Written by Paula Brown

7 Nov 2010

Paula Brown’s Brief Encounters

Authors Notes

This is a true story of sexual fantasy and lust. And only the names of the people and places have been changed to protect the guilty.

I'm a very attractive 45-year-old woman (just ask my husband or the dozens of men I've fucked in the last year). I truly love the satisfaction I get from controlling so many horny men with my naked body.

I'm 160 centimetres, and weigh 65 kilograms. I have shoulder length long thick blonde hair. I have a very cute face, tanned fair skin and a well-proportioned shapely body.

I like to keep fit. I am very sexually submissive and I'll do just about anything for my husband because I love him so much.

Chapter 1

Paula Brown had been married to John for twenty-five years. Paula was eighteen years old when she married John. John and Paula had been high school sweethearts, so it was inevitable that they had their hearts on spending the rest of their lives together. They had two children, Sarah and Jake, who had both left home to study at Melbourne University.

John and Paula had grown apart over the years while the kids where growing up. And now the kids had left home they didn’t seem to have anything in common with each other. They were spending their lives arguing with each other about silly little things and they were starting to realise that they had no intimacy or communication between each other. This lead to the conclusion that they no longer had any spark or love left in their marriage.

One afternoon after Paula had been to lunch with her girl friend, she had arrived home earlier than usual as she had a headache. She saw that John’s car was parked in the driveway instead of in the carport where it was usually parked, so she parked in the street. Paula thought it was odd that he was home so early.

When she reached the front of the house the door was slightly a jar. As she opened the door there where clothes spread out all over the floor. A pair of black lacy panties and a bra lay in the passage and she could hear noises coming from their bedroom. Paula could hear the sound of a young girl moaning. She made her way to the bedroom where the sounds were coming from to find John naked on top of the young girl in their bed.

From where she stood in the doorway, she could see John’s shaft driving in and out of her young pussy, which was so wet with excitement, suddenly John stopped and his cum start oozing out of the girl as they laid there on the bed. They were both unaware of Paula’s presence and John murmured, “I love you Carol and you give me the best sex I have had in years and I wish we were together.”

Paula recognised the young girl in bed with her husband, she was a young junior from the fast food chain where he was the Manager. Carol was two years younger than her daughter Sarah. She had known Carol when the two girls were having dance lessons together at primary school. Gosh, that seemed so long ago, and here she was in bed with Paula’s husband who was old enough to be her father for goodness sake!

Paula slowly took a deep breath and decided to quietly tiptoe back down the passage and out the front door. She got back in her car and drove off, not really knowing where her destination would take her. She just kept driving until she found a quiet spot to park and reflect on what she had just encountered.

Paula was experiencing really mixed emotions. Firstly, she was so angry with John, how could he be so blatant and screw another women in her bed. To make matters worse she was at least twenty years younger than him. This made Paula feel quite jealous and betrayed. After a while Paula’s head stopped spinning and she began to experience the sensation of excitement from the memory of John fucking Carol, but also ferociously.

Paula absent-mindedly started stroking her now very wet pussy in anticipation. Slowly Paula started to slide her finger in and out of her pussy until she had the ultimate orgasm. Feeling suddenly aware of her surroundings she quickly looked around her to see if she was being watched. To her dismay there was a car that had pulled in and had parked next to her. A nice looking guy was staring at Paula through his car window and seemed to be mesmerised by her.

Paula suddenly felt herself blush and couldn’t seem to wipe the guilty look from her face. The guy in the car motioned for her to wind down her window so that he could speak to her. Paula was a bit hesitant at first because she felt slightly embarrassed that she had been watched during her moment of passionate fantasy. She decided, what the heck, and wound down her window.

The guy introduced himself as Josh and mentioned that he was sorry if he had intruded in her space. Paula introduced herself and of course accepted his apology explaining that she was just having a very horny moment. With this knowledge Josh started to turn a slight shade of pink. Paula said, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to embarrass you”. Josh was quite adamant that he was not embarrassed, but really turned on by Paula.

