Written by Jess

22 Oct 2017

Moving on from my last story “how I lost my virginity to a married man and the affair that followed”.

I was now 27 and separated from Karl, our son was 5 years old and Karl and I stayed civil despite the fact we’d split up due to him cheating and getting a 22 year old barmaid pregnant, he continued to be a fantastic dad to josh. I still had a hungry sexual appetite but things were different now I had a son, I couldn’t go out and have one night stands anymore. Dean was no longer around and after all these years Barry was ever present in my mind, he’d moved house but still in the area I’d see his wife from time to time in the supermarket but never barry I’d have loved to hook up with him again but it never happened. I’d go on a couple of dates I was by no means starved of sex it did happen on the odd occasion (if I don’t mention it in this story then it wasn’t worth mentioning as much as I had good sex there was quite a lot of bad sex too but I’m sure nobody wants to hear about that)

This is when I started to pick things up with James he’s was around 58 yrs old now as stated in my earlier story we kept in contact by phone engaging in dirty talk while we both pleasured ourselves while Karl had been working away but never met up. we arranged a weekend away while josh was at Karl’s he picked me up in town early Saturday morning it was a hot summers day and wore a light casual summer dress but packed a sexier dress for the evening and some sexy underwear.

He pulled up in his car I was slightly nervous as I got in it’d been 7 years since our 1st meeting although we had spoke on the phone plenty of times. He gave me a kiss on the cheek as I got in, he’d not aged much and looked a lot slimmer than last time he was by no means a hunk I find it hard to describe what I felt about him, I found him cute and aloof, watching cold feet now he very much reminds me of David just to give you an idea, spoke in the same well spoken manner.

My nervousness soon disappeared as we made our way up to the lakes, he always has plenty to say and always made me laugh with some of his tales. I never fell in love with James I know this because I never got jealous when he spoke about his wife I never wanted him to leave his wife and be mine full time, I did care about him a great deal though and loved him in my own special way. As we made our way up he put his hand on my leg and told me how happy he was I’d finally agreed to see him “I can’t wait to get you in bed” he mumbled going slightly red. I put my hand on his leg and gave it a squeeze “I can’t wait for you to get me in bed either it’s been too long” I said, he smiled. He wore beige chino shorts and a white short sleeved shirt tucked in with his top buttons opened. I kept my hand on his leg for the rest of the journey. We arrived at the hotel and found we couldn’t check in until 1pm it was only 10am, James argued with reception staff demanding and earlier check in but to no avail “very well” he conceded. We put over night bags in a storage room and went for a walk around Windermere, the age gap was obvious to anyone that saw us as we held hands but I didn’t give a shit and stopped at regular intervals to kiss him the stares mainly came from older men, “jealous” I’d say to James. We got ourselves an ice cream and went to sit on the grass close to the lake it was packed! We found the quietest spot we could and sat down, after finishing his ice cream James lay his head on my lap and I continued to enjoy mine I’d scoop bits on my finger putting it in his mouth to lick off, then playing with his hair and putting my hand in his shirt to rub the hairs on his chest. During our phone chats in previous years we’d role play and it was obvious he fantasied a lot about outdoor sex, if this grass verge wasn’t so busy I’d have took my knickers off and let him fuck me there and then! but it was so we got up before we got carried away with the finger sucking. We walked down to the lake and decided to kill a bit of time by hiring out a little motorboat for an hour, they weren’t very fast and the lake was full of them. We managed to find a quiet spot, there were still plenty of boats about but we couldn’t see what people were doing on them so they obviously couldn’t see us. James sat on the bench at the back of the boat standing in front of him as he groped my ass I pulled the straps of my dress down, then my bra to release my breasts his hands were quickly all over them then his mouth gently sucking each nipple, I sat on top of him dry humping as we kissed. It wasn’t long before there were boats getting closer so I pulled my dress back up as he got up to steer us back, I sat at the back pulling my knickers to the side and flashing my pussy at him whenever the coast was clear. He was rock solid and started to panic as we got closer to the harbour I told him to take his shirt off and hold it in front of his shorts when we got off until it went down which he did. We had some lunch and made our way back to the hotel where we could finally check in.

