Written by Margie

15 Dec 2017

Well arrived at the party and took off the coat the guys were all staring at me and whistling I felt really good I then asked what I could get for the guys but one was already behind me feeling up my arse so another was in Front rubbing my bobs next thing they tore off the little bit of nothing I was wearing the guy behind rubbing my bare arse and around between my legs into my slit the in front was sucking my nipples and soon had help with new guy taking one nipples done running a finger along my gash I could see the others undressing then I was pushed over a lounge chair and a cock slammed in me from behind after pumping for abit the guy says line up boys the boss was right this bitch is a good fuck then he came in with the guys taking turns with me after they all had ago they started putting their cocks in my mouth as hard again I mounted one cock and next thing another was put in me from behind having two cocks and in my cunt at what it felt like heaven another was put in my mouth they kept swapping places and soon I had a cock jammed in my arse they all took turns at this as well they had all fuck me several times when the party had to end I was full of cum and covered in it but the pleasure had been all mine as I had really enjoyed it and now hope to be able to meet more guys and have many more gangbangs