Written by ;)

27 Jan 2011


Slip my singlet over my shoulders exposing my breasts. I want you to lick my nipple and take it into your mouth sucking while massaging the other. You’ll lift me up and my legs will be wrapped around you and you push me up against the wall roughly. My legs drop so I’m standing and you rip my pants off like a rapist, you roughly grab at my vagina forcing me to spread for you. You grab the closest instrument, a meat tenderiser and use the handle to warm my pussy up for your rock hard member. I take the handle more than I should, it’s beyond pain, it’s rolled into an ecstasy and I realise it’s not you forcing it into me again and again. I’ve taken over and doing it to myself while you’re seated in front of me dick in hand. I lift my leg so it’s on the back rest of the chair to give you a birds eye view for the final thrusts. I take it out and make you lick the handle clean, I straddle the chair and you slip inside my stretched pussy. I lean all the way back so my head is near touching the wooden floorboards. I pull myself back up and we kiss long sweet kisses. Childlike curiosity of each other giggling, playing, lovers. I pull myself from you and reacquaint myself with the meat tenderiser taking the handle deep into my mouth. I hand it over to you smile sweetly then lie across your lap like a naughty child waiting for a spanking. You part my ass cheeks and spit on my arsehole rubbing it in, then using the handle you carefully, confidently begin inserting it into my glistening pink eye. A little a first, I cry out of shock of cold metal in my secret space. Deeper, deeper ignoring my pleas knowing you can take me past my own limits deeper, harder taking the length in and out of me faster I’m screaming, you put your hand in my mouth to bite down on till we’re both screaming. I taste blood and hear you scream simultaneously and I fall to the floor. You’re up walking, yelling at me for hurting you so now I must behave like a good girl and make it up to my master. I crawl on hands and knees to you and rub my head against your leg; you can never stay mad at me I’m your favourite pet… I slide my hands up your thighs to take your softening penis into my mouth you brush the hair from my eyes and I can feel your hardness return. I lick up and down teasing the head then I take it deep in my throat you begin thrusting and grab my hair pushing your cock deeper than I can take. A lone tear runs down my face as our eyes lock and you push a little harder to hear me gag. U begin moaning louder and louder and try to withdraw so you can explode on my face but I need to taste you so I grab your ass and push you hard forward deeper than you’ve been and in amongst the gagging and tears you spill down the back of my throat unaware your hands have slipped around my neck and you’re half choking me. Mercifully you’re exhausted and let your hands drop from around my neck allowing me to breathe normally again. We curl up together on the floor naked, smelling of sex and sin ready for a well-deserved nap.