The room was gorgeous and there was a huge bath which we immediately started to fill, both sweaty from the heat we needed to clean up, i got in the power shower and washed my hair while James waited in the bath (don’t like to wash my hair in the bath) I kept the shower cubicle open so he could watch me. I got out the shower and making the floor wet walked over to the bath and sat in between James’s legs, he lathered his hands and washed my back and neck massaging me as he did, I lay back on his chest as he lathered his hands again to wash my stomach and tits massaging them again with both hands pulling at my nipples. We change position and I knelt behind him using the shower head I rinsed his hair and then washed it with shampoo massaging his head and neck he was loving it. We then faced each other my legs wrapped around him as we kissed. “Let’s get out” I said I held his hand and led him to the massive bed our bodies soaking wet I lay down legs open his head straight between licking me softly taking his time enjoying how my pussy tasted, i pulled him up to lick his lips and kiss him I could taste myself all over his mouth, I did taste good. Turning myself round in the 69 position I started to lick his tip down his shaft all the way to his balls, I loved the thickness of his dick wanking him as I sucked I lowered my pussy down onto his face as he continued to lick me teasing my bum hole as he did, my body was starting to shake, I took his dick out of my mouth and climbed up to sit on his face holding on to the headboard I started to thrust myself grabbing the back of his head to pull him in closer as I fucked his face faster and faster, groaning I gyrated my hips around his face as I came. Moving myself down I collapsed on top of him and lay in his chest as he rubbed my back and bum. We start to kiss again while I’m on top of him, his cock rubbing against my clit I guide it inside me as I let out a loud moan telling him how good it feels, I’m not lying. I tease him and myself taking him in and out of me a few times before I take him all in and sit up with my hands behind me resting on his legs as we move slow then gradually speed up I cum again all over his dick while it’s still thrusting inside me, he tells me he’s going to cum I ask him if he wants to fuck me from behind, “yes” he groans I climb off him and get on all fours holding my bum cheeks apart he takes me from behind his dick thrusts deep inside me he fucks me hard not too fast just really hard it only takes a few strokes before his balls tighten filling me with his spunk he lays on the bed exhausted and I lick the cum left on his dick and lie next to him pulling his head into my breasts as he recovers. I get up to dry my hair while he lays there watching. after I’m done I climb back into bed with him lying in his chest I play with the hairs in his chest my hands moving down to his soft cock getting wet as I do, I slowly wank him until he’s hard again I turn over to my side and he fucks me from behind nice and slow as he plays with my tits moving down to my clit we I cum easily he a few moments later, his spunk dripping down my leg as he pulls out, we don’t move and end up sleeping in that position for about an hour.

It turns out the evening dress and sexy underwear wasn’t necessary as we dont leave the room or get dressed until the next morning. We order room service and spend the evening watching a dirty film we had sex a further 2 times before falling into a deep sleep early, around 10pm. We wake up around 5:45 the following morning the suns already out I put on my casual dress I don’t wear a bra or any knickers, James doesn’t know this but he soon will. I put a short cardigan on and suggest having a walk around the gardens to get some fresh air before breakfast “ah good idea” he says putting on his brown chino pants and a longer sleeved shirt tucked in. We head out into the vast gardens there’s a few early risers but not too many “morning” James says to each passerby. We get to the end of the gardens where the path stops but you can continue if you wish into the woodland, “let’s have a wander” I say leading him into the woods, there’s not a soul about “perfect” I think i want to give him the fantasy he’s always talking about. I find a large tree to push him against as I passionately kiss him, taking off my cardigan and taking the arms out of the straps on my dress I pull it down to below my breasts “good grief” he says. Taking them into his hands and leaning down to lick at them I moan with pleasure his hands goes down to my bottom when he soon realises I’d “forgot” to put my knickers on, he moves his finger down the crack of my bum reaching round to my soaking pussy, i unzip his pants and pull them down taking his massive hard on into my mouth I suck him like I’ve never sucked him before lapping up his pre cum I stand back up and kiss his ear with my hands running through his grey hair I order him to fuck me. He pulls up my leg and slowly enters me in and out in and out keeping the slow pace as I moan and groan in his ear, he moves himself down so he’s sat on the floor his head up my dress he starts to lick my pussy as I move his head back and forward in rhythm, close to cumming I push his head back so he can’t reach me and lower myself into his cock and ride it while my boobs crash into his face we start to fuck faster and harder I cum first wriggling my bum in excitement with him still inside me I ride him faster again until he starts to cum I rub my clit as he does and orgasm again as I feel his warm spunk hitting me deep inside, his dick softens inside me I tell him how much I love what his dick does to me while kissing him passionately, we get up my knees are filthy we try and clean up as best we can head back to the hotel, that was amazing I keep telling him, he’s speechless (for a change) as I have no knickers on to catch the juices of myself and what he’s left inside me I have to keep getting leaves to wipe it off my legs as it drips, just writing about this now and remembering it all is making me wet! We get back to the room to get showered and have breakfast and start to head back to Manchester. I don’t want to get back too late as Karl and I have now got into a routine of him staying for Sunday dinner when he drops josh off and then putting him to bed before he goes, we thought it’d be good for josh to know that even though his daddy doesn’t live with us, we can still spend time together as a family. Arriving back in Manchester James drops me off at the supermarket so I can do a shop for dinner, James says he’ll be in touch and we can hopefully arrange another get together next month. We do get together again the following month but I’d have sex again before that with Karl.

