Written by horny_housewife

10 Mar 2015

I'm currently overseas and hubby had to leave early to go back to Australia for work. I never thought it would be this hard and never thought I'd be this horny, while he was gone. While I write this, I'll still be away from Australia for another 5-6 weeks, so I had a plan, hubby's best friend, who I always liked and wanted to fuck.

This is a true story which only happened two nights ago on 8 March 2015. I have read a lot of stories on here and was not a believer of some of them, but now that I've done this, it's not had to pull off, I guess.

I was waiting for hubby's friend, at home, looking through the porn collection hubby made for me on the phone and reading through hubby and i's "sefer" emails. It was 9:35pm and No sefer, so I sent a message on viber....." Hey how are you?? Are you still able to drop past tonight? ? Or do you want to try tomorrow?? Let me know :)" I get a call 5min later and he's in the car on his way and asked me to make coffee.

I stood in the kitchen slowly making coffee and thinking of what was about to happen. I had no worries, no concerns, I was calm and normal....excited of course that he was still coming. ..I read through a few more of hubbyband i's emails, while slowly playing with my pussy.....I put my fingers up to my nose and could smell my sweet pussy smell. I rubbed them under my nose a little hoping the smell of my pussy would be there, for when I kissed sefer, hello.

I heard a soft knock at the door. I had the kitchen light on, so it was a bit dim in the hall way. I opened the door and he looked me up and down, said hello and walked down the hallway taking his jacket off. When he turned around I was right behind him. He took my hands and held them out and looked me up and down again, I said "I thought I'd dress up for you this time". He said "your always perfect, very beautiful". He pulled me in for a soft, but strong hug, if that makes sense. I had my pussy pressed up against his cock, actually, our whole bodies were pressed hard against each other. He apologised for his hands being cold, as he could feel skin around my waist, between my shirt and skirt...I asked him to sit down and I bought over the coffees.

Sefer sat on the 3 seater lounge facing the tv and I sat on the single lounge facing the kitchen. I had my black book in front of me with everything written down. I was sitting with my feet resting on the lower ledge of the coffee table and as I was working my way through the list, I was slowly moving my legs around. I knew sefer could see my pussy, cause my skirt had risen up and my legs were slightly apart the whole time, as I never wear undies. Sefer said it was hot in the apartment and I made a joke that I missed summer and that I'll be going through 3 winters in a row, so I need some heat....he then took off his jumper and was sitting in his jeans and white singlet. I could now sit there and perv on his muscular arms.

After another 5min or so, with a smile on his face, He put out his hand and pulled me over to sit next to him, he put his arm around me and said "I respect you and I respect your hubby, I can not have you sitting there, where I can see everything, as you are moving around". I giggled and moved in to kiss him. He was shaking, i couldn't believe i was making him feel this way.

We started getting onto each other, his lips were like hubbies, big and full and soft, so beautiful and soft to kiss. Our tongues were moving softly together. Then he pulled away and said "No I can't Rachel, we can't do this"... I said "why, I've wanted to feel you for such a long time, It's ok, there's nothing to worry about". He said "I respect your hubby, he is my best friend, I can't do this". I said "please don't worry about hubby, I can handle that, but no one will know. I'm leaving in 2 weeks and there'll be nothing to worry about" and started getting onto him again. His kiss was getting stronger and I could feel him wanting me bad. We were still getting onto each other as he pushed me back in the seat and I felt his hand under my skirt, running up my thigh until his fingers found my wet pussy. He slid 2 fingers inside me and finger fucked my pussy, while i undid his belt and pants and grabbed his cock. This only lasted for a minute or so, when Sefer jumped up as the heater made a noise. He was really nervous, I explained it was only the heater, it clicks on and off.

We were now standing and I forced myself on him again and he pulled away, again saying "no we can't do this, we can't do this". I was still trying to get onto him and pull down his pants while he was talking....All the time he's saying, in between kisses, "Rachel.....Please don't,.... Rachel.....please". It was a turn on having this affect on someone. He knew he shouldn't, But he couldn't resist.

I knelt down in front of him and started sucking his cock. I took him all the way in my mouth. His cock was shorter and thinner then hubby's, so I could take him all in my mouth, just. It was a turn on kneeling there in the lounge, sucking sefers cock and playing with his arse!!

He asked if we could go in the bathroom, So I got up and he followed me to the bathroom. I locked the door behind him and he got undressed. He came up from behind me and lifted my skirt and grabbed my arse and was going to fuck me doggy. .....I was like, yes my favourite, but then he turned me around and forced himself on me....there was no need to force himself on me, I wasn't the one saying no lol

But his kiss was intense and I reached down and put his dick between my legs. He stopped and asked "oh Rachel why me?" I told him how I've always liked him and wondered what it would be like to fuck him.....he smiled and guided his cock into my pussy and started fucking me.

It felt so Hot and sexy. Firstly because I had a cock in my pussy, (it's been 2weeks without sex) but it wasn't just any cock, it was my husband's best friend's cock and I started moaning quietly. The whole time we were getting onto each other. He is an awesome kisser and constantly kissing him turned me on like you wouldn't believe! !

He lifted up my shirt and rubbed my tits and slowed everything down. Again we are still getting onto each other. I wanted him to fuck me So bad and so hard, but I knew he was going to cum and as he started to fuck me again, He said I'm going to cum and he pulled out and came on his stomach......I knelt down and started cleaning his cock for him, just like hubby wanted me to. I sucked my pussy juices and his cum off his, still hard dick......

Kneeling there I could see his sexy body, nicely toned and a cute arse.

I stood back up and put his cock back between my legs and We hugged. I thought to myself, wow I made him cum that quick!! He started getting worried again and I told him to relax, I did my best to reassure him.

He must not have been that worried cause he started getting onto me again....I could feel how much he wanted me and oh how I wanted him. I wanted him to fuck me So good and hard.....before I knew it he had his 2 fingers back in my pussy, a few quick strokes and he then slid his hard cock back inside me....again he fucked me, a bit harder this time, But again it didn't last long, he pulled out saying "I'm going to cum". I said "No, I want you to cum inside me", He said he doesn't do that, he pulls out instead.

We stood in the bathroom talking about what we'd just done. I know I felt good cause I'd just been fucked by sefer. I didn't cum, but knowing his dick had been in my pussy was sexy. He put his arms around my neck and said to me, after he'd relaxed a bit, "maybe if I can, I will come back one day before you leave and I will give you something special"....mmmmm my eyes lit up. ...I so need to be fucked, especially now after tonight, being fucked, but not cumming!! I said that would be hot, you'll have to cum when the kids are in school.....I could see him thinking about it and then started getting dressed.

Back in the lounge room, we sat on the seats we started the night on and went over the things I need help with again. We finished and he smiled and pulled me back over to sit next to him and he said "well I've helped you with everything tonight, oh, well, not EVERYTHING. I know you have needs, I'm surprised you haven't pulled the post man in or if the police come, you pull them inside! !" I said "yeah I'll do you a favor if you give me a favor" lol I also mentioned that if he came to oz to work, he could stay with us for 3 months....he laughed and said no way!!!

Well the night ended as he thought he better go before the boss started checking up on him. He wanted to go for a coffee before going home.

I walked him to the door and we kissed each other good night, on the lips and I said thank you and he's like, but I haven't done anything for You yet. .....I said please try and cum one day during the week before I leave, if you can. He smiled, kissed me and left.

I jumped online and told hubby straight away via email, the only hard thing was the distance. While I was fucking his friend at 10pm over here, he was already into his first hour of work, as he started at 7am that morning.