Paula invited Josh to come and sit in her car so they could chat. Josh didn’t hesitate and took up her offer. They sat and talked about their lives for a while and then the conversation changed to what she had discovered on returning home from lunch and how she was so angry and on the other hand how horny it had made her.

Josh had no solution for the side of her that was angry but he assured her that he would like to help her and him, as he was feeling very horny too.

Josh went on to explain he didn’t know why her husband would be cheating on her, as she was a very beautiful lady. He said how he loved her long blonde hair, light blue eyes, her shapely body and her large breasts. He said that any man would like the opportunity to make love with her because she was so stunning and also had a lovely personality. Now it was Paula’s turn to feel a little embarrassed but she was also very flattered by Josh’s comments.

Paula reached over and kissed Josh and it was then she realised how wet her pussy had become from the attention Josh was paying her as well as the thought of her having a sexual encounter with this man. She was very willing to let this man have her for their pleasure without any care about the consequences.

Josh started kissing her and running his hands along her body until he reached Paula’s breasts, which he could feel through her silky black top. She didn’t resist Josh’s advances but moved into a position that would make it easier for Josh to remove her black lacy bra so her breasts could escape. He unbuttoned her top and slipped it off her shoulders and then he unclipped the bra and Josh started to play with Paula’s hard nipples then kissed her breasts tenderly. She was so hot and horny as no man has ever paid her any attention for such a long time. She couldn’t remember when John and her had sex last. Then suddenly her body shook uncontrollably as she orgasmed from Josh’s tender lips kissing her sensitive breasts.

Paula suggested that they move into the backseat of the car, as it would be easier for them to continue with their sexual fun. Josh began to run his hand up under Paula’s skirt. His hands disappeared beneath the material of Paula’s skirt. She opened her legs so Josh could rub her pussy through her wet panties. Josh feverishly rubbed her pussy through her panties, as she moved her thighs upward; he began sliding her panties off to allow him to finger her wet pussy. Paula moaned as he slipped his fingers inside of her wet pussy.

"Oh, GOD" Paula screamed, as she climaxed intensely. Her tight pussy increased its grip on his fingers; Josh knew she was cumming again. "I want to taste you" Paula yelled at Josh. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Then she opened her mouth and began to suck his throbbing cock. She hungrily licks the pre-cum juices from his cock and slowly runs her tongue along his shaft until she reaches his balls.

Josh’s cock was about 7 inches long and Paula had made her way to the head of his cock and opened her mouth and started to slide his whole cock into her open mouth. One of her best qualities when she was young and virile was being able to deep throat any man’s cock. She sucked his cock till she could feel him getting ready to explode in her mouth. Then she would stop and say, ”Fuck me fuck me.”

Josh quickly removed his pants and began rubbing the large pulsating head of his very hard cock against Paula’s pussy, and he slid deep inside of her. He began pumping in and out of her hot tight pussy. Paula moaned as he pushed his thick cock all the way inside of her. She was bucking against him wildly, keeping him buried deeply inside of her sweet pussy. She began moaning again, quite loudly. "Fuck me baby, give me all of your big cock,” he began to increase his speed and was now fucking her hard and fast. "Make me cum, baby" Paula screamed, as he slammed his cock into her with great force. She moaned and he could feel her pussy as it gripped his cock tightly.

He grunted, and his cock exploded as he shot his hot cum deep into Paula’s hot pussy.

She moaned and climaxed while bucking her hips up and down. As the sweet juices gushed from her hot pussy, they sat beside each other for a while and kissed and talked. Josh asked if he could see Paula again and she thought that would be a bad idea because she was full of mixed emotions at the moment.

They both got dressed and drove off to have a drink at a small out of the way hotel where they sat and talked for about an hour. Then they said their goodbye’s never to see each other again (so Paula thought).