Written by Hubby

8 Jan 2018

Well , Happy new year to every body !

Its me hubby here again , my escapades with Sam my "hot wife" have taken a slight different direction as (those of you who regularly read my posts ,would know that I get off on the secret side of Sam getting extra cock on the side {I think she does to in a different way} and the last couple of times that she got some stray cock ,was with me right beside her ,driving the action to make it look like it just happened ,out of the blue ,so to speak)

So I have been madly scheming behind Sam's back to create an opportunity ,to benefit Sam and myself without her cottoning on .....

Here is a recount of what went on , way back one of my mates (a carpenter/handyman guy) Jarrod had installed a new wardrobe in our bedroom ,and had been giving permission by me to have a crack at getting into Sam's pants ,which of course happened a couple of times (earlier post) Sam of course never realized I had set it all up ,And as a side benefit I also got to fuck his missus on the side .

So I organized Jarrod to price up to put an outside kitchen BBQ in our alfresco area , which is something me and Sam were always going to do at some stage, but not as elaborate as this ,but as Jarrod is a drinking buddy and I have let him fuck Sam on the side ,it meant that basically all the labor was free allowing for a great job at the same price as the usual shop type BBQ /kitchen thing.

Anyway on with the story.......

As always I arrange for Jarrod to call when I'm not home ,{Sam lets her inhibitions down more when I'm not present ,and Jarrod just goes for it and only tells me parts of what occurs ,but I do usually have camera footage from my lap top that is always indiscreetly on .

Through the week whilst me and Sam were having Tea out at the club and Sam had a few large wines ,I let her know that next week Jarrod would call round to have a bit of a look at what he's got to do and measure up and stuff .

Now as is my usual 'MO" I have been starving poor Sam of sex .by just teasing playing/fingering her in the mornings before work , grabbing her gorgeous bum , all that sort of playing ,but no real sex.

Now I took the opportunity ,(as is not uncommon for me) to tease Sam and said to her ,why don't you wear something sexy and flirt maybe even discretely flash your panties with the odd peek up your skirt ,and Jarrod might give me a hot price (Sam is not aware that Jarrod's already going to be doing it Labor free.LOL).

Sam playfully punches me and calls me a depraved pervert and I know full well she's not like that (yeah right).

So the day rolls around , and I inform Sam that today is the day Jarrod is popping in ,Sam replies (as she always does ) oh its today is it (she knows full well but wants me to think its just routine.)

So as I prepare to go to work , shes in the kitchen , I reach on in to the clothes hamper and grab last nites soiled Knickers ,

( didn't realize Jarrod was coming around in the morning ,bullshit ,the gusset of her knickers were still wet and tacky and had a very strong horny pussy aroma, most probably from Sam dreaming about it or having a sly fiddle whilst I slept.)

I slip the sticky knickers in my work bag (for a sneaky wank in the dunny at work later)and at the door , give Sam a goodbye kiss and slip my hand up her nightie (no undies and slimy wet ,I stick two fingers in ,quick wriggle and pull them out and held them up to my nose and made a very loud inhale noise ,and made comment that I love her ,"all of her". "just go to bloody work , dirty old man", I went.

Now as my lap top was set to capture video footage in the bedroom , I had to find away to get to see in the alfresco , and last week had read the instructions on our alarm system that has a observation mode without actually alarming.( you've seen those type of videos on the TV shows catching out dodgy tradies and the like ) ,so now I have footage throughout the home and direct to my phone at work (now you know why I took her knickers to work).

Well at home ,through the alarm camera Sam is in the shower (which I cannot see) and I can see in the en suite as she always leaves the door open when shes home on her own) she pops out and drys her self , looks in the mirror jiggles her pear shape superb tits ,pushes them together and twist's her nipples ,smiles at herself in the mirror ,walks out to the main bedroom ,over to her undies draw and starts pulling out her naughty lingerie (that I've bought her in the past) she selects a perfect skimpy g string,black ,lacy and almost no gusset ,see through front panel,(now for non regular readers ,Sam has a bum ,and pussy to die for ,she has a pronounced pubic mound ,very noticeable camel toe ,puffy juicy lips ,especially when shes horny .

So visual update here : tear drop titties ,extended nipples ,super tight sexy string ,pussy bulging out front clit and crack visible through see through front panel and her pussy lips hanging down either side of the string jammed right up her gorgeous married cunt ,she pivots and looks at her equally hot bum spreads her bum cheeks ,and you just get a wink of her brown eye, WOW! Jarrod is in for a treat .

