Written by Margie

12 Dec 2017

When I was young I was a wild chick and had lots of guys both young and old fuck me mainly married men as was from a small country town and word soon got around I was an easy lay but got married and settled down with my husband not knowing about you past once the children grew up and left home and with hubby working away a lot got the urge to see if any men would be into meeting a older large lady to fuck so put some add on a meeting site with lots of replies one of these being to attend a male Christmas breakup work party to serve drinks and nibbles I asked for more info and the boss arranging it suggested we meet so gave him my address and he came around after work one Friday night as his wife would think he was at the pub with the boys a very nice man explained the boys all married men wanted to be served by a larger lady not wearing much I was very unsure about this so he suggested we meet at an adult store the next week and buy some longerie so he could convince me which I agreed to try after we purchased something very see through and tight went back to my place to show it off to see what he thought told me he would have never realised a big chick could look that good and was feeling me all over getting me that worked up I soon had my legs in the air with his cock pumping me hard as I came he dumped a big load in me felt very good he then told me there would be eight guys at party and if they all wanted to fuck me would that be ok I was ready to give it a go the day of the the party I got ready trimmed pussy the gear we purchased put a coat over the top and called a cab the men were super excited when I turned up took off the coat and didn't need to serve as was serviced by all the guys straight away and more than once more than one at a time but that's a new story