It started a few weeks after my night with James it was a Sunday and it was boiling I had put dinner in waiting for Karl to bring josh home, I sat in the garden catching some rays, I had some denim shorts on and a bikini top, they arrived about 3pm while I was in the kitchen checking the dinner they went straight in the garden with the football having a kick around, I came out and sat in the patio step clapping and cheering josh. Karl was shirtless and I was happy to see he still had Jess tattooed on his chest, he had his white football shorts on I could easily see the shape of his manhood which gave me a little shiver. Karl had always been gorgeous a proper hunk his dark complexion meant he’d hardly aged, his eyes were still as blue with long feminine lashes, shaved head and as he was very much into football and boxing he still had a great body, I was hardly surprised when I found out he’d cheated on me as girls had always flocked around him. I went inside To get my sunglasses and sat back down discreetly watching his cock as he jumped and ran about the garden. As usual after dinner the boys would play in the lounge as I cleared the dishes, after I’d cleared up I sat down on the couch to watch them play my legs curled up on the couch they were building some Lego Karl’s head was leant against the couch I had to fight the urge to stroke his head sensually. I was feeling really turned on by Karl, while he was putting josh to bed I decided to just go for it and seduce him, one time won’t hurt I convinced myself. I went to get my short silky robe from upstairs I stripped off completely wearing just the robe I headed downstairs, I poured a glass of wine and opened a bottle of bud for Karl, putting the drinks on the table next to the couch I could hear him coming, I went into the kitchen pretending to put something away, I walked back into the lounge where he was now stood undoing my gown I walked past him to give him a full frontal view and sat down on the sofa, “do you want a drink” I said holding up the bud “err yeah” he mumbled in shock. I started to lick to bud bottle and then suck it as if it was his dick I then lay back opened my legs as I ran the top of the bottle down my clit and pushed it slightly inside me, he came over to take the bottle and drank some he pulled down his shorts that familiar gorgeous cock of his sprung out rock hard! “Now suck that” he said. I licked him slowly starting at his balls all the way up wanking him as I did, I took it all in my mouth I’d missed sucking this dick as I wanked and sucked he grabbed my wrists, “no hands jess no hands” I held his tight bum as he fucked my mouth fast and hard I could hardly breath I was gagging like I’d never gagged before as he held my head pushing it back and forward I almost threw up he was going that fast and hard, eventually taking it out he wanted me on all fours, he bent down and started to lick my pussy then my bum sticking his tongue as far in my bum hole as he could, oh it felt good. He lay underneath me now as I fucked his tongue until I orgasmed. I moved down to find his dick eager to be inside me I sat down on it slowly enjoying it being back inside me rocking back and forward rubbing my clit as I come again, he moves me off and I’m back on all fours as he does me doggie style fast and furious I feel him start to cum his spunk filling me with warmth as if the millions of sperm are excited to be home, he pulls out and puts it carefully in my ass (we have had anal before and I’ve only ever had anal with him I have to be in the mood, I definitely was at this moment) he knows how far I can take it and he empties the rest of his spunk in my bum. I lay on the carpet unable to move. Karl kisses me in the same dirty way he and his best mate kissed me in the club I met him in all those years ago “I’ve gotta go jess, I dont want to but but she’s gonna be wondering why I’m late I dont want her coming here kicking off” “go it’s fine” I say. Still lay in the floor undressed I feel satisfied his spunk still dripping from me I collect some from my bum and rub it all over my nipples , I collect some more from my thigh and put it back inside me with my finger as I slowly start to fuck myself before rubbing my clit and Cumming again. Fucking Karl again became regular thing on a Sunday after josh was in bed, I’d never allow it in bed it was always downstairs, he’d occasionally come over while josh was at school in the day if he was working in the area. This went on for almost 2 years, I never wanted to get back together I knew it wouldn’t work out, I knew I’d never forgive him fully for betraying me his daughter was always going to be in his life and I would be constantly reminded of him betraying me and betraying josh, I didn’t want to put josh through it all again either. I continued to meet up with James too during these 2 years also he’d take me to some beautiful hotels all over the county, he did take me to Barcelona for 3 nights which was amazing, if I went into detail about every weekend away with James I’d be here all week, I’ll just say it was always as good as the first time. I ended it with Karl because of josh, he’d woke up one night while we were at it downstairs we didn’t hear him come down until the door creaked open, I managed to jump up and put on my gown before he’d made it the lounge to witness anything, it scared me he was getting older now and understood more, Karl was pissed off but he had no choice josh would always come first.

