Written by Kev

29 May 2011

[4:54:24 PM] Kevin: Hi there

[4:54:26 PM] Lisa : hi there

[4:54:28 PM] Lisa : how are you?

[5:12:18 PM] Kevin: I'm ok. There have been some changes at work and now I’ve got a female boss. I have the occasional fantasy about her, but definitely won’t go there – too many complications!

[5:12:36 PM] Kevin: Have you got any interesting stories for me?

[5:14:00 PM] Kevin: I can't remember if I've told you our latest adventure

[5:22:18 PM] Lisa : no nothing....

[5:22:23 PM] Lisa : tell me...:)

[5:43:01 PM] Kevin: Was the last story about William, who we met at a bar and went back to his hotel room?

[5:43:32 PM] Lisa : no it was not

[5:44:41 PM] Kevin: Remind me - there may be several stories to tell!

[5:45:03 PM] Lisa : you attended a party

[5:45:26 PM] Lisa : then you brought someone back to your hotel room

[5:46:02 PM] Kevin: Do you prefer to hear about the ones with my friend outdoors, or the 3some ones?

[5:46:31 PM] Lisa : oh you know me

[5:46:36 PM] Lisa : I want to hear ALL

[5:47:15 PM] Kevin: Haha! Only time for one tonight ;)

[5:47:45 PM] Lisa : a teaser ;)

[5:48:07 PM] Kevin: Have I told you the one where Jenny and I went nude sunbathing?

[5:48:29 PM] Lisa : no?

[5:50:04 PM] Kevin: You will enjoy that one! We went to Canberra on a business trip. You remember Jenny? She is the blonde with really big natural tits

[5:52:12 PM] Kevin: Our flight home was 6pm but we finished our meetings early and started talking over coffee

[5:53:45 PM] Lisa : I can't wait to hear this one

[5:54:08 PM] Kevin: I said to her you wouldn't believe Canberra had a nude beach because it's inland, but it has one on this lovely river bank, nice sand and everything

[5:54:44 PM] Lisa : oh :)

[5:55:03 PM] Kevin: She said let's go there on the way to the airport, it being a warm sunny day

[5:56:30 PM] Kevin: We parked and started walking, got lost for a while, saw no one around

[5:57:33 PM] Kevin: Finally came across a sign saying "Warning. Clothing optional area"

[5:58:13 PM] Lisa : hahahahaa

[5:59:22 PM] Kevin: We found a spot about 5 meters away from a nude guy and took our clothes off

[6:00:23 PM] Kevin: Only one other nude guy in sight. He was fishing

[6:01:20 PM] Kevin: We started making small talk with the guy near us

[6:02:24 PM] Kevin: Then we lay back and enjoyed the sun

[6:03:16 PM] Kevin: Which must have made Jenny horny coz she started stroking my cock

[6:04:07 PM] Lisa : with the guy 5 meters away?

[6:05:00 PM] Kevin: Yes. So I reached out and stroked her tits.

[6:06:21 PM] Lisa : oh

[6:06:28 PM] Lisa : the guy watching ?

[6:07:46 PM] Kevin: Yep

[6:08:24 PM] Kevin: So she opened her legs to allow me to play with her pussy

[6:09:23 PM] Lisa : still stroking your cock?

[6:10:42 PM] Kevin: Yep. The guy didn't say anything, just got up to walk to the waters edge for a better look at her open wet pussy being stroked

[6:11:51 PM] Lisa : how far away was he?

[6:12:20 PM] Kevin: 2 meters away now, enjoying the view

[6:12:35 PM] Lisa : oh that was close

[6:13:23 PM] Kevin: I said to him that it must look good, coz it felt pretty good!

[6:13:42 PM] Lisa : did he answer?

[6:15:49 PM] Kevin: No he was awestruck. I told him to play with her tits so I could concentrate on her pussy

[6:16:44 PM] Lisa : bet he was

[6:17:37 PM] Kevin: He had an erection. His cock was shorter than mine but thick

[6:18:19 PM] Lisa : so he started playing w her tits?

[6:18:55 PM] Kevin: O yes. He knelt beside her in the sand and played. She turned her head and sucked his cock

[6:19:13 PM] Lisa : really?!

[6:19:16 PM] Lisa : just like that

[6:19:20 PM] Kevin: Yep

[6:19:37 PM] Lisa : and you were just laying next to her playing w her pussy?

[6:20:30 PM] Kevin: Yep, and watching. Meanwhile fisherman had thrown down his fishing rod and picked up another rod in his hand and came over and knelt on the other side of her. I had to move around a bit to let him in.

[6:21:30 PM] Lisa : oh so now 4 of you

[6:21:35 PM] Lisa : with a fishing rod?

[6:22:20 PM] Kevin: No he put his fishing rod down, and was stroking the rod between his own legs instead while playing with her left tit.

[6:22:46 PM] Kevin: She didn't know fisherman was there, she was turned the other way

[6:23:06 PM] Kevin: So I took her hand off my cock and placed it on fisherman's rod

[6:23:08 PM] Lisa : oh so she thought it was you until she felt this other one?

[6:23:31 PM] Lisa : and the fishing rod man had an erection too???

[6:23:51 PM] Kevin: Yes. And a piercing on his cock. She got so excited she gushed all over my hand.

[6:24:13 PM] Lisa : oh!!!

[6:25:23 PM] Kevin: Our first friend put on a condom and fucked her while she sucked me

[6:25:49 PM] Kevin: He blew after 3 strokes and walked away, but by then there were two new nude guys standing there with cocks in hands

[6:26:20 PM] Lisa : what happened with fishing rod man?