Sam selects a very short skirt ,tight and a almost see through blouse ,no bra . looks in the mirror nods to her self and does that fluff thing they do with her hair to look like shes gone to no trouble LOL.

Well a bit later Jarrod arrives (obviously remembering the last time he fucked Sam ,and she is a great fuck when she has been starved of it for a while ).

Sam opens the front door and Jarrod's face is a picture his jaw drops as Sam embraces him gives him a hug and rubs her tits on his chest and welcomes him in , a little bit of catching up and idle chit chat ,and Sam gets up gets Jarrod a beer and her a Bourbon and coke (very unusual for her to drink my bourbon), mixes a very strong one and they start looking at each others eyes and are both sought of nervous and Jarrod say's to Sam "you look absolutely gorgeous and even more sexy than the last time I saw you,and you had, no clothes on then !"

"Oh don't remind me ,I should not have let that happen" Sam say's .

"Do you regret the odd bit of playing around we did then? " relied Jarrod.....

Sam replies "well I was embarrassed ,to say the least ,but I suppose I don't regret what we did ,Hubby hadn't been near me for weeks ,and I was very vulnerable to a bit of Male attention .

Well I hope your Hubby has been taking care of business in the bedroom now , he would be mad if he wasn't ...... Is he looking after you in bed???

Sam hesitates ,takes a big gulp of her drink and slowly says "we have not been intimate for nearly a month , he never seems to be all that interested , maybe I'm getting to old ?( shes mid forties and better than she was in her twenties).

Jarrod walks over puts his arm around her hugs her pulls her face to him and kisses her deeply .meaningfully tongues her ,looks down her front and sees her bra less tits heaving up and down and nipples stiff as bullets slips a hand in and cups one breast squeezes her nipple and say's ," maybe I can help" ...............

Sam's lost in the moment ,and said "you know what Hubby said to me this morning ? he said I was to dress sexy and flash you to get a better price ,bastard serves him right "

Jarrod replies "well you tits are certainly out there for me to see , but what about the rest ,you really should do what he wants don't you think ?"

Sam gets up and looks Jarrod in the eye and proceeds to pull her skirt up in front "do you like my knickers ?"

Holy fuck Sam , feel this and then ask me again ,as he puts her hand on the front of his jeans (he looks like he's got a hammer down his pants ,Sam rubs it a bit and say's did I cause that ?

Jarrod reaches forward puts his hands around back to squeeze her bum but as it is a tight skirt it has gone up at the back as well and Jarrod has got two bare bum cheeks in his hands and say's oh its a g string as well slips one hand in between her legs and its on .... Sam starts almost hyperventilating and squirming as Jarrod pulls the very sticky and wet string to one side slips one finger in a very red puffy pussy ,pulls it out and rubs her clit with the wet finger .

Jarrod kneels down grabs either side of the very small g string and slides it down and off picks it up and takes a giant whiff of it and say's fuck Sam you have the best pussy smell I've ever smelt , my wife's pussy has almost no aroma at all .

He puts the string part in his mouth takes a lick and says' Fucking tastes good too......

Sam is trying to get Jarrod's jeans off but Jarrod is just to distracted (sexy bum, super horny wet ,ready to fuck pussy and tits to die for ,where do you start ?).

Sam half pushes him of ,and Jarrod thinks shes panicking , but she just say's " come and fuck me in our bed on his side ,and runs to our bedroom , she rips of the blouse ,wriggles out of the skirt gets on all fours sticks her bum in the air ,spreads her legs and bum obscenely and say's" I want you to do it all to me " nothings off limits , Jarrod whips off his clothes jumps on the bed moves in and straight away ,leans in and starts tonguing her asshole ,which resembles a half chocolate and pink balloon knot (got that visual, boys and you horny girls to!) Sam is gooing and gaaing and clenching her bum cheeks Jarrod is not only licking it he has his tongue actually in there and fucking her asshole with his tongue , then he pulls his head away rubs his cock all around her bum hole making Sam think she's getting cock in her ass "yeah fuck my married bum serves him right " Not yet replies Jarrod , pulls his cock away , slides around and under her in a 69 and sticks his massive cock in Sam's mouth , here suck on this ,now you know what your horny bum tastes like ,pulls her pussy down on his face ,

"heeeerrrrrrve and inhales her dirty wet cunt smell , licks around her pussy opening where it tastes better , there's a slight nutty aroma coming from the close proximity of her very cute bum hole he's tweaking a nipple and rubbing her clit , and Sam just opens her mouth deeper almost choking on Jarrod's cock and she just explodes in her first orgasm and actually squirts all over Jarrod's face , she does not squirt hardly ever unless shes doing something dirty or something dirty is being done to her WOW!

