Written by Rico

15 Apr 2016

The fun started basically as soon as I arrived. They had told me to go round the back and let myself in. So I did. I walked in to find them on the lounge room floor, He was sucking her tit whilst fingering her already wet snatch. Damn she looked good naked. He was wearing a pair of long denim shorts that were already undone and her hand was in them, already playing with his hard cock. I took my short off and joined them, licking her other nipple as he made his way down. He began to eat her, she weighed and moaned, her body twisting and lifting as she grabbed hold of the back of his head, she ground her pussy into his face. Her other hand ran down my body and was reaching for my belt but she couldn't reach it yet.

"Wait" I commanded.

She moaned in response. She turned her head and we kissed, she gripped my bottom lip in her teeth and kisses me hard, she then bit at my neck and chest, grabbing my nipple between her teeth she pulled, hard. I grunted at the pain.

"Give me your cocks. Both of you." She said as she clenched her teeth through another orgasm.

I stood, removing my jeans slowly, my cocktail popped out, fully hard, she reached up for it as I knelt at her head.

"Mmm, I've missed these" she murmured as he joined her on the other side, licking his first, then mine. She swapped back and forth, starting by licking the head, then working her way down the shaft to the balls. She teased us both till eventually we couldn't take it, we both came one after the other. Filling her mouth and splattering hot cum all over her face and in her hair. She smiled as she stood up.

" I'm going to wash up. Entertain yourselves for a moment." And she sashayed her sexy arse out and down the hall. He looked at me, "I've got an idea." He said.

"I'm all ears" I replied.