Written by Paula_Brown

16 Nov 2010

Continued from Chapter 1 of Paula Brown’s Brief Encounters

Paula looked at her watch and checked the time; it was now 6:40 PM. She decided she would go home and pretend that she had not see John earlier that day. If she went straight home she would be there before John would normally be home. Paula pulled into the driveway and saw that the lights were off and that John’s car was not there. She parked her car in the carport and went inside and poured herself a nice glass of white wine. She ran herself a bath with nice lavender smelling bath salts and laid back in the soothing warmth of the water to enjoy her wine and reflect on the day’s events.

Paula had just dried herself and put on her bathrobe when she heard John’s car drive up the driveway. She checked the time it was 8:30 PM, he was a half hour later than usual. She was just about to ask him why he was so late but he volunteered the information first. He said that company bosses had come from Melbourne to check over the business books. He had been working very hard all day meeting their needs till they left to go back to Melbourne.

Paula told John that she had a headache and was going to bed at she would sleep in the spare room as not to keep him awake, he agreed. This was a lie, as she could not bare the thought of sleeping in their bed where John had fucked Carol.

The next morning when she awoke the birds were singing in the garden and the sun was filtering in through the window of the spare bedroom. She checked the time it was

10:00 AM. She felt more sexually satisfied than she had felt for a long time. In fact her pussy was feeling a little bit sore from her sexual encounter and when she examined her body closer in front of the mirror while getting dressed she discovered she had small love bite on her right breast. She was not worried about it, as John would not see the love bite, because he had not been intimate with her in such a long time and didn’t seem to take any notice of her in any way.

Paula had decided for now that she would not say anything about John’s relationship with Carol. She would continue with her Wednesday lunch’s with her girl friends and make excuses to leave a little earlier so that she could call past home to check to see if John’s car was there. Paula was thinking that on some Thursday’s when she felt like it and if she got the courage, she would go to the small hotel out of town where Josh and her had a drink, and see if she could pick up a guy for sex to fulfil her sexual fantasies.

But for now it was time to have breakfast she made herself a cup of tea with one sugar and bowl of cereal. She noticed that John had eaten his breakfast and left his dish on the table and had all ready left for work. This was unusual, as he didn’t start work till 11:45 AM.

Paula thought to herself, “this is why males get found out when they play around”. John’s work routine had changed. The sheets in her bedroom were stained with cum and an extra towel was in the shower and she found some long black hairs on the floor in the bathroom. Carol had long black hair when Paula’s hair was blonde. John seemed to think Paula would be oblivious to his sexual exploits. How stupid did he think Paula was! The evidence was everywhere to be found and so obvious. He was the stupid one!

Paula started to do the housework as she would normally do on Thursday mornings, she had started later today but that didn’t matter as John worked late on Thursdays and usually arrived home at 9:00PM which seemed to be a common occurrence on most days now. This was also why Thursday was the best day for her to have her sexual encounters. She would have plenty of time to come home and have a nice long hot bath and relax with a few wines and savour the sexual fantasies of her latest conquest.

Chapter 2

A few weeks had passed and Paula had continued with her weekly lunch with her girl friends and John was still having his affair with Carol unaware that Paula knew of the affair. Paula was starting to feel horny again and decided it was time for her to find herself a sexual encounter at the small hotel where she had met Josh. The hotel was called the Old Lion Hotel, it was very popular for strangers who where passing through town. So on Thursday mornings after John left for work she took a shower and made sure she was nicely groomed. Then she picked out a nice outfit that she would wear. She chose carefully and made sure that it would show her womanly features.

She wore black to compliment her long silky blonde hair. That meant a tight fitting black dress with a plunging neckline that brandished plenty of cleavage for all to see. Underneath was bare skin with no stockings, no panties, no bra, and no inhibitions! To finish off the outfit she wore black knee high boots with four-inch heels to give her body a tall slender sexy look. Satisfied with her erotic sexy appearance the stage was now set to start a new life.

She drove to the Old Lion Hotel arriving there twenty minutes later. She parked the car in a quiet part of the car park away from the entrance. She walked through the hotel bar into the gaming area to bring attention to herself. Paula felt that all eyes in the bar were staring at her, she was right to feel that way, she looked very hot in her outfit. She felt a bit embarrassed but thought to herself that she could get used to this kind of attention. She walked up to a poker machine and sat down. Then she commenced playing the machine and at the same time making herself familiar with the surroundings and the people that were in there. She wondered how long it would be before she was approached by anyone or if she would have to make the first move.

