Written by AlanandAnne

28 May 2014

I open my emails, there is one from Anne "I got a text this morning". I'm away again so I know who from and what it's about.

That night in my hotel room I skype Anne as we do most nights,there she is on cam naked hot hard nipples sticking out beautiful shaved pussy looking at me.

She said to me "get my email?" yes indeed, Paul wants to know if I'm busy Saturday night, I said I think you will be.

She asks me to stand up she wants to see if I approve of Paul coming to see her, I stand up big hard shaved cock standing up oozing precum, "Oh I see you approve mmmmm".

We talked for a while, I had a brain wave why don't I watch you on skype. Anne shrieks yesssssss what a great idea.

For the next three days I am hard with precum flowing thinking about Saturday night. It is difficult to address a meeting with a semi hard cock precum running down your leg trying to focus on what I'm suppose to talking about.

There was a bit of Molly Meldrum er ahhh umm in my delivery .

We discussed what she would wear ,you will have to wait until Sat night she said with a huge sexy smile.

Saturday night arrives, I'm rock hard in anticipation.I'm in my office door locked computer hooked up to large TV screen.

Anne appears wearing leather harness top tits out nipples stiff skin tight shiny black slacks fuck she looked so hot so fuckable

(see pics in profile) she is holding a red whip,(been on my arse a few times) .

Skype is on I'm throbbing precum flowing ,so hot.

Anne says he is here, front door is open he walks in sees Anne " Oh fuck" he puts his arms around her gives her a huge pash, I see Anne's hand heading southwards locks on to his now rock hard cock through his shorts continuing to pash each other.

I see Anne has freed Paul's big fat, hard cock from his shorts ,I watch as she sinks to her knees and takes his hard , thick cock in her mouth slowly taking it deep down her throat slowly withdrawing then I watch his cock disappear back deep in to her wet mouth so fucking hot.

Paul is moaning his head is back mouth open savoring Anne's expert cock sucking mouth devour his thick purple headed cock

Anne looks over at the camera smiles and says to me "I need this hot hard cock in my wet pussy" I said "oh yes do it".

They walk in to the lounge there is the couch where so many times Anne has fucked me as well as fucking Paul among others.

Anne sits down ,by now the skin tight slacks are gone, Paul kneels down slowly methodically kisses licks his his way down to a very wet dripping pussy. I hear a low husky "OOOOOOOOOH" he had found the love button Paul sucks that wet pussy long and slowly ,Anne's legs over his shoulders, he continues to suck that wet pussy,then I hear "I'm cummmmmmminggggg"

Anne's legs are flying head is going from side to side loud moans of extreme pleasure (thank fuck for headphones)

Anne slumped back I can clearly see how wet she was as was the couch, huge wet patch which about to get bigger. Paul's big cock hard as a rock positioned to enter this beautiful freshly sucked pussy. I watch as his cock slides in with consummate ease he fucks her slowly increasing the pace .Lots of moaning and the slapping of bodies I can see Anne splashing Paul as she squirts pussy juice every where, that couch DNA everywhere, It was so fucking hot watching hearing the action of my baby getting soundly fucked by Paul.

Paul yells I'm cumming with that stands up straddles Anne and blows a huge load of thick hot cum over her tits neck and face ,litres of hot cum everywhere.

That was hot. I had to go back to work so i could watch no more. So off i went huge hard cock wet jocks with an abundance of precum.

I later was told Paul fucked her again that night,he stayed overnight and fucked her in the morning .Anne said she had to change sheets pillow cases ,she squirted every where, everything saturated.

Watching you baby sucking and fucking on skype what a fantastic sight so hot.

Nola arrived back on the Wednesday I arrived home on Thursday, they came and stayed Friday night and Sat morning now that was hot ......That's next