9 Dec 2016

Continue from Photo Session with a script.... Part 1

I was escorted to the spare room it was a large bedroom with a King size bed, wow i said this is the spare room, she replied yes it is, in the walk in robe you will find some dressing gowns to put on.

I walked into the robe area and the rack was full of clothes and one very see through dressing gown.

I put it on, then I went out to dry my clothes on the line, after hanging up my clothes I decided to have a shower and freshen up. While I was having a shower I could hear someone walking in and to my surprise she was coming straight for the shower, which was big enough for two people to shower in. She asked me if it's alright to shower as well, what could I say No.....by all means you can after all it's your home. She began to soap up her beautiful body Teasing has she was soaping herself, meanwhile my cock was so erect It just wanted to fuck her, so I turned away so that it would go down, but she had already noticed my erection and said that I should fuck her doggy style before hubby comes in and joins us for a shower too.

She grabbed my erect cock and began to soap it up for an easy entry, when suddenly she said that we should film this as well. I retrieved my camera and set it up on the vanity and proceeded to the shower to continue where we had left off, she began to suck my cock slowly till it was fully erect and ready for her to take doggy style, she was ready to take it all, I bent her over and began to tease her for some time rubbing my cock against her pussy, before entering her wet & soapy pussy, She said that she was ready and that she wanted it to be a one stroke entry. I began to slowly enter her pussy, when I gave it one big hard thrust all the way in and stopped, she moaned and screamed so load that the whole house shook, then began to pump her vigorously till she came and soon after I came with a flood of juices pouring out of her pussy.

I said to her that I was not finished with the filming and that she needed to have some play time of her own in the shower. I picked up the camera and got a close up of her dripping pussy then slowly she began to caress her own body, the sight of this lovely sexy body was making me erect again, so she took it in her mouth till I blew another load and finished showering.

We both dried up, put on a dressing gown which was totally see through and went to the lounge room to have a drink. When hubby asked her what took so long I've been waiting, She replied I was waiting for you to come an shower too, but don't worry darling wait till you see the video that was shot.

We sat in the lounge room drinking and chatting for some time till we all went to bed.

Can't wait to finish editing the Video...........