The next amazing partner I had was a lad at the supermarket I worked in, it was a part time job to fit in around josh I worked Monday to Friday evenings from 6pm till 10pm my Mum would come round and have josh until I finished, the lad was my age and his name was Imran he was half Asian his Mum being white and his Dad Pakistani he looked like a 90’s Peter Andre hair full of gel. The rumour around store was that the girl who’s job I’d replaced left because he girlfriend had caught Imran licking her out and went mental! I thought he must have been good if a lesbian was going to him for oral pleasure. Once we got to know each other I’d tease him about it as we walked the same way Home after our shift, he told me they never had sex and that she instigated it he said she wasn’t particularly attractive but he loved licking pussy! The chats we had about it would sometimes make me wet and I started to become attracted to him thinking of him when I played with myself at home. We’d gone out for work drinks one evening to the local pub feeling merry I shared a cab home with imran and we had a cheeky snog in the back, I got out and he carried on his journey home. It wasn’t awkward or anything the next time we saw each other in work we didn’t even mention the kiss until halfway through the week when we were walking home “I’m a good kisser me aren’t I?” He joked laughing I said “yeah not bad I’m disappointed you didn’t lick me out though” half joking half being serious, “for real!” He said, I just smiled he took my hand and lead me through the church yard (a place I’d been fingered many times as a teenager) we went through a small ginnel which led to the school yard, carrying on he led me to a side entrance of the school were we could still hear people walking past but we were completely hidden. Stood up he kisses me for a few minutes before kneeling down and undoing my work pants, he pulls them down to my ankles along with my knickers and softly licks at the strip of short pubic hair on my vagina and then parting the lips with his tongue he gently licks at my click as I rest my hand on his head, he then moves me over to the step I my ass feeling the cold concrete as I sit down, he doesn’t take my pants off he lies me back and pops his head under my open legs my feet resting on his back he starts to softly tease my fanny with his tongue I can feel his breath on my clit as he slightly touches it with tip of his tongue it’s driving me wild, my legs start to shake I’m dying for him to lick it properly he makes me wait another minute or so as he continues to tease, as soon as he starts licking I groan with pleasure as he circles around my clit I start to orgasm, I can feel it all through my body, I grip his head to pull him closer and I start to thrust my hips around until the orgasm passes, it was possibly to best oral sex I’d ever had my legs were like jelly.

I realised the time and quickly pulled my pants up and rushed home as Mum would be wondering where the hell I was.

Whenever Imran and I were on the same shift which was at least twice a week, he’d walk me home and lick my pussy on the way. It was going on for about 2 weeks when I started to wonder why he never asked me to give him oral or why he never tried to fuck me, I’d never tried as by the time he’d finished with me I was in a mad dash to get home. One particular night I told my mum I’d be late as were doing a stock take, as we walked to the church yard I asked him why he never asked for pleasure himself, he admitted that he was in an arranged marriage and had 2 kids, he didn’t want to engage in a massive affair that would end up causing him trouble he said his family would disown him if he was ever caught with another woman even worse if he got someone pregnant. I explained my situation with him I told him about my son being the most important person in my life and I wasn’t looking for anything serious I just wanted fun and missed sex, I told him I’d had a coil fitted and it to worry I was not planning on having anymore children anytime soon! We’d have great sex I told him.

