasted her juices from both his cock and her pussy. She groaned for me to put my cock in as I started to suck on her clitoris.

I kissed my way over her belly button and up to her nipples. Although they were already quite pronounced they extend further and hardened as I sucked and nibbled gently on each one. Now she didn’t ask, but rather demanded, ‘PUT IT IN ME… NOW’… followed a half second later by a whispered..pleeaassse.

I shuffled forward and put my cock above his. It was difficult to get it in. Once the head slipped in Panda fell back against him as started to shudder as she came. It was like her whole body was jerking uncontrollably. I could feel her internal spasms trying to push me back out. I held still for a moment, both to give her time to adjust and for her orgasm to subside. She moaned and opened her eyes slightly. They were glazed and unseeing. She seemed to be in a trance like state.

I started to push forward slowly. The feeling of his cock next to mine inside her, felt so intense. I pushed forward till I bottomed out. This seemed to wake her. Her eyes shot open as big as dinner plates and her pussy spasms started all over again. OH FUCK she cried. I thought I had hurt her and started to withdraw.. NO NO PUT IT ALL THE WAY IN. ….OH FUCK,… IM CUMMMING. She told me later that in all her life, she had never before felt so “stuffed full”.

I started to fuck her hard. It was at this point that our friend could hold on no longer. I felt his cock harden and it was as if the head was enlarging. His pulsing joined her spasms and the inside of her pussy became filled with fluid. This was too much for me and my sperm joined his inside her fertile pussy.

We lay there joined, cum leaking out, as we slowly came back to earth. The hot chocolate was now ice cold and that stain on the couch was going to be hard to explain to his flatmate!

If you enjoyed our experience, Let us know and we, (panda) will write more to tell you about what happened before we left our friends house.

Part 3 will be what happened next through Panda’s eyes. Thank you for you’re your positive comments so far. It is a real turn on for us to know you have enjoyed reading about it.

Pandaeyes and Hubby