She approaching the bar and hopped up onto the high barstool and adjusted her dress before crossing her legs. She asked the bartender for a drink, before he returned with her drink, a man approached her and introduced himself as Bill. She turned towards him and smiled and said her name was Paula; he asked if she would like to come and sit with him at a table and have a drink and a chat, which she agreed to do.

They walked over to a table in a quiet corner of the room and sat down and began talking. Bill said, “I noticed something quite interesting about you, that you haven’t any panties on under your short black dress.” She bent over the table and whispered in his ear the reason she had no panties on was because she was very horny and hot and was looking for a man to satisfy her fantasy. Bill replied that he would love to be the person to help her. Paula agreed that she would like him to be the man, as he seemed a nice guy. They continued to make small talk over a couple more drinks. Then Paula invites Bill to follow her out to her car.

By now he was feeling so horny that the only thing on his mind was fucking her right there and then in the car park. As they walked to the car he kept on grabbing her sexy rounded ass. They finally reached Paula’s car. They hopped into the back seat and as soon as Bill got in beside her he immediately unzipped his fly and took out his cock so she could suck it because he wanted it really badly! Paula opened her mouth and began to suck on Bill’s cock. She hungrily licked his throbbing cock. A woman had not satisfied Bill’s long thick cock for such a long time. Paula had only just started to work on his cock when Bill started moaning as his cum erupted deep in her mouth she continued to suck his cock and swallowed every last drop of cum. Paula was slightly surprised at how quickly he had cum. She mentioned this and Bill said it was because he had not had his cock sucked for such a long time and that she made him so horny.

Bill removed his pants and began to stroke his cock slowly as Paula sucked on it to make it hard again. She suddenly felt a change in Bill’s cock as it was getting hard ready for action. Paula moved into a better position in the back seat to allow Bill access to her wet wanting pussy. Paula felt Bill’s cock pressing up against her pussy lips. Before she could even say or do anything she felt it enter her filling her completely. By now her pussy was dripping wet and entry was easy. Paula felt Bill hit the top of her pussy he was in her deeper than any man had been before and it felt so good and it hurt at the same time. Now Paula knew where the saying “pain and pleasure” came from!

Paula squealed and leant forward to kiss him and moaned “fuck me harder”. He pounded her with forceful long strokes. It was only a matter of a few minutes and Bill's body became stiff and he gave out a loud groan. She knew he was only seconds away from cumming. She could feel the warm rush of his cum flowing into her pussy and at the same moment, Paula let out an almighty squeal as she reached an unforgettable orgasm. Paula thought it had to be one of the best feelings in the world when a man came in her pussy. Bill pulled his cock out of Paula’s now dripping pussy and sat beside her and they kissed. Now Bill’s cock was very limp like a rag doll and dripping wet. Also, his cum was running out of Paula’s stretched pussy as they sat there getting dressed. Paula and Bill said their good byes and they both knew this was the first and only time they would see each other.

Paula jumped into the driver’s seat of her car and said goodbye to Bill and thanked him for the great time. Paula drove out of the Old Lion car park and headed for home. On the way home Paula thought about her fantasy and how hot and exciting it had been to just pick up a guy and just fuck him, for her pleasure with no strings attached. Paula was also thankful that she had no need to worry about getting pregnant as she had her tubes tied after her and John had their second child.

She arrived home at 7:15 PM with plenty of time to run a nice warm bath and sit back and have long hot soak to ease the pain of her aching body. Also, her boobs where sore from being played with a lot more than they had been in long time. She had put a bottle of nice sparkling white wine, which she placed in the bar refrigerator earlier in the day in anticipation for celebrating if she was successful with her fantasy. Paula lowered her self gently into the bath and laid back and relaxed and drank the full bottle of wine. By the time her husband John arrived home Paula was totally relaxed and ready for bed.

John came into the lounge and sat down and read the newspaper with out even saying hello to Paula. She asked how his day had been and he just grunted okay. From that day Paula had caught John in bed with Carol she had continued to sleep in the spare bedroom and John seemed to be happy with that, for whatever reason. So she said goodnight to John and he didn’t even bother looking up from the paper or answering her.

Paula climbed into bed and thought of her fantastic day and orgasmed without touching herself and went straight to sleep.

To Be Continued