Through the churchyard we went to our little spot having a kiss as he felt and sucked my tits for the first time, I reached to his groin and felt his dick over his pants it was definitely hard and felt quite big, dropping to my knees for a change I undid his pants and pulled his dick over his boxers it was big and circumcised I licked his balls and up and down his shaft licking the tip, I put it all in my mouth enjoying every suck as I slowly wanked him until I tasted his pre cum. I stood back up as his went to his knees pulling down my pants and knickers I slipped off my shoes and took them off completely, pulling his head towards me and putting one leg over his shoulder he began to slowly lick me, “mmm you’re so good babe” I groaned. Feeling myself start to climax I pull his head away and plead with him to fuck me, he stands up pushing me against the wall and pulling one leg up he does, he fucks me, nice and slow then speeding up and slowing down again, just the way I like it, he picks me up to rest my ass on the handrail behind for support and pulls both legs around him he starts to fuck me harder and deeper pulling out a few times to run his dick down my clit “I’m cumming baby fuck me faster” I beg, he does and I orgasm while his dick continues to thrust inside me, I scream as I cum “yeah yeah” he slows down as I recover, I ask him if he wants to fuck me from behind, pulling himself out he turns me round and bends me over as I grip the hand rail, he takes me from behind pumping me fast and hard until I feel him jerk and his spunk shoot inside me, I rub myself to reach orgasm again while he empties the rest of his balls down my bum crack. He spins me round to kiss me “I told you we’d have good sex” I say. We continue to have sex in our spot over the next few weeks not every week as I have to get back for josh sometimes it’s just oral sometimes it’s a quick fuck. Whenever josh is at his dads on a Saturday night and Imran can get away from home for an hour he’d come to mine, I’d lead him straight upstairs and we’d fuck in the bed I’d never let Karl in, oral sex with Imran In The comfort of my own bed gave me double the pleasure than it did on a concrete step it was mind blowing that boy and his tongue are a gift to women, no wonder the lesbian kept going back for more but I was his lollipop now! My affair with Imran lasted about 9 months, it ended when he was made store manager at a different store, we had a few more hook ups but he was working every weekend now I drove to his new store on the odd occasion and we fucked in his car when he was on his break, but that eventually came to and end.

My meetings with James also came to slow end around the same time, as his wife was unwell and he was needed at home full time, I completely understood we kept in touch over the next few years by phone and text, his wife eventually passed away he was of course devastated, we still didn’t meet up but he kept me up to date on what he was up to, we would meet up again one more time but more about that later.

I spent those few years with no regular sexual partner going on dates and having a few one night stands, as I said before there’s no point in me going into detail about bad sex, and that’s really all I had over those few years, apart from one night.

