Written by Mick_L

24 May 2018

Same as last week Wendy arrive on time alraedy to go same skirt and boots, jacket. Tells me to head noth up the highway she will tell me when to turn off. So off we go hand straight to cock this time straight down the pants luckly I left the belt loose. 20mins gone playing with leg bit higher up this time could not find ant knickers, mind was playing tough lots of voutcomes as you do cock getting harder all the time. Wendy said take the next left we travelled a further 50 k's the off to the right into a small parking lots down a lane of trees very quite and no one there. Small house appears inthe distance - coffee here we come. put our order in and take a site in the back in a small booth. Wendy playing with my cock while we are waiting for coffee my hand up her skirt no nickers but a very wet pussy, slowly rub the outer lpis not makeing any move to insert fingers at all. Wendy looks straight ahead and just smile sshe says I like that. Can we go a little deeper after coffee I said no problems. Coffee came we drank and Wendy got up and said lets go and she walkied outy the back door down a path leading into the surrounding bush. I had to asked were are we going she said a little deeper. So I followed then she stopped a lookout and walked up the rail and lent against it back to me legs spread wide apart. Well like all good men with a hard dick I put my hands up her skirt and fingerd her pussy, lots of moans and pushing back against my fingers at this stage i think possily 3 were in . So I said why not and put my thumb against her ass hole and slowly applioed pressure waiting for a reaction all i got was Wendy pushing back against my thumb so pushed it in, she let out a moan and and said no one has ever done that before. So i continued for a while then slipped my cock into her pussy, was tight and very wet. Well we did not last for hours like the movies she was cumming in mins folled closley by myself blow all over she nice butt.

Can no wait till next Friday I am going to suggest bush walking and a picnic rug.