Written by pandaeyes_hubby

12 Jul 2011

For those of you that missed the first two episodes, (Hubby’s view and part 1), I had flown down to meet hubby. He had picked me up from the airport and taken me into an adult bookstore in the city. I was to visit this store on many more occasions in the future, but this was my first time here.

I was dressed provocatively, (my cfm boots, my little black skirt, Lycra boob tube, and a suit jacket. I didn’t wear knickers or bra). Hubby had put 2 ben-wah balls into my pussy not long before we arrived at our destination. Had I realised that these balls were so good, I would have bought some years ago, I mean apart from being ‘horny as’ with the prospect of what was about to happen, I was going nuts from the sensations they were creating inside me.

We had just entered the store when the first orgasm struck. If what I was wearing didn’t draw any attention, the expression on my face and fact that I could hardly walk certainly wasn’t missed. Hubby had purchased an all day pass and was trying to guide me down the isle toward the door at the back of the store, when the second tremor began.

It started low in my stomach and reverberated through my body. This caused me to reel forward and in an effort to steady myself I nearly dragged hubby down with me. I think the girl behind the counter thought I was very drunk.

She started to come towards us, in a fashion what suggested genuine concern. I smiled back re-assuredly to let her know I was ok. “YOU OK?” She mouthed the question. I pointed down to my pussy and mouthed back, “BEN WAH BALLS”. The expression on her face changed to a smile. “OH” she mouthed, knowingly.

We made it through the door, slowly navigated the stairs and made it downstairs before the third orgasm struck. We were still at the bottom of the stairs waiting for our eyes to adjust. I was facing hubby. He had pulled my boob tube down and was playing with my nipples. A stranger had walked up behind us and asked if we were interested in a threesome.

Hubby had declined telling him that maybe later we could go further, but for now we would just be interested in a bit of exhibitionism. Our suitor had stayed directly behind me while he and hubby talked. Hubby lifted the back of my skirt and was flashing my bum in his direction. He reached over and ran his hand down my bum and in between my legs. As I felt his fingers on my pussy I squeezed.

The sensation of being touched with all the other sensations sent me over the top yet again. I bit my lip, put my head onto hubby’s shoulder and physically shook for the next three minutes. During this time our suitor continued to run his finger lightly across my lower buttocks and sensitive pussy lips.

He had just parted my lips and started to put his fingers into me when I realized that hubby had been supporting most of my weight. He said that we should sit on one of the lounges provided, as he couldn’t hold me up much longer. When I turned to walk to the lounge, I realised how big our audience had become.

There were at least another eight men in close proximity, and they were all looking at me hungrily. I think I turned three shades of red as I looked at the floor. All the other emotions started to flood over me again….. what the hell was I doing here?

We sat down and hubby could see that I was in turmoil. I didn’t want to talk to these people. This was scary. I turned to hubby and whispered my concern. He asked me if it would be better if I could not see what was going on. I thought for a moment and told him that I would prefer not to see them. He produced a pair of wrap around sunglasses from his pocket and handed them to me.

Yer right, I thought, it may be dark in here but how are they going to help? I put them on.. Bingo.. Hubby had used a permanent ink marker to draw on the inside of the lenses. Given that and the darkness downstairs, I couldn’t see a thing, no sooner had I put them on and I felt eager hands roaming my body.

There were hands on my feet and legs. There were hands on my shoulders and arms. There were fingers pinching my nipples. There was also what felt like three different sets of fingers trying to push into my pussy…. Fuck I’m Cumming again. I moaned loud enough for anyone that was within earshot to hear. I shuddered and shook continually till the sensations were too much to bear.

“I need to get these balls out” I groaned to hubby as I pushed unknown hands away from my pussy and legs. He helped me up and removed the sunglasses while leading me toward a small doorway that was covered by a curtain. We entered the cubical letting the curtain close behind us.

Hubby had me stand against the wall with my legs parted as he squatted on the floor in front of me. He spread my inner lips and tried to remove the balls. Thanks to the orgasms I had already experienced in the lead up to now, my pussy was gripping the ben-wah balls very tightly. Hubby pushed his fingers deeper into me.

I groaned and moaned as the next orgasm racked through my body. Poor hubby actually thought that I was in pain. He apologized but said the balls were still just out of his reach. He was going to have to push in deeper again. I could feel myself opening and then the rush of cold air enter me as hubby used both hands to try to stretch my hole enough so that gravity would work with us.

The orgasms were now continuous. One crescendo peaked and led into the next as my legs buckled beneath me. I don’t know if it was the orgasms that moved the balls or the fact that hubby’s hand was almost fully inside me, but I felt the balls move. I used my internal muscles to push, hubby removed his hand and both balls clanged to the ground. (note to self… make sure you wash those balls before trying them next time).

Hubby stood and kissed me. I felt how wet his hands were as he moved them up to my boobs. He asked me if I wanted to go upstairs for a break and cigarette.

I was about to reply yes when I saw that the wall next to me had a hole in it, and that there was a large erect cock poking through it. “In a sec”, I said as I reached down and started to stroke the thick shaft.

It was a little disappointing as I only got to stroke it once up and down before it shot what seemed like a litre of thick cum onto my hand. I wiped my hand on one of the paper towels that were hanging from a dispenser that was fastened to the wall and said, “lets go”.

We exited the cubical, re-arranged our clothing and went back upstairs. As we left the store the girl behind the counter was no longer there. She had been replaced by one of her male co-workers. He smiled when he saw us go past. I wasn’t sure why till we were outside the shop having a cigarette. Hubby pointed to my cfm boots. There was an obvious cum stain that was still wet. Seems like the cock in the wall did more then just shoot in my hand.

Not wanting to be too obvious by reaching down wiping it of out here on the street, I left it where it was. Surprisingly I actually found it a turn on knowing that people who walked past us, would be able to see some of the evidence of what had already happened.

After finishing our cigarettes, hubby asked me if I still wanted to go into the dungeon room. I told him that yes I did, but thought it might be wise to take a bit more of a break first, as my pussy was still buzzing from the attention it had already received. When it’s hypersensitive it almost unbearable to have it touched.

We walked across the road into a shopping mall where we bought a hamburger and coffee at one of those franchises with the big golden arches. (Didn’t want to use their name, but Im sure you know where I mean). We got a few scowls from some of the mothers that were in the store. Im fairly sure that deep down, a small percentage of them, were actually wishing that they had the nerve to be dressed the same as me.

In hindsight, I guess I shouldn’t have flashed my pussy at the good-looking guy sitting three seats in front of us. He was sitting next to his wife.. I noted that he kept sneaking looks over at me when he thought his wife wasn’t looking. Discretely, I waited till I was sure he was looking in my direction and parted my legs momentarily. He actually choked on his burger and had a coughing fit. His wife clipped him over the back of the head as she stood and went up to the serving counter.

It was not long after this, that the manager of the establishment approached us to say that there had been a complaint. Could we please finish our burgers and leave the premises. Funnily enough the whole time he was telling us this, his eyes were firmly attached to my chest, (I guess that my nipples were still on high beam).

We left the golden arches and made our way back to the club. The fun was about to begin… again….…

Thankyou for your comments so far, I will get hubby to continue with his perspective from this point. Please post your comments (good and bad) as it is a real turn on to know my adventure makes you hot.. They have encouraged me to write more. Who knows, with a bit more positive feedback, Hubby may be able to convince me to write about some more of my adventures for you..

Thankyou also goes to hubby for editing my story so far. Without his guidance Im sure it wouldn’t sound half as good.

Pandaeyes, (and hubby)