I was now completely single and had not had sex for months, it was a Saturday night and my friends and I were heading into town, all dressed up I had a black strapless boob tube dress on, I didn’t wear a bra as it would look stupid with the dress I was wearing and plus I didn’t need to,my tits were quite firm, we went into one of the local pubs for a few drinks before going into town, it was a typical pub mainly regulars we were completely over dressed. The landlord was called Phil he was about 10 years older than me, he played pool with my dad, his son was also at the same school as my son just a few years older than josh. We’d been in this pub a few times and Phil was a bit of a perv always talking to your tits when he served you, he was being his usual self making leery comments as he collected glasses from our table, my friends thought he was vile I didn’t mind the comments that much I quite like being perved on if I’m in the right kind of mood. Phil was tall he had black receding hair and a goatee, he was quite big not a flabby kind of big just quite stocky with a round beer belly he tried to cover with a long baggy shirt. Not attractive, not to me anyway. As I got more tipsy I started to enjoying teasing Phil it was kind of turning me on, I went into the snug part of the pub (which was empty apart from 2 guys playing cards) to use the payphone to book a taxi for later as the mobile signal was shit. Phil walked to the side of the bar that served the snug looking over at me while I was on the phone, I cheekily pulled my dress down a little to reveal more breast and a slight nipple before covering it back up, I stuck my tongue out at him. His response was to stick his tongue back out but flick it up and down, I pulled it down again and he licked his tongue around the air in circles, I was definitely getting turned on, must be the drink I thought. I went over to him at the bar “enjoying yourself Phil?” I winked, “mmm” he mumbled. I quietly said to him “take me somewhere quiet and I might let you touch them” he told me to wait until he’d gone out from the other side of the bar and then walk down the corridor towards the toilets, I followed his instructions and he met be at the bottom of the pub and beckoned me into a room which he locked shut, it was a dusty stock room full of crates, boxes and dusty old chairs. I did wonder what the fuck I was playing at but I was there now I might as well get it over with, I pulled down my dress to below my tits and he came behind me grabbing each of them pulling at my nipples I could hear his heavy breathing and panting as he did like a proper dirty pervert, he turned to face me now and bent down to kiss them “can I suck them” he said “go on then but be quick” I stood up on a crate so they were level with his face and he lapped them up groaning as he sucked and licked around my nipple, he was sucking that hard I thought I was going to start lactating again at one point. His sucking and nibbling at my nipples was really turning me on I put my hand down the back of my knickers and reached round to my vagina to see how wet I was getting, I was dripping. I might have to dry hump him I thought, I stepped down from the crate biting my lip I rub his groin area over his jeans, he’s hard and he’s large from what I can tell, his hands are still all over my tits as I undo his jeans and slip my hand in to pull his dick out, I wank it for a bit as his breathing gets really heavy and he starts to groan, I tell him to sit on the row of chairs behind him pulling his pants and boxers down to his knees as he does, I pull my knickers down and take one leg out, I rest my knees on either side of him as I straddle him lowering myself into his throbbing hard on, I can’t believe what I’m doing. it’s worth mentioning now that I don’t always let men cum inside me I know it seems that way as every encounter I describe he does, that’s because I’m having really good sex and I get carried away and don’t want them to pull out, I also don’t like the use of condoms, some of the men I speak about in this story I have made pull out before cumming at times, just not all the time. The reason I’m explaining this is because this was one of those times when I didn’t want to be filled with spunk and I told Phil to tell me when he was ready to cum and not to cum inside me. I never kissed him as we fucked I kept my head turned away from him and imagined it was Karl I was fucking, as I moved up and down his cock I was amazed at how good it felt, he was panting and grunting and I too started to make noises of pleasure I was climaxing I didn’t want him to stop, it seemed my noises had set him off too as his breathing got more frantic, “no” I thought just let me cum 1st, it was really really building up “I’m going to cum I’m sorry” he said. I looked him in the eyes and held his face in my hands “it’s ok, it’s ok” I said “please don’t stop keep going baby” I begged.

He did and we both came together at the same time, i couldn’t believe it it’s very rare for me to cum the same time as the man I’m with it has happened before but not many times, normally I have to stimulate my clit for it to happen, this happened with Phil through only penetration I didn’t touch my clit once and neither did he there wasn’t even any oral sex to start me off it was just raw sex I was gobsmacked! Anyway back to the orgasm, it was good it was intense he filled me up with his spunk and I wanted it, i bit his lip as my orgasm was dying down, I moved my hips around and could hear the squelching inside of me his dick was starting to soften as he came out of me, I wasn’t done though I started to rub my clit up and down, humping his slightly hard but softening cock until I came again. I’ve no desire to stay in the room any longer I rub my pussy down his thigh to wipe away any excess spunk, I put my knickers on and pull my dress back over my tits, he’s still sat there catching his breath, I check the coast is clear and walk straight to the toilet to clean up. I rejoin my friends at the table making a lame excuse about talking to one of my parents friends in the snug. Phil appears at the bar about 20 mins later just in time for my round, I reluctantly get up feeling a bit disgusted with myself I order our drinks and hand over a ten pound note, he gives me 10 pound coins as change, it seems my body had paid for the round, I was officially a whore I laughed to myself. Now I still dont know what it was about Phil that made me enjoy that fuck so much I don’t think it was his technique as he just sat there I was the one doing all the work, I think it was just the thrill of it all, whatever it was it was a good 25 minutes of my life well spent.