Jarrod pulls out of her mouth turns her over and starts wanking at her tits and asks Sam to finger herself Sam say's "which hole lover "" both "replies Jarrod .

Jarrod then blows his first load all over Sam's nipples and tits , then starts jiggling his softening cock allover her tits and rubbing in all his hot spunk .

They both collapse on the bed and roll around on hubby's side ,

Jarrod leans in and sticks three fingers in Sam fingers for a bit and then pulls them out and rubs them in the spunk on her tits then precedes to rub his fingers all over hubby's pillow ,

Sam gets up , goes into the en suite (door wide open) and with legs wide open starts to pee ,Jarrod calls out "no wiping it makes you taste better later "

Sam gets up they have another drink or two a bit of R&R then Jarrod then say's to Sam "you are one very very cute married women sexy as hell , and I think I want to fuck you again , and lent her over a dining chair pulled her bum cheeks apart stuck his fingers in her cunt pulled some pussy cream massaged her balloon knot with it and started to slowly push his cock in her bum .

Now Sam is quite partial to ass play but would never say so (she thinks it slutty) .

Jarrod starts some dirty talk ," what if I brought a friend with me next time and you could have another cock in your mouth and one up this cute bum of yours ,Sam's bum cheeks squeeze ,have you ever been fucked by two guys at the same time ,(now she has ,on the cruise ship with me and another mate {previous post} and whispered back "yessss" but I was drunk) . on hearing this Jarrod lets go and spunks all up her ass whilst Sam comes again .

Well they rest again Jarrod gets up and dressed measures the job and say's well I best get home and clean up before my missus comes home ,but you young lady no wash no clean up and promise me you will sit on hubby's face tonight with that dirty smelly sticky g string on and let him lick that hot bum and taste my spunk and that's an order ,serves him right neglecting you like that .

Jarrod reaches in one more quick finger in and around her hole where it has a slight pissy smell as well as pussy smell ,pulls them out and runs it under his nose "that will do me till I get home " and off he goes after a long tongue kiss goodbye .

Sam runs into the bedroom jumps on the bed ,grabs her little vibe out of the bedside and proceeds to bring herself off once more really going wild (as nobody can see her {she thinks} and comes madly once more).

I in the mean time I had a wank in the knickers I pinched this morning and had watched only bits and pieces of what I just recalled to you all as I was at work , the retell was compiled from my alarm live footage and my laptop video as well as Jarrod's report back to me at the pub with 80 odd % missing {he does not know I record it all LOL}.

And for all you other deviates out there when I got home Sam was radiant , sassy ,sexy teasing me flashing , saying this is what I wore to get you a bloody discount ,we sat on the lounge watched a bit of telly ,Sam sat on one end of the couch side on while I was sitting straight on watching TV as well as perving up her skirt which was deliberately on display .

Visual here: see through knickers all with pussy juice on them . string unable to be seen {way up her crack}red angry wet slippery piss flaps hanging down and crusty dry spunk around her bum hole that was visible and I could smell her aroma from nearly a meter away WOW !

Sam starts rubbing her pussy through her panty front sticks in her finger pulls it out sticks it in my mouth and say's feel like fooling around? and ran off to bed I of course followed when I got there I said open your legs your going to get royally fucked woman ,"not until after Ive sat on your face babe " she climbed on to me in a 69 position and stuck her gorgeous bum straight on my mouth silently indicating she wants her asshole licked , a lot of girls very quickly move the other way when they think your going to lick the bum but Sam's just pushing right in I get my tongue in there and can taste spunk mixed with her aroma ,the g string stunk of pussy ass and spunk,and was all crusty , and I loved it all I blew a load all over her face , she went and had a piss open door open legs then went and had a shower , I rolled over on my side with her dirty well fucked married g string in my hot little hand , she fell asleep and later in the dead of night I had a wank on the memory of today the smelly string and boy the bed just stank of sex WHAT A DAY.

As always with my posts ,they are real hence the detail ,detail takes time so the post is long , have a wank on me boys and girls LOL