16 Sep 2020

It was a time in my life i prefer to forget, i had just finished a two year battle in court to see my children, i had lost a considerable amount of my wealth and i was working around the clock to save what little i had left. I thought i had hit rock bottom but i was wrong... my only pleasure at this time was my soccer, i loved it and played with passion but that too was to betray me. The day was easy to remember, mothers day ironically, a wreckless tackle had broken both my fibular and tibular bones in my left leg and too think that was the worst of it... i was so wrong!

Little did i know that 24hrs later i would be lying in a hospital bed, non responsive, starved of oxygen, minutes from death, when my luck turned. By change a nurse came bye and noticed the situation, I survived.

Whilst in a high dependency ward, still unsure of everything, unable to communicate i remember her, she sat by my bed, watching for several hours each afternoon, i thought at the time she was my nurse? I had know reason to think differently as she was wearing a nurses uniform, chatted with staff and administered my medication.

Over the next few days we chatted, laughed and sometimes i just lay there and stared, i had an attraction toward her but understood she was only doing her job.

Several days passed and i was moved to the general ward, knowing that was probably the last time i'd see her. To my surprise on waking the next morning, there she was, standing next to my bed with the sunlight filtering through her hair saying good morning with a large smile on her face, now i had a problem, i started to think that maybe i died??

she said she needed to give me a sponge bath and removed my gown placing a washer over my cock, i struggled not to have an erection as she slowly dripped water over me and sponged my near naked body. She stared start at me and mentioned whilst running the sponge over my stomach region how nice my body was and how defined my abs were. Well that done it, my cock began lifting the washer skyward as i lost the battle to subdue it, in a matter of ten seconds i had a full erection, my cock pulsating and throbbing, swollen and desiring her touch. I knew she could see it but her sponged moved slowly passed,down my inner thigh, and back up to my chest. She leant forward to do my neck and her uniform revealed a slight cleavage, i began to fantasies about one of her breasts slipping out and her nipple brushing against my lips. My cock was rock hard now, pointing directly upwards, the touch of the cloth against the head of my cock teased me with each pulse, i was wishing that she mounted me and slid her pussy along it. She looked me in the eye again, this time with a cheeky grin and slowly moved her hand over my tightened abs, her fingers gliding over each individual muscle moving toward my large cock. There was to be no contact, she whispers to me " tomorrow is shower time, rest up" as she walked away i gasped my cock in one hand and stroked it no more then three times before i sprayed cum all over my stomach, i could have used that sponge then.

I slept most of the day and at lunch got to walk on my leg for the first time, as i had a rod placed inside my leg, no cast was needed, it's called being nailed, and amazingly enough i walked outside the ward and back only slightly being assisted. The male nurse assisting me said i'd be right to leave in a few days so i thought i'd ask about the female nurse, i was not expecting the answer i got. She was the person who found me unconscious and after her general ward duties sat with me in her own time in the high dependency ward. Apparently she was guilt ridden as they had just changed shifts and was having a chat with a work colleague before finding me. I asked the nurse not to let on that he'd told me and he mentioned she was pretty upset about what had happened.

That night i lay awake thinking of the sponge bath and wondering what the morning would bring, i became aroused thinking of us both naked under the shower together. I slowly dosed off....on awakening the next morning i had a full erection in anticipation, even i was amazed at the size of my extremely inflated cock.

To my surprise another nurse approached my bed and indicated it was time for a shower, i was shell shocked, i walked in pain toward the showers and struggled to stand whilst she set the water temperature, she helped remove my gown whilst i held onto the rails. I stood there, naked, limp, in pain as the water ran over me, the fact i was naked in front of this women didn't even cross my mind as i was so disappointed. As i lent my head under the spray i felt a hand glide down my back, i just stood there as it made it's way around to my lower waist, then very slowly her hand began to fondle my cock. My dick began to stiffen as she gently stroked it, slowly with tender hand motions my cock was fully aroused and my breathing deepened. Her second hand lightly followed the contours of my toned body making it's way up to my neck, i felt her breathe against my neck before i felt those erotic sensual lips every so gently kiss me. The water droplets seemed to be in slow motion, soothing my pain, running down my wet naked body, i could feel each individual one as she began to lightly bite on my ear. The silence was broken by her soft voice "so sorry i was late, i'll make it up to you".

As i stood there her stroking quickened, gasping my cock with her small hands she massaged it all the way from top to bottom, each stroke was pure pleasure, pleasure i could not give myself. I found myself beginning to picture her removing her clothes, i closed my eyes and imagined her naked body pressed against mine, her soft pain skin dripping with water. My visions were only broken by her asking whether i was enjoying it, i just moaned in pleasure thinking of her round full breasts , wanting to suck and bite her hardened nipples. I visualized lifting her up against the wall with her legs wrapped around me sliding up and down with her tight pussy, pushing my long cock in until my balls squashed against her dripping wet pussy. She asked me to turn around, when i did she leant toward me and we passionately kissed whilst she continued to fondle my cock. She lowered herself, kissing my body on the way down until her lips finally meet my engorged cock, a watched as my dick disappeared into her mouth, her eyes looking upward, big, blue and naughty.

I leant back and again thought of her, spreading her legs wide nibbling on her clit with a finger pleasuring her hairless fanny. I thought of laying her down, opening her legs, guiding the head of my cock into her opening, then feeling the orgasm as i slid it all the way in. I was ready to cum, i looked down and watched her massage my cock with one hand whilst vigorously sucking, i begun to thrust as she wanked the final strokes, cum dripping from her mouth and hands she finished off by sucking the full length one last time

We went on to see each other for a while as i picked my life back up again

I will never forget her, always remember the pleasure and pain

Remember, every woman has something special, it's up to you to notice it