My last meeting with James happened when he was 63 I’d not seen him for a good few years as I mentioned ed earlier he’d lost his wife which devastated him, keeping in touch over the years he’d told me how he’d moved into a small apartment after selling his house, still in Lincoln he invited me up to visit the Christmas markets in Lincoln and stay over. I had no idea what to expect there had not been any sexual chat between us for a long time. I arrived around 11am and he showed me around his apartment, for the first time he looked like an old man to me, still had a twinkle in his eye and his chit chat hadn’t changed, i think the devastation of losing his wife had really affected him, he looked sad. We left for the markets it was certainly not a normal meet up for us as we’d be bang at it by now the closest we got as we wandered around the markets was me linking his arm. We had some lunch and a few mulled wines before heading back. We ordered a takeaway in the evening and watched some tv as we talked and talked he shown me all his old photos he’d had a very interesting life as a child living in South Africa and New Zealand. He needed glasses now it was strange seeing him look so different. “Gosh this isnt like us it it?” He said “I’d normally have you bent over the kitchen table by now” he laughed “not much going on down there nowadays” he continued. “Ah well” I said “you gave me plenty of memorable weekends with you, memories never fade” I told him. It was obvious after the tour of the flat that we would be sharing a bed for the evening, not that I minded one bit it was James, I was completely comfortable with him and I figured he probably missed having a cuddle in bed. As we headed to the bedroom I went off to brush my teeth I’d not brought and nightwear only my dressing gown I left my knickers on and took off everything else before putting on my robe and heading to the bedroom, James had just some stripy pyjama bottoms on his torso still looked young to me. He got into bed and I turned off the nightlight before taking off my robe and slipping under the covers. I lent over to give him a cuddle stoking his hair which was still just as thick, he put his arm around me as I lay into him stroking his chest and gently kissing it, not expecting anything. He did though, we lay side by side me stroking his face and he feeling my boobs I kissed him, not as passionately as we normally would have it was tender and respectful, he lay back on his back and I reached down inside his bottoms to rub his cock which was still soft it took a while to get him going, once he did I took off my knickers and climbed on top with the sheet over us I gently put him inside as we made love like a married couple would, lights off cover over us and no sexy performance just sex not fucking just sex, we kissed as we made love I say made love because that’s what it felt like, although I wasn’t in love with James I did love him and cared for him so much. It didn’t last long he left his spunk inside me as he quickly softened again, he knew me he knew I’d not had an orgasm I didn’t want to start rubbing myself on top of him, I wanted it to be all about him. I lay back next to him holding his face again as I kissed him, “I want to see you climax Jess” he says, so I turn on the nightlight and move his armchair to the side of the bed, I sit on it legs spread and start to touch myself all the while looking into James’s eyes I make myself orgasm 3 times, before climbing back into bed and moving myself higher in the bed than James so he can suck on my tits for what I know is going to be the last time. And it was. We do keep in touch still but only by phone. I have only good things to say about James, who’d have thought that a one nightstand when I was 20 with a 51 year old man would create the kind of relationship we had for so long.

I’m almost at the end of my sexual history recollections now :( my last encounter takes me to last summer August 2016 not surprisingly in Turkey. Josh was 15 and would soon be starting his final year in high school, I knew he’d be bored going away for 2 whole weeks with his Mum so I agreed his friend Dylan could come too, we stayed in a large complex in a holiday bungalow, with 2 bedrooms and bathrooms and a large living room and small kitchen it was perfect. I hardly seen josh and Dylan we were all inclusive so he only needed me if he needed cash for something, they’d made friends and hung around the pool all day and club house at night, I’d only see them both at dinner time, lunch they’d get themselves round the pool and breakfast they’d sleep through which made the kitchen handy as I’d have to make them something when they eventually rose. To avoid the embarrassment of sunbathing topless in front of josh’s friend I’d head to the beach behind the hotel to do it out of his way, the heat made me so horny, what made me more horny was seeing all the married men on the beach ogling my tits as I got in and out of the sea, there was no single men here it was a family hotel, I was just as bad as the men and I’d check out everyone’s package as they walked by. One day it all got too much and I headed back to the room to spend some time “alone” stopping at the pool on the way to tell josh I was going for a lie down as I had a headache. Closing my bedroom door behind me I stripped off and got under the sheet I got out my phone and opened my secret app that stored all the dirty pictures I had of previous men I’d been with I’d always start with the pictures of Karl’s knob which we’d taken in my living room with a digital camera during our Sunday sex sessions, it’s something we’d always done even at the start of our relationship. I got to my favourite picture which was of his hard dick, his tip covered in semen, I licked my phone as if it was real. I quickly came, and lay in bed fantasising, I was still really horny.

