19 Jan 2017

Now Continue from Photo Session with a script .... Part 1 & 2

The edited Video

Well guys the Video is finally Edited an what can I say, I delivered the final product to the couple, I was asked to stay while they watched the video from start to finish and during that time we polished off 2 bottles of Champagne to celebrate the occasion, (Little did I know It was their wedding anniversary) I thought I'd leave them on their own for the night so I got up to congratulate them and say good bye. She said wait a moment I have something for you to remember us by she left the room so I was left to chat to her Husband for about 10 mins, we discussed another Video session down the track at a different location.

Finally she returns wearing a very see through dress with black "G" string, bra and high heels , did she look stunning, sexy and very fuckable, she said to us what do you think and before I could say a word she was sitting on my half erect cock and gave me a kiss on the cheek, she said thanks for the great video and can't wait for the next one...Meanwhile my cock was fully erect and she could feel it trying to break through my pants. She got up unzipped my pants to expose my cock gave it a rub an a kiss and told my cock to settle down has it was hubby's night to eat pussy.

So she got up and began teasing hubby about what we discussed for the next video session he replied it's in planning and it will be a surprise.

So it was time for me to leave and let this wonderful couple fuck the night away ..... after all it is their anniversary.

The Video will not be posted....maybe down the track some short clips but only with their approval

Can't wait for the next Video Session...........