Written by Fucker_1

3 Feb 2013

For years a family friend of ours has travelled to thailand on footy trips with a large group of mates. The photos and stories he returns with are well hot. Every year he tells his wife only the single fellas playup, and she for a few years believed him. Back in September while he was on tour we all got a bit drunk and she asked me about the gang bangs I organise. One thing lead to another and she admitted its her fantasy. We organised a 12 man sequential gang bang for her.... I sat in corner filming as one at a time came in had 15 mins with her and went back outside. Then I filmed them all on her taking terns in her every hole with a mix of cream pies and a six man bukkake. She really didn't enjoy the bukkake and the dry reaching actually makes for great viewing. When her hubby came home the DVD was left in machine with a note on bench....... Hi hon sorry I missed you out shopping but have a look what I did while you where gone and the remote. I fuck her weekly now and he has left her can't stand it.