[6:26:41 PM] Kevin: Fisherman took over the final stage of jerking his own pierced cock while she played with the two new cocks

[6:26:49 PM] Kevin: Fisherman blew a huge load over her tits and I rubbed it in

[6:27:45 PM] Lisa : and the other 2 playing with her tits?

[6:27:59 PM] Kevin: No, they were just standing watching at this stage while she, lying on the ground, was reaching up to play with their cocks. Meanwhile 3 new nude guys arrived and were watching while playing with themselves.

[6:28:09 PM] Lisa : what???

[6:28:14 PM] Lisa : and fisherman left?

[6:28:32 PM] Kevin: Yes fisherman left. One of the other 2 put on a condom and fucked her for a while

[6:28:51 PM] Kevin: He pulled out, took it off, blew on her tits and I rubbed it in again.

[6:29:10 PM] Lisa : and the 2nd man?

[6:29:27 PM] Kevin: He has just happy to watch and touch and play with himself

[6:29:52 PM] Kevin: I turned her over and fucked her doggy style.

[6:30:40 PM] Kevin: The remaining guys took turns jerking off and blowing their loads on her nice big round arse as I fucked her

[6:31:12 PM] Kevin: We had to quickly pack up then because we were running late for the plane!

[6:31:53 PM] Lisa : hahahha. back to reality

[6:32:07 PM] Kevin: I have to say, it's the kind of sex I like, because I love lusty women who want to satisfy themselves.

[6:32:22 PM] Lisa : so was she satisfied?

[6:32:24 PM] Lisa : nice story

[6:32:25 PM] Lisa : thanks

[6:32:34 PM] Lisa : This will be a wonderful day for me

[6:32:36 PM] Lisa : xx

[6:32:44 PM] Kevin: :)

[6:33:00 PM] Kevin: You would have loved to watch that day, I bet!

[6:33:09 PM] Lisa : oh I know!!!

[6:36:13 PM] Kevin: Would you have joined in?

[6:36:50 PM] Lisa : probably not

[6:37:12 PM] Lisa : or maybe just a little bit

[6:37:14 PM] Lisa : with you

[6:37:28 PM] Lisa : not to take too much attention away from her

[6:37:45 PM] Lisa : it was her day, her to satisfy

[6:38:09 PM] Lisa : what would you have liked if I was there? me to join?

[6:38:57 PM] Kevin: I would have liked you to slide a hand between your legs

[6:39:31 PM] Kevin: Feeling safe next to me watching the action

[6:40:04 PM] Lisa : yes

[6:40:12 PM] Kevin: You giving instructions like a movie director

[6:40:22 PM] Lisa : oh yes, that I could do

[6:40:25 PM] Lisa : I would love that

[6:40:41 PM] Kevin: So that how it plays out is exactly what gets you off

[6:40:58 PM] Lisa : yes!

[6:41:07 PM] Lisa : then I can play with myself at the same time

[6:41:14 PM] Kevin: Yes

[6:42:34 PM] Kevin: And you are probably not nude. Maybe in your underwear?

[6:43:00 PM] Kevin: Tshirt and panties?

[6:43:30 PM] Lisa : no not nude

[6:44:22 PM] Kevin: As u cum u want to get me off too

[6:45:25 PM] Lisa : of course I do

[6:45:33 PM] Lisa : you being my assistant

[6:45:47 PM] Lisa : not really participating in the show

[6:46:03 PM] Lisa : but you have to show them sometimes what and how to do

[6:46:09 PM] Lisa : as I instruct

[6:46:15 PM] Kevin: So everything is exactly to your satisfaction, arranged just so, lots of sex going on exactly as you like it. The most earth-shattering orgasm you have ever experienced is building. The only thing that will intensify it further is to do something you know will blow my mind and take me over the edge. So as u cum you pee your panties.

[6:46:30 PM] Lisa : yes I will

[6:47:12 PM] Kevin: U know I will cum seeing that. Where shall I cum? U tell me. ..

[6:48:54 PM] Lisa : over my t-shirt?

[6:50:38 PM] Lisa : or no, over her tits

[6:50:41 PM] Kevin: Ok with pleasure

[6:53:32 PM] Lisa : yes because that I would love

[6:54:35 PM] Kevin: Would you like anyone else's cum on your tshirt?

[6:54:55 PM] Lisa : no. they shall come over her

[6:55:22 PM] Lisa : brb. give me 10 min

[7:13:16 PM] Lisa : can't wait for the next story

[7:13:19 PM] Lisa : ;)

[7:14:46 PM] Kevin: Feel better after your 10 minute "break"? ;)

[7:15:18 PM] Lisa : yes

[7:15:26 PM] Lisa : needed a break after that ;)

[7:15:33 PM] Kevin: Would u like an outdoors or bar pick-up story next time?

[7:15:43 PM] Lisa : bar pick-up next

[8:57:32 PM] Kevin: So you would like to hear about the time Belinda met Paul?

[8:57:57 PM] Lisa : of course

[8:58:00 PM] Lisa : you know I do

[8:58:17 PM] Kevin: I can start the story

[8:59:23 PM] Lisa : and tease me

[8:59:27 PM] Lisa : :P

[8:59:33 PM] Kevin: Paul knew I was kinky because we met one night at a bar in Sydney when guys were all over my wife and he could see I was enjoying it

[9:00:28 PM] Lisa : oh I think I know that Paul from before

[9:00:33 PM] Kevin: He contacted me recently and I said I had a friend who might go for a 3some if she was in the right mood

[9:01:46 PM] Lisa : ok

[9:01:49 PM] Kevin: He asked if I was bi

[9:02:43 PM] Lisa : is he bi?

[9:07:06 PM] Kevin: He said so

[9:08:26 PM] Lisa : so really he wanted to hook up w you??

[9:11:00 PM] Kevin: As I found out later, he likes men or women equally…