That night I slipped on a dress again with knickers but no bra, I told josh I was going to look around the shops which I was but I did need to get out of that hotel and see what was about. A very hunky Turkish lad about 21 asked me to come inside his bar for a drink “half price drinks” he said in broken English, the place was dead as it was still quite early but I went in anyway, an older man served me introducing himself as the owner, I sat at the bar as he made small talk, the hunky lad was stood outside trying to entice more customers in, I had another drink and was feeling tipsy the hunky lad and owner were giving me lots of attention I was loving it, “a nice tits” the hunk would say as he kept coming in and out, the owner would laugh “he’s not wrong ah”. Lots of flirting back and forward the owner comes to sit next to me at the bar rubbing my leg telling me how beautiful I am “we kiss?” He asked. I pull his face in for a passionate kiss with my tongue finding his, the hunk comes in “she mine” he jokes, feeling sexy and confident I turn to him and do the same. I’d not had a three some since Karl and Dean 16 years ago, I wanted one with these 2 now! “You want to come to vip room for champagne?” The owner asks, “sure” I say he shouts in Turkish to some men sat down, they come behind the bar to take over and the owner and hunk lead me up some stairs I ask if they have condoms “of course” the vip room is actually a roof terrace with sofas which is obviously only used when it’s busy, kissing them in turns I pull down my dress to release my tits and start off the way I did all those years ago with them sat on the sofa and me straddling both their legs as I pull them both in to suck on my nipples which as you probably all now know gets me going, I kneel I fro t of the owner first and pull out his hard dick I give him a blow job making sure he enjoys every minute of it, as I take it out I tell him to put on the condom, I move over to the hunk his sick is huge it makes me gasp “I’ll fuck him last” I say to myself, I take my time sucking the hunch as I’m really enjoying it I almost get carried away, I tell him to put a condom on too I pull up the owner and take hi. To the opposite sofa I sit there legs open, telling him to lick me which he does really well, when I’m ready he lies on top of me and starts to fuck me grunting as he does, he moves me around into the doggie position he starts to cum, I don’t just yet but I fake it to please him. I march over to the hunk I’ve saved my orgasm for him, I climb straight in top of him and he holds my hips as he pumps into me deep I scream in pleasure and slight pain he rubs his dick up and down my clit and then lies me on the sofa, he lifts both my legs up and over his shoulders as he pushes himself deep inside me as deep as he can go I start to come I’m not faking it this time, my moans and groans sound completely different he’s really giving it me, he slows down and then fucks me even harder I feel his condom fill up inside me as I rub my clit to cum again, he lays back on the sofa and I take off his condom and lick him clean I wish I’d have got a picture of that gorgeous cock, I straighten myself up and join them for one more drink before heading back to the hotel and getting a well needed shower.

Karl calls the next morning to moan that josh wasn’t answering his phone, Karl was now with his 3th girlfriend since our split as far as he was concerned I was a nun since we stopped having sex, he never asked but just assumed I was now celibate as I’d never ever brought a man around josh, he was about to find out some Home truths. I explained how josh was fine and not to take it personal i said he was out and about all the time I told him I’d get him to call him later. We started having small talk he said he was in his van in his way to work, I started to thing about last night and started to touch myself, my voice changing he asked if I was ok, “yeah I’m just playing with myself” “what” he said “are you serious” “yeah, I made myself cum looking at a picture of your dick yesterday” “haha dirty bitch” he teased, he was now clearly wanking “tell me more” he said, “I fucked 2 Turkish blokes last night” “shut up” he said I described the whole night, he got really angry but still wanked himself off it drove him crazy! We fucked the day we got back from Turkey and have fucked every week since he’s now single again and we’ve been seeing a lot of each other, josh is old enough now he doesn’t need protecting anymore, it’s time to live for us, we’re not back together we’re taking it slow, Ive told him about every fuck I’ve had now it turns him on and it makes him mad, I’ve never told him about Phil the landlord I’ve never told anyone until now.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Karl now Ive discovered this site, if o my I’d have known about this years ago it would have made my sex life a lot more interesting! There’s lots more I’d like to try I enjoy threesomes I’d maybe like to try a foursome, no other women though just men. Thanks for making it to the end I hope I have more to add one day perhaps I could be describing an encounter with you ;)