Written by Pateadie_2010

24 Jul 2013

Staying in a Perth CBD hotel I decided to go down to the bar and have a drink and see if there was anything happening.

It was fairly quiet when I got there but I did notice a couple sat drinking white wine in the corner.

I noticed them as she was a quite attractive mature blonde wearing a low cut top and heavily patterned tights /suspenders very nice I thought.

I sat near them where I could keep an eye on them and enjoy the view. Playing with my phone and looking around I kept glancing over -they were talking and laughing together. Looking at them I felt sure they were looking for some fun, slowly I realised her dress was opening up and more and more boob was on show every time I glanced over. Eventually I could see large amounts if some impressive dds.

Eventually she went to the toilet and smiled at me as she walked past - game on I thought. When she came back he went to the loo and I took the opportunity to go over and start to talk to her about the hotel. She talked easily and when he came back they were very happy to chat. A few drinks later I was gently touching her and she was not objecting and nor was he. It turned out they were not staying at the hotel but just drinking there -she asked what the rooms were like - I joked they could come to the room and have a drink and see - I knew straight away they were now looking for a third wheel. Another drink and off we went to the room - I kept the mood upbeat and opened the fridge to get more wine as we all sat on the bed chatting. The porn channel was then selected and she went to the bathroom swapping glances with her husband. The minute she was in there he looked at me nodded and we both stripped off - he had an impressive hard cock but said he was straight and this was for her. WE sat there wanking as she stepped put of the bathroom now minus her dress but wearing stockings a lace see thru top and bra -she was gorgeous.

She sat between us and I kissed her whilst her husband kissed her back - freeing her boobs I reached down but hubby was already in her knickers warming her up. She slipped down the bed and sucked me hard whilst he watched her wanking his hard cock. Pulling her up I reached down and was surprised to find some really big luscious lips on her pussy mmmm so nice. I rolled her lips in my fingers and she loved it - pulling them apart I pushed my hard cock right in there, she closed her eyes and pushed back hard -he just wanked his cock hard staring at my cock in her pussy. The harder I pushed the more she liked it and her lips felt fantastic around my cock. I came quite quickly -not as quick as her husband who clearly enjoyed watching the scene.

We sat and chatted before she sucked her husband hard again whilst I watched and then whilst she was sucking him I fucked her from behind -she really appeared to get off on this -but not as much as me !!

When I came in her for the second time she was fulfilled and we thanked each other for the experience. Asking them why they were there hey were honest to say their game is to visit the hotels and see what happens, most of the time nothing does but occasionally they say they meet someone or another couple and fun happens although according to them not that often. We swapped mobiles and agreed that we may get together when I return to Perth although he admitted their fun was in the excitement of not knowing what was going to happen if anything and trying to attract others.

My fun was just joining them and getting to screw a mature women who knew what she wanted.

I am hopeful they will let me join them again when I get back to Perth.